Snoop Dogg Responds To Long Beach Crips Running Him Out The Hood.

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yes0genesis : wow, so much drama in the LBC...

Joseph Loza : Dont understand how he is a sell out? Cuz he made it out the hood lol gives back to the hood so much and what he does for these kids. Come on. He may not b perfect. I guess yr only real if u stay boke and stay n the hood

yung vino : This video is a Classic

big chew : Snoop let's get it bro bring that 90s back🍁

Cher0kee : People always have something to say whether you're doing positive or negative. Leave Snoop alone and let him live his damn life!

K az : All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ

Phoenix boom : Well said snoop man love u more my homie

TheDrip82 : The partying and the banging and thugin gotta come to a end one day whether it's your terms or not

oli pfanner : It doesn't matter since gangbang died in 2007. The Crips and Bloods today are not real anymore. They all wannabe OG's.

Steven Marcum : Oooooh shit they don't wanna see big Snoop Dogg

streetgangs : Speak snoop

Nathanael Buys : Snoop dog got love from the North Side mafia 💪🏽💪🏽 South Africa 🇿🇦 true OG he is much respected not only for his hiphop but for his involvement in the political freedom movement , Black males like yourself is a true inspiration not to indulge in voilance although coming from the Gutter but rather using those experiences to become a better man and this applies to all races and nations of the world “Be better Live better”

Swaggercat : Those are silly glasses.

Mark Diloreto : I am a 66 year old white male who grew up with your music and I still listen to rap every day. You are a legitimate person because you exude positivity despite a world that is still full of prejudice spoken and unspoken. my hat is off to you!

Mick Jagger : snoop always talkin shit lol

Mnop Xangelus : he gotta make a rap vid called "Forgot about Snoop"

sam clark : He looks like a homeless woman

Chris Tenorio : Hey Snoop Dogg my brother keep up the good work on being a positive role model for the kids

Curtiss Miller : Tell em Snoop

Death Row : Snoop is a two faced rat. He chats so much Shit. He's the snake who claimed to be Suge Knight and 2pac's homie but he was behind the scenes licking biggie and puffy's ass

doeboy84 : Long beach crips didn't run him outta nowhere. Just some older crips feel like he's not doing anything for them, that's it.

darius lyons : I liked that so much ima watch it. Again

Rain Mccullough : The king of the coast 💪💪💪💪

Dillon Lawrence : Exactly some people just will never get it... You put in work as a yungin and then it's time for you to step out and get money and evolve and paid a way for other individuals to come up who's less fortunate.. what the hell Snoop Dogg look like getting into beef he has a net worth of 135 million. And i never post a comment on YouTube before

Douglas McKay : There's zero evidence on Snoop "putting in work" nobody knew who he was

David Goor : He looks like an old gay in these glasses.

Jamie Swanson : Lol snoop crying on YouTube

Bobby Gonzalez : @snoopdogg im raised from michigan im american chicano im was raised from michigan im not a thug I dont know a thing about thugs can you teach im bobby. you okay

overkill2006 : Snoop is very woke and he understands whats going on in our communities.He is doing a lot of good and when your someone who is positive and powerful you will always have miserable cowards who will try to bring you down.It's a sick sad world were living in.

Xavierr Pairamaa : It's true he made a name out of LBC so he pretty much is the king of that hood

Shakes M : Just some old man who talks like a teenager

Wil Morales : Them hood days for Snoop are old news


G V : Snoop hasn't been good since mid 90s , cash money was the start of the decline

JustJohnboy : them fuckin glasses are huge

Mcgregor getting knocked out : Did he start smoking that rock?

Calimangrower 1 : 👍👍👍👍

LBCvalenz562 : LBC

jarred davis : Snoop like 52 years old.

SyFy Living : That was beautiful!!!

1171 : Youre not smart enough to be Malcolm or Dr.King

Paul Newman : I don’t know who is talking to, but you don’t talk to gang members like that especially OGs. Why, because they will kill you..... Why would you even be involved with them or give them the time of day, your rich, live in a good neighborhood, have a family..... Your not a young kid from the block. Get them out of your life permanently.


CALIFAS 5150 : looks like another internet gangster

HardAnall Jr. : There's 2 sides to every story

Crooks Oceguera : 💯💯💯

Marsha Chapman : Preach

E Vasquez : you payed to be a crip and really helping yourself you sided with you ever got $.:

Zain Flook : I love snoop, he a real OG

Dolan Bright : Nigga, nigga.