Snoop Dogg Responds To Long Beach Crips Running Him Out The Hood.

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yes0genesis : wow, so much drama in the LBC...

Sonny DaGuy : Before Snoop Dogg the only people that know about the LBC............. is the LBC After Snoop Dogg ...................the whole world know about the LBC

Caster aka BadMan : Not everyone who hates snoop is jealous of him or his fame. Our planet's being destroyed by overgrown toddlers who live for the financial and sexual aspects of life. Time to evolve and unite before its too late. 💯 RIP Tupac if he was alive he'd be developing solution based approaches to some of the world destroying cycles that are all too prevalent. Check out the vids I've done showing Snoop dissing Pac BIG TIME after his death. Inconvenient realities are still realities regardless 💯

Мужская тема : snooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

kosoifafo Mafasipalasi : This Samoan got your back Snoop , you rapped about how it was and you gave back to the hood , and this how they treat you ? You blew up in the 90s you the reason all death row blew up .. young ones now days don't know that .. straight up ..

K az : All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ

RealHotBox : Snoop is a real Legend man. mad love and respect. Real King of the LBC.

Makaveli ThaDon : Muthafuck snoop Muthafuck dre Muthafuck deathrow

Zu : 1980's in the LBC, cuh!!! Cal Rec, cuh! Hamburger Dan's, Cuh! Yeah, cuuh! pop! pop! Lol POP! POP! MLK park, cuuh! Long Beach mall, cuuh! Shoreline Village, cuh! V.I.P records, Cuuuh! Koolaid and pickles, cuh! Section 8, cuuuh! Pubic lice cuuuh! Jock itch powder cuh! A single braid laying on the street, cuh! Two girls shoulder-checking each other cuh! (Because of me, cuh!) Corduroy house shoes, cuh! T-shirt & Khakis, cuh! Shower cap, cuh! Looking over my Locs - At these hoes, cuuh! Looking OVER the shoulders of these hoes for the Po Po's, cuuh! Blue & Red lights cuuuuuuh! Running, cuh! Both slippers falling off, cuuuh! Inside someone's backyard, cuuuh! Flashlight! cuuuh! Warrant cuuh! Smelling cop-car-leather cuuuh!

Bros Bouw : It’s Hard being snoop d o double g

Juan El Meme Basio : I guess to be consider a real Gangsta you have to stay in the hood and broke doing illegal shit to be consider a real G.

Shakes M : Just some old man who talks like a teenager

jarred davis : Snoop like 52 years old.

Kenneth Carpenter II : Martin Luther King Jr was a republican and conservative. He even said the biggest threat to black people were democrats

Winnie Azikiwe : When you perpetuated thug life through your music and they follow you. This is what happens. One question do you feel guilty and have convictions in your heart for the community's you help keep down. Is that why you give back so your like the god of the hood. Some old OG see what you did and now they want it. Is that the situation? You helped creat this. So stupid.

doeboy84 : Long beach crips didn't run him outta nowhere. Just some older crips feel like he's not doing anything for them, that's it.

JustGoove : Snoop was never a ganger. Hes an insider for the hip hop police. Dude gets caught with more weed than a farmer and never did anytime for it. Its real, plenty of people have called him out.

Sir : 2015,,,, Chances are he couldnt get a job. But now its 2018 and that TRUMP train feeding everybody. Trump 2020

Negrito Grande : REAL RESPECT!!! A1

D M : There's zero evidence on Snoop "putting in work" nobody knew who he was

streetgangs : Speak snoop

lemuel waller : Snoop is G ,

Mr. Mediocre Gamer : How about smoke more weed, promote weed culture and glorify thug life...

Jorge Amelio : Snoop about to hit'm with his walker!😂

Shukky : Nigga, nigga.

PJ C. : its real in the field Snoop is right

Rage X : get something to eat cuhh

Cyanide : Snoop actually built a character out of himself meaning..hes a very mature knowledgable OG

Darren Chapman : If people love MLK they need to remember what he said'"judge by content of character and not color of skin". I haven't cared much for Snoop but I have to agree with him here. Well mostly. I agree on the positive things he is saying. About children. About people being hangers on and not helping themselves. I am even guilty of this in the past but I changed it. Praise to my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

Joseph Loza : Dont understand how he is a sell out? Cuz he made it out the hood lol gives back to the hood so much and what he does for these kids. Come on. He may not b perfect. I guess yr only real if u stay boke and stay n the hood

Jonathan Norris : God bless you snoop.

SickLid : I feel sorry for Snoop. You can tell he just can't be bothered with this shit anymore. The guy has had money for decades and has done positive things for decades also. He's been around the world and seen a different side to life and met different people and the people hassling him have probably never been out of their city. They aren't even on his level but I think he feels like he still needs to address them because of who he is.

Ethan Oconnell : U a real homie and the king. No one gonna disrespect u and peace and love is what it's all about. "If u breathing u achieving"

Agremen : Snoop we love you dont let stupid kids get to you man...When i was a kid in the 90s...You where the king of rap music and you still are the old school king man !In my head and in my heart!!

Xavierr Pairamaa : It's true he made a name out of LBC so he pretty much is the king of that hood

Citizenshane81 : Lmao. Snoop’s up side ya head. Snoop is still the man!!!

SUPER GANG : Waddup snoop

Reseller Rockefeller : Every time i see this clip i realize how much i like Snoop for who he has become and how he proved to everyone it doesn't mater where you come from you can make it and you can become successful by thriving in your reality and being motivated by positive thoughts. Much love Snoop. Keeping it real but with a firm hand.

Steve jones : Snoops having a mid life crisis.

Ironsights : Any time someone is out to do good, you will always have piece of shit haters trying to take them down. Keep up the good work Snoop.

Tyler Roe : They think you didnt work for it it's ignorance ....I think if we got a face to face meeting wed be coo

streetracing plug : This man speaks nothing but truth #LBCKING 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

Jacky Cooley : ❤ Snoop

Daring Fawn : wasnt snoop a pimp and a women beater?

The Franchise : "50 years can't get a job?" Snoop understands.

• • : One hundred emoji.

Arturon Grave : snoop is real og and he always has been


Colbs Engert : Love Snoop

Mnop Xangelus : he gotta make a rap vid called "Forgot about Snoop"