Clarke and Dawe - The Front Fell Off

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ImAnderZEL : I was thinking this was real at first then it quickly became way to funny xD

Jeremiah Burns : The logic is flawless. "Wasn't this one built so that the front wouldn't fall off?" "Obviously not." "How do you know?" "Because the front fell off!"

TheReaper161Plays : "A wave hit the ship." "Is that unusual?" "Oh yeah! At sea? A chance in a million!"

the noise : Trying to hit that word count on your essay

Nathan Yeung : "What's the minimum crew?" "Oh, well... one, I 'spose?"

aqua team : this sound like monty python

Kirubel Abebe : "Its not in an environment... All there is, sea, birds, fish" -And? "And 20,000 tons of crude oil" -And? "A fire" -And? "And the part of the ship that the front fell off" This is Gold xD

Sara Fox : Guy: "There's a minimum crew requirement." Interviewer: "What's the minimum crew?" Guy: "Ah, one I suppose."

Danielsan B : This is one of the funniest things ever, and I don't even speak Australian.

notaprofessional : of my comment fell off.

Dr. Hurculeez B. PussyFiend : 'Didnt you come in a commonwealth car?' 'yes i did but...' 'Well what happened?' 'Well the front fell off' xD

mbk1021 : Ever since I saw this a couple of years ago I use "the front fell off" to refer to something that's gone completely wrong. As in, "I was doing fine on the exam until about halfway through, I don't know what happened. The front fell off."

Westernboy2008 : I grew up in Australia and these guys have been pulling the piss out of the politicians for about 25 years now. They're awesome.

OlympusChronz : Most circular conversation ever.

Fnidner : Shit, I thought this was real at first!

Aslan Khedira Diego : "A wave at sea!?...... chance in a million" I died!

Richard : The front just fell off America.

Foh Realsies : I love how fast they both respond to each other, it's so fluent it's amazing

agun17 : Cardboard's out.

James Ford : Interviewer: "What materials?" Guy: ''Well cardboards out, .." Interviewer: "And..." Guy: "no cardboard derivatives" Interviewer: "Like... paper........?"

wszyscyzginiemy : I love his accent when he says "Well a wave hit it" Wayyve!

initialB 240 : this is one of the best videos I have ever seen.. ever..

MMedic : 0:31 Holding in laughter! I knew you couldn't keep a straight face hahaha!

Cian Lanigan : My lecturer played this in a seminar and tried to convince us it was real

Ben Tabor : No, no. It's been towed beyond the environment.

Ian Curtis : The front fell off the Australian political satire landscape today. RIP John Clarke.

v8matey : 0:30 - 0:42 Wasnt this built so the front wouldn't fall off? Well obviously not? How do you know? Because the front fell off..! And 20,000 tonnes of crude oil spilled into the sea, and the sea caught fire! A bit of a giveaway, I just want to make the point that is, not normal.!!! (Favorite Part)

GordonRamses : Like a regular monty python sketch

00Billy : best line...."well one I guess"

Wiggysan Wiggysan : *RIP John*. Absolute Legend.

Billy Hundley : i tried to write a comment but the

Vagabond_Shadow : You gotta love this guys. What they do is nothing less than ART.

boose takunu : "well a wave hit the ship" "is that unuual?" "what at sea?! chance in a million"

Ross Parlette : Until the ending, I didn't realize that this was a comedy pair. But then I'm sorry to say he sounded like a typical politician. The interviewer pressed a bit harder than an American newsman would, but that's probably what the target audience would expect. Besides, they would recognize the pair as comedic actors. I should look up some more by these two.

tojiroh : I don't get it... What happened to the ship?

Laurence Barnes : RIP John Clarke. Your fantastic work will be greatly missed

Sam Smorcington : WOW, this has got to be one of the most irresponsible senators I've EVER seen. I am sending a letter to the Aus. senate office today about Mr. Collins. Absolutely shameful.

Barry Andrew : Clarke and Dawe should be declared Australian national treasures.

cloudiecat : RIP John Clarke. I've appreciated & enjoyed your work so much over the years. Your wisdom and wit will be sadly missed at a time it's needed more than ever. A great loss to Aus & NZ and sympathies to Bryan Dawe.

Nx Doyle : The late John Clarke is a national treasure in two nations.

shaunlikescheese : RIP Clarke, will be missed.

Jamie B : '...And fire!' Amazing.

Mick Lats : RIP John Clarke

shinarit : - a wave hit the ship - is that unusual?

In Pit Lane : RIP John Clarke. What a huge loss. Thank you for being the bright light in an otherwise dark room.

Lee S : No matter how old this is, it's still genius.

Julie Justjulie : Le Reddit Army is here. ha We are drinking some Patron

Craig St. Cyr : The ship was outside the environment. 

Corsair Riker : Comedy gold these two. So sad that the great John Clarke isn't with us any more. Really miss these segments.

DF DF : Brilliant and accurate portayal of Australian politicians and the crap they spread. RIP mate.