Snoop Dogg Responds To Long Beach Crips Running Him Out The Hood.

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Comments from Youtube

Seekerr 666 : I watched this 2 years ago and now its in my recommended.

daone billygunnz : Never heard OG of any set get kicked out of his hood lmao

Lee Kyle : He makes a good point. I never even heard of Long Beach until snoop rapped about it in the 90’s.

Josh Seiter : Sublime is well qualified to represent the LBC

K az : All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ

Dan Duario : With so much drama in the LBC. It's kinda hard being Snoop D O double G.

Michael Edwards : hell yeah let em have it your music and love what you do so positive..i agree with ya 100%

Jay Herrera : Real. If your in your 40’s 50’s and still don’t have a car or a house.. seriously brah. I’d rather be a sell out and down for my family and the kids to look up to positively than to be down for my barrio and slang drugs. Keep it 💯 snoop

Tyson Dorsey : Some of us grow up homie! Some don't. Keep doing you.

doeboy84 : Long beach crips didn't run him outta nowhere. Just some older crips feel like he's not doing anything for them, that's it.

Monster Moy : Real OG's Don't run their Mouth's and have nothing to prove.

Hoop Fiend : I like at the end how he put the camera down so peacefully and gracefully lol

Russell Johnson : You mad at me cuhh 🤣🤣🤣 he’s write bruhhhh

Edwill Fourie : AWESOME. I've got even more respect for the D.O.G.G. after seeing this video. Thank you for choosing to do good, my nephew 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🤝🏾

Juan El Meme Basio : I guess to be consider a real Gangsta you have to stay in the hood and broke doing illegal shit to be consider a real G.

Grant Edmondson : This was actually a pretty real and legit telling off lol

Tim Spartakus : Well Snoop you doing what you doing is very positve and inspiring and it is written Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Wether we do good or bad someone is ready to criticize or talk down or hate. If i had a dollar to give to every hater i be broke as hell let them hate just strive harder for your cause and not theirs you do alot more than some of these rappers your work shows later bro hit me back.

Khalif Smith : Snoop thank you for this message. I hope all those who can do something in the gang community do what you just mentioned.

Khalid Ali : "From the depths of the sea, back to the block Snoop Doggy Dogg, funky as the, the, The D.O.C Went solo on that a**, but it's still the same Long Beach is the spot where I served my cane..." "Who Am I, What's My Name?"

no name just me : Thank you for the football league my kid plays on that league 🙏🏽

Da Sh : Ice T and Cube used to debate back in the day when rap was still lyrical, whether one should remain in the hood after 'makin it' and TRY to improve the community or leave. 'Escape From The Killing Fields'. 'You gotta get out you gotta get out, cuz the fields are where you die'.

Stoned Head : hey Snoop you nailed it man that was a great speech big braoh..... 💙 stay stonned 🤘

Elijah Brown : I think being a g is going against a whole gang wile just being 1 man I think being a g is getting out the hood and taking care of your fam ! I run into a lot of fools thinking different, thinking u ow the SET your life ! Na my young brother the ogs brainwashed you to be a soilder for the hood and the ogs before that did the same to them ! You know the hood is just a part of the world rite ? Imagine looking at earth In space ✨ like an astronaut you would laugh to think ,these humans actually think they hood is big and strong Na bro from up there I can’t even see you !! STOP THINKING SMALL START THINKING BIG !!

Hugh H : This is the hardest thing in life. When you succeed and your homies don’t. It might be super hard for all his homies are still broke trying to live off him.

St Peter : Love you Snoop Thats my brotha right there Positive and enlightened. Love u man from zimbabwe. Wish l could speak to Big Snoop dog

Joshua Potts : Preach it homie!!! I ain't no gangsta, but still got mad respect for you and what your doing!! Keep it up Snopp!! You know better than most! A haters gonna hate!! ✌

Chris Guy : Wish i this growing up when snoops music got most young black men in trouble

genius2012 : ROTFLMAO!!! Snoop dropping knowledge and truth on these fools!!!

boss uploads : Whoopi goldberg was a gangster. Damn.

J D : Preach big SNOOP DOGG!!!! They hating cuz he went to negative to positive....

Freddie Smith : Much respect ✊🏾 that man spoke nothing but the truth

tan j maz : Kind of hard being Snoop Do- dubble -g

Desijmond Grays : Big SNOOP

Roland David De Leon : Yet God sits on His throne! God is in control not man...

D217 S : Look after your little homies that is for real don't let them ruin there lives

Trom Pudo!! : Never a gangsta!!Never put in work!!

SyFy Living : That was beautiful!!!

Neds Dark : You wouldn't hit a man in glasses would you???

JACKZN : Malcolm X is rolling in his grave right now.

ghawk : U want to chill and relax Ok!

HypeTv100 : og is person that was a gangster put in work got his respect in the street that once old you get respected by young hommies no one can take that title from you once earn and def not another og that is as old as you , to keep it 100 an og with money is the most dangerous person on earth he knows the system and can fly outside killers to even kill your dog while he has a perfect alibi by being in vacation with his entire family in vacation yhep while you being murk the og is relaxing with his family lol

Mnop Xangelus : he gotta make a rap vid called "Forgot about Snoop"

mike private : While everyone here is arguing over whether snoop is a gangster or a sell out. Snoop is laughing his way to the bank every day. He’s paid his dues and had a good run all this other stuff is just noise. I would ignore all of it if I was him. Just live your life and be thankful for what you’ve accomplished.

Baru Curry : I wanna be a Gangster!! Where do I sign?

McNugget Fan : So in other words, if you're snoop doggs friend, and you go through some hard times and lose your job and car and nowhere is hiring or they keep firing you, snoop dogg will stop calling you "big homie" and he will unfriend you.

Passion W : Amen! Sometimes tuff decisions must be made a everyone won't understand the decision making process, but it has to be done!! pass!on

StreetTV : Speak snoop

patrick montano : 🤦🏽‍♂️dont drop to their level snoop🤦🏽‍♂️

Nic Hodgeman : Whats the only good thing that happened at million man march. Answer: no one had to call off work that day!!