What It's Like Having Reddit Notifications Turned On

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Ian Kung : that time youtube took down my video for "hate speech" then put it back up. good times ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heEKi5EjZXA Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/2ycntrC

Gavin : See you in a month

Smiley the Smile : Reddit is government experiment. They want to see whether or not a human can survive on a diet of pure memes. The results will surprise you.

tomatoanus : this is also what its like with notifications off. stop sending me notifications reddit, i dont want them.

I Write A Song A Day : When a guy shoves paper in my mouth with Spongebob on it, hate when that happens

Michael Jay - Value Investing : The year is 2084, and all communication has been reduced to the form of memes.

Jobin : Reddit>Settings>Notifications>Trending

Initial commit! : the last 5 seconds perfectly describes every interaction I've ever had with women

MicksterTheMaster : I’m so glad I waited months for this video can’t wait to see you next year

Shybaka289 : I came here cause Justin Y. liked this video. May his ninja techniques bless this comment section.

TANZANYALI ÖKKEŞ : Just had a reddit notification WTF

MusicSavedMyLife : Pretty much what happens in a group chat

Kashish : Well it's your fault for subbing to that normie r/memes

r c : Great video, hope to see you by November ^_^

codyriceandothers : 0:23 how it feels to chew five gum

Wholesome Lad : What its like to ring Ians bell

giggity goochers : This is why I’m not subbed to r/memes.

Ryan : It's the Russian reddit experiment. 5 days with only reddit memes as entertainment. To be continued....

feels bad men : First To reply to my comment

Katlyn Westman : *N* *O* *R* *M* *I* *E*

Josh H : You got the wrong app my dude

CrazyFox : r/memeeconomy

CrazyWeeMonkey : But the Reddit Is Fun notifications are on while you are in the app and they're for your mailbox...

Benjamin Bortolotto : Fantastic as always Ian. Keep up the great work!

Prinz Kasper : That's what you get for using the official app. Relay for reddit, baconreador, reddit is fun, there's plenty of better apps.

TheFaze : *This is probably why the EU wants to ban memes. But if the EA is made into a meme then wouldn't that mean that it has to ban itself, but if it is banned by itself, then the law banning memes would also no longer be effective causing a stalement nullification hmmmm*

Justin Y's Stand : Spongebob is an amazing meme.

X Snake : u will never get a reddit notifications off when u dont even have reddit :wesmart:

Lord Stinson : Should've *drowned* him.

Barbecue Flavored Tater Chips Daily : Barbecue Flavored Tater Chips Will Make This Video Better

Mrlegitbeans : Hey Daddy can I get a heart pls

switch : r/memeeconomy in a nutshell

Player Mathinson : 0:24 Reddit gay cuz he didn't say no homo.

Uroš Nedeljković : Notification squad.

Senura Kaduwela : Fk life also love u kun 💖

Average Steve : Do it for the memes

satya karthik : You are the best

damianjones_art : The thumbnail says 30 secs but the vid says it's 29😮😮

Martvel : I- Ian. *_IAN?_*

Ray Mak : Oh myyyyyyy disastrous

BromTeque : Haha, classic comedy.

Hasan 3step : Sometimes i drink water even tho it doesnt taste like anything

Purgatory Ban : 0:25 now close your eyes and tell me what you think is happening😂

Ubayd : Take these memes 🅱️itch

NinjaPenguin77664 : I actually know what subreddit that is


Mankey Fruit : Those are some sexy ass memes

WilloW0lf : *insert some random Reddit joke here*

Party Quackaz : *Good thing I don't have Reddit, up Top✋*

Zarathustra Zarath : Reddit is super overrated. Like, I don't mean it's not cool or anything, I like it actually. Just, reaaaally overrated.