Molotow Masterpiece760PI

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Prezentační video pro německého výrobce fixí, sprejů a barev.

Comments from Youtube

Lylith Harris : 0:38 To activate the paint, just pump it a few times *Pumps 55 times*

Old Man : I'm not mad with this recommendation

Xyra De Torres : “Just pump it a few times” *pumps 1000x*

Charina Tickell : Is anyone being recommended this in 2019??????!!!

Jailan Simon : Is anyone else being recommended this in 2018? 😂

Jacoco B : Im kinda worried by the fact that the refill bottle kinda looks like a liquor bottle and says "cocktail" on it

[Insert First Name] [Insert Last Name] : Im gonna buy this and sniff it harder than a cocaine addict

Barb Jacobs : Finally solid eyeliner.. 🙏 Also who wants to smell it? Just me? Oh okay 😰

Surayaa : That narrator just got me pregnant

CTRL Einsight : Stories say that he is still pumping

Something or Other : “Just pump it a few times” *proceeds to pump a bajillion times*

Holographic : Is anyone else being recommend this in 2019? 😂

Sunshine Marie : hello people of youtube who got recommended this

Chaitanya Singh : Anybody else got recommended this all of a sudden?

Amayez : "To activate the paint flow of the Molotov masterpiece, simply pump it a *few times* " _Pushes at least 50 times_

Caleb Davis : 0:46-0:52 Man did that make me feel good 😂😂😂

Master Beast : I just got this on my recommendation

Holvin Xumux : All I can say: *_T H I C C_*

Charles the Athiest : "just pump it a few times'' *proceeds to pump like 100 times*

The Noob : 0:40 Just pump it a *few* times *pumps a quadrillion times*

Sanik fast : 0:59 *Nike, just do it*

XreX . Reapz : advertised like a normal marker but we all know we only use them to write our tags in school...

HitzCritz : I'll stick with my sharpie

Cheeky 5ausage : that line was orgasmic 0:47

Actiminium : Is anyone else being reccomended this in 2019? 😂

Ryan Farrell : So I've been recommended a video of a groovy black dude explaining a fancy marker pen in 2019... Well it's clear this is going to be a great year 😂

CTRL Einsight : Here before Justin Y

King Heaven : Expect nothing less from yt recommendations.

noel996 : Can't wait to vandalize some property...

R C : Graffiti rate in Chicago just went up .!!!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Potato : Don’t know why this was recommended to me instead of Johnny Johnny yes papa remixes

Blue Controller : is the ink edible?

Character Scholar : So am I the only one who was actually looking for this video?

Random Dogface : After 6 years, youtube is recommending me this...

Totalios : Wow video made in 2012 but gets recomended in 2019 XD

taggilo : I can smell the video

Tiger 844 : If i had this, I would waste it by coveringn things over and over because it's satisfying

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Plot twist: It's a white dude talking

Oliver G.M : Is anyone else being recommended this in 2019? 😂

Vanilla Sky : Dang man. Thats Pretty Black.

Stop : Soldier:im out of grenades, give me a molotov. Soldier 2: *gives him molotow* Soldier: time to war paint those fools.

Koonga TV : I only watch this Coz its pure satisfaction 😂

Big White : *T H I C C*

Anastasia B : I’m just wondering why this is in my recommended.. this was uploaded 5 years ago

RANDOMstuff animation : Tnx YouTube... For recommending me this SIX YEARS AFTER IT WAS UPLOADED

Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert CAMACHO : Well Im a hearth surgeon practicing at St Davis but boy this is recommended so I guess I will be tagging the hospital dumpster and the country club walls on my free time.

Hi Shishtar : 1st of all why is this in my recommendations 2nd of all why do i like this 3rd of all and now why am i searching it up on google (what has my life come to?)

C.I.A : Who else had this come into the recommendations in 2019?? 😂

CursedBluemoon : Hi i paused the video after 9 second in just to say that your voice is like a smooth jazz