What It's Like Having Reddit Notifications Turned On
What Its Like Having Reddit Notifications Turned On Ian Kung

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Gavin : See you in a month

Smiley the Smile : Reddit is government experiment. They want to see whether or not a human can survive on a diet of pure memes. The results will surprise you.

tomatoanus : this is also what its like with notifications off. stop sending me notifications reddit, i dont want them.

Dawasi : When a guy shoves paper in my mouth with Spongebob on it, hate when that happens

Michael Jay - Value Investing : The year is 2084, and all communication has been reduced to the form of memes.

Mick Gordinier : I’m so glad I waited months for this video can’t wait to see you next year

Initial commit! : the last 5 seconds perfectly describes every interaction I've ever had with women

MusicSavedMyLife : Pretty much what happens in a group chat

R2 C2 : Great video, hope to see you by November ^_^

Shybaka289 : I came here cause Justin Y. liked this video. May his ninja techniques bless this comment section.

Kashish : Well it's your fault for subbing to that normie r/memes

codyriceandothers : 0:23 how it feels to chew five gum

giggity goochers : This is why I’m not subbed to r/memes.

Miracle Sports Highlights : First To reply to my comment

Wholesome Lad : What its like to ring Ians bell

Benjamin Bortolotto : Fantastic as always Ian. Keep up the great work!

Daniel Tan : *N* *O* *R* *M* *I* *E*

InsaneFox : r/memeeconomy

Ryan : It's the Russian reddit experiment. 5 days with only reddit memes as entertainment. To be continued....

Josh H : You got the wrong app my dude

And The Salt Spreads : I swear your vids are just far too hilarious. I legit created alt acc. just to add more subs😂🤪

X Snake : u will never get a reddit notifications off when u dont even have reddit :wesmart:

Matthew Okamoto : r/memeeconomy in a nutshell

damianjones_art : The thumbnail says 30 secs but the vid says it's 29😮😮

Nagashi Edogawa : Exactly how I feel about Reddit Notification

Uroš Nedeljković : Notification squad.

cypekpl cat : Trending on Ian Kung: What It's Like Having Reddit Notifications Turned On

TheLiberator : "Take These Memes Bitchh...." Slow Crying

Night Central : Nothing like waking up in a morning to over use and deep fried memes from the good old days

Mrlegitbeans : Hey Daddy can I get a heart pls

Captain Dugog : Are you the turntablist from Linkin Park?

Ben Yang : Well that progressed quickly

Mellow : Omg so Funny because i got a notification for this video as well

Senura Kaduwela : Fk life also love u kun 💖

Party Quackaz : *Good thing I don't have Reddit, up Top✋*

Jetuas : Topical, and relevnt. Good post.

Frydon97 : Inb4 I get an notification about video trending on r/youtubehaiku

NateK : r/memeeconomy in a nutshell.

WolfgangLMclain : Seems kind of, ProZD in here.

I Bring Da LULZ : Feeling some CalebCity vibes from this 👌

WilloW0lf : *insert some random Reddit joke here*

Bảo Đậu : thank you r/ShowerThoughts

David Törnqvist : i receive r/showerthoughts notifications every day but i dont even hygiene....

Grant Paylago : I've seen that college in 4 pictures meme so much

ObeyFelix 12 : “Do you want anotha *200 HUNDRED OF EM”* that had me dead

Dark soul Devil : **reddit is the version of clickbate and normies confirmed

Deivanarley : It's not that bad, o look I have 19 notifications from...wait a minute.

Ganon Tice : You want another 900 of them?!

Shunk : You didn’t mention “Latest in Entertainment” or “Latest in Politics”