Hamburger + Hot Dog = "Meal in a Sandwich" from the 1970s

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Joshua Gabriel : Good recipe and I love it!😍😍😍😉😊

Cola James : You're beautiful

Aundria M. : Evaporated milk used to be used in many recipes. It's richer than plain milk. My mom used to use evaporated milk in her coffee before there was coffee creamer. I guess it's an old school thing.

cynthia kirksey : Please tie your hair back entering the kitchen! Thank you.

ClassyChicaaa : I’m really enjoying this episodes🤣💕

Mascara Madness : Oh I think my teenage boys are going to love this lol.

Symphannie ' : The host was wonderful!..not my kind of meal but her vibe was great.

Maura Willey : omg when she says it feels like an art project i burst out laughing. love this video but she's right, the evaporated milk in this is questionable..

Alisa Wooten : Cute apron 😍

shari forbes : Great idea!!! I also love your apron. Denim and leather my 2 favorite things.

cierrablue : Love the woman in the video. The recipe looks kind of disgusting but I'd definitely watch her again.

Jim Jim : Love this lady...

SuperWolfkin : Girl your hair is fine. You're not a line cook this is a video. You do you. /r/bf

Kashmir Dixon : Evaporated milk is what I use to make mac and cheese. <3

Melinda Lee : What a nice vintage dish. That should be revived too

Nancy Rahif : Please please, more videos like this one. I love the short videos but sometimes they are too short to enjoy. Love xxxxxx

Darren Budhram : First

hanable moore : She is a pretty 1 aint she.

Daughter Of Apollo : Kinda seems like a meatloaf packed in a breadbowl with hotdogs in the middle

andresrivera796 : You are cutting the pepper wrong it's better flipped the pepper skin side down

TheFatmanslimx3 : Burger dogs from the Cosby show?

FoxHound : I'm a fan of risotto and cheesecake. Doesn't mean I'd want both those thing slammed into a sandwich. 1:02 have you ever used a knife before? 7:16 no, it does not. 9:10 HAVE YOU USED A KNIFE BEFORE?

ELITE Gamers : Good

Mike Ledoux : She's adorable. Not sure I'd eat the meatwich though lol.

Jorge Zarate : Gorda

Angel For Animals : Okay, I’m sorry, but you need to put your hair in a pony tail because you touch your hair and then touch the food. Your hair is rubbing on the counter where the food is and while your hair is beautiful, nobody wants hair in their food. Not trying to be mean, just a suggestion for the future.

Ami's Cooking : Great idea and great recipe 👍👍

lukngud : Literally the most Disgusting, Revolting and Insulting Recipe of All Time!!!

rn1005018 : Interesting but the hamburger looked very pink.

Jill Ehrman : evaporated milk is boiled milk I don't buy fresh milk from a cow so I use it a lot because it keeps for ever. Evaporated milk make great omelettes

laxcker : ARCHIVE

Stephanie Langlois : You did a video on my birthday

Sharon Van Meter : No, not thrilled with the onions either, but you cracked me up with the dill pickles.

Priest Adam : Evaporated milk is milk that has most if the water taken out.. easiest way to do it dehydrate milk then add approximately 1/4 milk that was taken out..

GizmoBee1702 : Whatever monster you come up with, be aware of a 24-hour local restaurant in Gardnerville, Nevada called "Hamdogs." Not a mess like yours. Ugh.