E:60 Bat Dogs (Full Feature HD)

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Jimmy D : When he said "cancer sucks" my throat closed

KP Kelly : This is great. I admit, I cried!

Gassicus : God the narrating is hypnotizing. This is so well made

Mr Gwarn Stylee : Dogs and baseball...hard to beat that combo (*yeah...sniff...dammit)

Carrie Samonte : Alright, who's chopping onions

AnIMBREADWALRUS : Never thought a talking dog would show me why I should listen to my dad

Ryan R. : Better love story than twilight.

Cody : Derby passed today. RIP.

adam atlookan : omg  I cant stop crying

Poop Fingers : Where the hell did you find a talking dog?

Luke Presko : am I the only one crying

ROMEL ROCA : my eyes have flooded, help.

forced to make an account : It reminds me of how my dog went, I gave him his favorite meal because he wouldn't eat anymore except his all-time favorite (he fucking loved red beans, loved this soup that had them). So he ate his soup, had to bring the bowl to his face but he ate, then I gave him water and he drank and drank and drank, then he went back to sleep. I had kept soup in the fridge for the next days because that's all he'd eat and I'd feed him and carry him to pee until he'd go. Didn't have to do it, he went away peacefully after his glorious last meal, didnt have to bring him to the vet, thats a great gift

Jason : I'm not crying! You're crying!

Christian Mango : Awesome story. Had me in tears :(

Lenachanneko : ONION NINJAS

Ben Scott : I wish my team had a bat dog maybe even 2

vdg527 : Dude I'm crying so hard right now

Justin Haddock : i love this so much

Juliette Guglielmo : this was so cute.

Fapsi kiks : WHY YOU DO THIS

R. B. M : Rest In Peace, sweet Derby. You worked hard for your team and were loved by many. Wish I could’ve met you and given you some pets. You were a good boy!

Genny G : I really like it

Cupcake Warriorr : This Is SO Sad! I Use To Have 2 Golde Retrievers. One Was A Girl Pudgey, And One Was A Boy Goober. Pudgey Was 8 When She Died. She Died Of Leg Cancer :(. Goober was 16 When He Died. He Died Of Old Age. The Most Saddest Part About Their Deaths.... I Was There For Each Of Them. Laying By Them. Holding Them On There Beds. I Miss Them So Much So This Story Of Thunder And Chase Made Ma Cry A Bit... :'(

EaglesFan4Life17 : Doggieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Obed Naharai : RIP Chase, and now RIP Derby. This is a sad day :(

Nerd'n Out : We will miss you Derby

AfroMoris : I cried my eyeballs out ;( such a touching way to deal with the topic ! LOVE E60 docs but you guys chop a lot of onions ...

John Sanchez : Welp. I cried.

Shay Hicks : What the hell? Where did all of these tears come from?

crissy214 : I cried

Conor Lydon : RIP Derby. He was a good boy

Len R : If anyone gets a chance to really know a Golden Retriever, may I suggest you do. It may change your life for the better.

Stannis Baratheon : God dammit. I'm not crying, you're crying.

Dankdaddy 244 : Rip Derby!😢

mike Wolfe : Awesome

Anonymous1A4 : Did you have to turn each dog into a walking advertisement billboard though? It kind of ruins the whole thing to be honest. I felt like I was watching a commercial for Arm and Hammer. How come none of the baseball players themselves wear advertisement bibs? Because it is degrading and insulting, and it kind of shows that you really didn't care for the dogs... they were just tools to you. A Billboard that could fetch bats.

Joe Mello : cancer really does suck. rest in peace derby. hope you’re retrieving bats in heaven 😔

George Hazzis : WOW! A must see video!

Joyce Cunliffe : Wonderful I cried with you.

Bradley Weisberg : Dogs and baseball, doesn't get much better than this. What an excellent piece.

hockeyruler12194 : Derby passed away on Saturday, January 6th, 2018. He was nine years old.

siamesenyancat : rest in peace Derby :(

xshelwynx : wow I cried lmao, they gave him a girl to cheer him up haha. perfect.

Gassicus : R.I.P Derby. Cancer sucks. We will miss you! See you in dog heaven.

Ben Middleton : Awwwwwwww

kcisthegoat : damn

It's Jabo : Is this the Dog from up?

John Rivers : RIP Derby and Chase. You pups up there grabbing bats 😥❤️

Lainey Wright : Do animals love and have emotions? I think they do. In many ways, they are superior to humans. They don't whine, point fingers, complain about work, or let cancer make them angry. They just live life to the fullest and lavish us with unconditional love. God's furry angels.