Mirror's Edge speedrunner roasted SGDQ 2017
Mirrors Edge speedrunner roasted SGDQ 2017

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Subscribe if you like, depending on how this video is received I'll probably make moar. xoxoxo The event is still going: https://www.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick Please make sure you donate to this great charity/event, every shekel makes a difference: https://gamesdonequick.com/tracker/donate/20 Follow blackbeltginganinja's stream here here: https://www.twitch.tv/blackbeltginganinja -From what I've heard these two guys are friends, I am however unsure if there's any spite involved. I'll leave that for you guys to interpret. In either case the run itself was insanely entertaining in comparison to most.


Amini moose : "It's fine, don't worry about it." *Speech* 100

Zombuddy_731 : “This isn’t a glitch” Sources: *Dude trust me*

SuomiLaava : For people who do not know: 1. This is staged and made to mock the Mirror's edge glitchless runs and 2. The guy commenting to his every "glitch" is a very talented runner and his commentary is always amazing on my opinion.

Sawyer Raines : Guy: “You can’t skip cut scenes in glitchless” Also guy: “if you reload here it skips the cut scene”

Jaaykify : “That seems pretty exploitable” “Yea well thats life”

Dash62g : I feel like the title is misleading. This video is satire and they're making fun of Mirror's Edge's Glitchless run catagory.

DroughtMouth : This speed runner literally sounds like Todd Howard when people bring up glitches in fallout 76

Cyber Rock : Guy: “wai—“ Speed runner: “nope it’s fine”

Anthony b : This is the most passive aggressive video i've ever seen

Not Friendly : *kills your whole family* GingaNinja:”it’s fine don’t worry about it”

Pedro Pias : "You can't do that" "it's fine, trust me" "You're glitching" "Not my fault though"

Bob Rooney : as a non solid person i feel offended

assassinpro12 : They're both clearly trolling, Speedrunner says he's gonna do a glitchless run but he actually shows like almost all the game's glitches and exploits them lmao And the other dude is questionning his run to make others believe that they throwing passive agressive shade hahah

A Name : To all the people who are here because it showed up on their recommended: the runner gets to pick the couch, they're friends doing a gag. The whole bit is playing off an inside joke in the mirror's edge speedrunning community

ratchetguy 606 : Speaker: Dude it's a glitch Speed runner: *No it's the xbox glitching the game allowing me to do the exploit*

Shaggy : _Speedrunner:_ **exists** _Couch Guy:_ *”I feel like this is a glitch”*

Calicomint 72 : Speed runner: *teleports through map* Couch guy: “I’m not gonna lie that looks like a gli-“ Speedrunner: *no-no it’s not a big deal it’s fine*

Иван Нанић : This guy would make a great politician. "Not illegal, trust me, don't worry about it."

JJ White : This dude could murder someone in the crowd and completely deny it.

Shaun James Animations : I want this guy defending me in court

itz_4dy : Glitch exploiter: you cant glitch through solid objects Glitch stopper: i feel like a human is pretty solid

Carson Lewis : Starts off by saying you can’t skip cut scenes Ends by skipping a cut scene

J ' : This guy could be a politician here in Brazil

Temporium : Speedrunner : *Takes a breath* Dude on the couch : *W A S T H A T A G L I T C H ?*

Bagel Operator : For people who aren’t familiar with the speed running community black belt here has a video on his YouTube addressing this run and how they determined glithcless for mirrors edge is stupid but the best name for that type of run essentially the argument is the game is already so buggy doing a truly glitchless speed run would just be awful

Mr. Floop : To sum this up: “It’s not a glitch as long as I don’t call it a glitch” “Pretty sure that’s a—“ “Don’t worry about it it’s not my fault”

SeeSeaTV : When life gives you lemons Say it's a glitch

Mr. I Get Girls : A mistake in a game's programming that's being done intentionally to exploit a speedrun. what would you call that?

Eetu Halmela : *yeah, its fine* *not a glitch* *not my fault*

Snekkk : "Sounds pretty exploitable." "Nyehh, thats life." 5:00

Ryan Brown : For anyone that is taking the completely seriously, he's entirely joking and the two are on good terms; he's just deadpan poking fun at the ludicrousness of the 'glitchless' category in general, not the streamer abiding by its odd ruleset.

Butter my Butt : Gamer: nothing Coach potato: I MMmmMmmm

MasterKcoop : Yo did he just walk up slowly and glitch?


ItsKgan : *Why that is not a glitch* Works Cited: "Don't worry about it" "It's fine"

miksu offical : *glitchless record* * Jumps over fences and clipping through walls* NOT A BIG DEAL

Squantle : It’s hard to side with the player. The guy in the back has a point

Conrad Pratt : I'd like to see this game run ACTUALLY glitchless

Evan Gonzàlez : "Is dying a glitch" R.I.P

VoidKeeper : actually clipping is what the game does to keep you inside of bounds, NO clipping is how you get out. I heard the couch say clipping as if to say he passed through an object at least 3 times and it was bugging me XD

Brandon Walsh : The entire video is the guy on the couch saying 'thats a glitch' and inhaling and exhaling

Rafael Sotelo : Damn these guys are massive trolls 😂

Joshua Nichols : Couch Guy #2: "You just clipped through that guy on the zipline ahead of you, that's a glitch." Runner: "We don't call them 'glitches,' we prefer to think of them as 'surprise programming loophole mechanics."

Big Boss : I know this is for laughs but if anybody is being roasted here, it's the Mirror's Edge speedrun community for the terrible run category name. "Glitchless" clearly should be called "no major glitches" and you avoid most of these issues.

noname noname : 90% of video: glitch 10% of video: less

The Big Game Theory : You didnt get the point the speedunner wasnt roasted.

Joshua Cochran : I’ve heard the word “glitch” so much I feel like I’m going to start using it in sentences...

Envoy of Mortality : Speedrunner: *takes a sip of water* Couch boi: did you just glitch the water?

Tomjat 123 : Guy: wasn't that a glitch? "It's not big deal", "it's not my fault", "it's fine don't worry about it": Allow us to introduce ourselves