Snoop Dogg Responds To Long Beach Crips Running Him Out The Hood.

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yes0genesis : wow, so much drama in the LBC...

Cher0kee : People always have something to say whether you're doing positive or negative. Leave Snoop alone and let him live his damn life!

Caster aka BadMan : Not everyone who hates snoop is jealous of him or his fame. Our planet's being destroyed by overgrown toddlers who live for the financial and sexual aspects of life. Time to evolve and unite before its too late. 💯 RIP Tupac if he was alive he'd be developing solution based approaches to some of the world destroying cycles that are all too prevalent. Check out the vids I've done showing Snoop dissing Pac BIG TIME after his death. Inconvenient realities are still realities regardless 💯

Mark Diloreto : I am a 66 year old white male who grew up with your music and I still listen to rap every day. You are a legitimate person because you exude positivity despite a world that is still full of prejudice spoken and unspoken. my hat is off to you!

Nathanael Buys : Snoop dog got love from the North Side mafia 💪🏽💪🏽 South Africa 🇿🇦 true OG he is much respected not only for his hiphop but for his involvement in the political freedom movement , Black males like yourself is a true inspiration not to indulge in voilance although coming from the Gutter but rather using those experiences to become a better man and this applies to all races and nations of the world “Be better Live better”

K az : All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ

big chew : Snoop let's get it bro bring that 90s back🍁

Winnie Azikiwe : When you perpetuated thug life through your music and they follow you. This is what happens. One question do you feel guilty and have convictions in your heart for the community's you help keep down. Is that why you give back so your like the god of the hood. Some old OG see what you did and now they want it. Is that the situation? You helped creat this. So stupid.

oli pfanner : It doesn't matter since gangbang died in 2007. The Crips and Bloods today are not real anymore. They all wannabe OG's.

Dillon Lawrence : Exactly some people just will never get it... You put in work as a yungin and then it's time for you to step out and get money and evolve and paid a way for other individuals to come up who's less fortunate.. what the hell Snoop Dogg look like getting into beef he has a net worth of 135 million. And i never post a comment on YouTube before

Joseph Loza : Dont understand how he is a sell out? Cuz he made it out the hood lol gives back to the hood so much and what he does for these kids. Come on. He may not b perfect. I guess yr only real if u stay boke and stay n the hood

sam clark : He looks like a homeless woman

Liam Wilson : get something to eat cuhh

D M : There's zero evidence on Snoop "putting in work" nobody knew who he was

jarred davis : Snoop like 52 years old.

Mnop Xangelus : he gotta make a rap vid called "Forgot about Snoop"

RealHotBox : Snoop is a real Legend man. mad love and respect. Real King of the LBC.

Shakes M : Just some old man who talks like a teenager

overkill2006 : Snoop is very woke and he understands whats going on in our communities.He is doing a lot of good and when your someone who is positive and powerful you will always have miserable cowards who will try to bring you down.It's a sick sad world were living in.

Wil Morales : Them hood days for Snoop are old news

doeboy84 : Long beach crips didn't run him outta nowhere. Just some older crips feel like he's not doing anything for them, that's it.

1171 : Youre not smart enough to be Malcolm or Dr.King

Woke-ye West : Did he start smoking that rock?

phonybliar : Black should not ever kill black. Hate makes the group weaker. Strength through unity. Show the beauty of black culture wherever it comes from. Peace out!

Sonny DaGuy : Before Snoop Dogg the only people that know about the LBC............. is the LBC After Snoop Dogg ...................the whole world know about the LBC

David Goor : He looks like an old gay in these glasses.

G V : Snoop hasn't been good since mid 90s , cash money was the start of the decline


LBCvalenz562 : LBC

streetgangs : Speak snoop

Juan El Meme Basio : I guess to be consider a real Gangsta you have to stay in the hood and broke doing illegal shit to be consider a real G.

Jamie Swanson : Lol snoop crying on YouTube

Sam Pomare : I’m from the Southern Hemisphere. If it wasn’t for Snoop I would’ve never heard of the LBC

Gcal1956 : Lol grown ass man fighting on the Internet

Xavierr Pairamaa : It's true he made a name out of LBC so he pretty much is the king of that hood

The Classic 619 : those glasses

M K : The only real gangs nowadays are in Oakland where I live because there’s not enough cops as well as Chicago and Detroit

E Vasquez : you payed to be a crip and really helping yourself you sided with you ever got $.:

Marsha Chapman : Preach

yung vino : This video is a Classic

Shukky : Nigga, nigga.

joey b : Wisdom

kosoifafo Mafasipalasi : This Samoan got your back Snoop , you rapped about how it was and you gave back to the hood , and this how they treat you ? You blew up in the 90s you the reason all death row blew up .. young ones now days don't know that .. straight up ..

Fender Strat : Ya dam right king Snoop

R6-D2 : Dogg is 1 hell of a speaker!

Ricky Mungia : Burnt out mutt

Sir : 2015,,,, Chances are he couldnt get a job. But now its 2018 and that TRUMP train feeding everybody. Trump 2020

ghost Samurai : Long Beach City Wilmington Ghost Town whoop whoop.

SyFy Living : That was beautiful!!!

king cobra : A m box? Is he talking bout a perc 30?