Mirror's Edge speedrunner roasted SGDQ 2017

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Eetu Halmela : *yeah, its fine* *not a glitch* *not my fault*

kex4me : Was that a *_G L I T C H_*

Rawman : Glitch LESS... Ok that was funny.

LateNightGaming-VideoGame Coms & Entertainment : The guy on the couch had me dying 😂 he didn’t give the speedrunner ANY room. Haha

Rafael Bernardi : So by reading the comments i discovered that this is a joke on Mirror's edge speedruns, someone can confirm this to me?

Dammitimmad : he basically just used glitches

laugeba : Did you cum in me? Eh, not my fault But i told you not to cum inside me It's fine

Krueger : i'd really prefer if you'd be quiet

Aidan Abregov : "Sounds pretty exploitable..." "Meh, that's Life." Glitch boi dropping some truth.

C3N1 3R1J0N : *is dying a glitch* Me: DEAD 😂😂😂😂

Lord Tachanka : “Yeah, it’s fine”

Aurora Borealis : The guy roasting the speedrunner (DrTChops) is actually really chill, watch his SGDQ 2016 Skyrim speedrun. Was able to deliver really entertaining and informative commentary while he was running the game

V1ON : S O W H A T Y O U R S A Y I N G I S

Ruski18 : Its not a glitch if you say its fine

CutePuppy351 : Why are people hating on the couch guy? This isn't glitchless at all. I would've been more involved in speedrunning if it weren't people claiming that kick glitching, clipping through solid brushes and entities and using it to break the game to achieve an unintended result, or get to unintended areas. GLITCHLESS MEANS NO GLITCHES. And that's how it should be. The couch guy does sometimes make a joke out of it, but glitchless in actuality should be glitchless.

Purmhy : Take a drink everytime *"glitch"* is said.

Flovero : How is this guy not banned yet? Like wtf you can't run glitchless and do glitches all the time and just say that this isnt your fault.

Mr Cupcake : The biggest crime here is the man that believes he’s a woman and has been calling himself protogirl

Sergeant Detergent : word of the day "Glitch" phrase of the day "Not my fault"

Renz star : Dont hate on the commentator. He was just verifying the integrity of the run

π o g g ! π t o g : I kind of hate the guy in the background

Killa Watt : "I'd really prefer if you'd be quiet"

Mike B. : This is funny but the dude roasting sounds like a jealous bitch too tho. Also the roll out to avoid a hard fall on a jump is an intended mechanic.

Candy Texture : The premise here seems to be "if I don't call them glitches, then they aren't glitches" 😂😅

Barry Benson : Lol, what's that dude in the purple wig doing?

Randyy1 : To be fair, the speedrunning community for a game usually agrees on what is allowed for glitchless and what is not. It's usually the big glitches that let you skip entire levels or maps, and minor stuff is allowed. That's my understanding, at least. But this was hilarious.

janumski _ : Glitches are part of the game so it should count lol

Radz666 : D O N T W O R R Y A B O U T I T

Irok 121 : That one commentator...so many glitches

Jeremy Bowden : He got 99 problems but a glitch aint one of em.

punkaddict : This guy should definitely be a playtester, he has a good eye for G L I T C H E S

Ceryx : did you just.. I T S F I N E

Muciukas s : It's just because he's ginger?

runforitman : It’s fine

agbugger : Why do Americans call it "meer's edge"?

Rav Khalifa : The guy complaining is so virgin af

FatCatFroggie : I would really prefer if you'd be quiet

Sean Brogan : 0:25 WTF IS THAT ? Is it a F or a M ?

BoosterTheRooster1 : The guy speedrunning has the patience of a saint lol

Neo2266 : Great story, good and funny writing, superb acting ... oh and the game’s also pretty fucking great

Klize : The game itself is a glitch

2mygreeneyes : If it's not your fault it's not a glitch

Pierat 67 : *No It’S FajN*

Filipas : That guy is really annoying to me

Who's King Now : I love this dude :DD

XIV Century : DrTChops going hard and he's right.. why is this guy making such a joke out of himself?

Piezonuclear Luna : Everyone saying this is staged has no proof. Still no real proof yet.

Jubei Sarutobi : Lmao. DrTChops is awesome.

Silentry1 : Honestly this would be the only reason I would go to one of these 😂😂😂😂 lmao.

Christian Castro : How did I end up here when I was looking for cars😂