Mirror's Edge speedrunner roasted SGDQ 2017

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Eetu Halmela : *yeah, its fine* *not a glitch* *not my fault*

Sameplayer : He is using bugs but not glitches

Envoy of Mortality : Speedrunner: *takes a sip of water* Couch boi: did you just glitch the water?

Klizerrr : Speedrunner: says hi Couch potato: DiD yOu JuSt GlITcH hI?????

AwesomeMemz : Legends say that man is still on that couch complaining about the glitches

Lord Tachanka : “Yeah, it’s fine”

Avalon : The guy on the couch is right but he’s also really annoying lmao

Jeremia Walther : the couch guy says mmmmmm more often than onion from dark souls

maxW : im pretty split on who was correct in this situation but i just wanna say i hate how passive agressive the couch lad is

winter : it's not a major glitch soooo it's fine. *hmmmmm*

Rawman : Glitch LESS... Ok that was funny.

Ginger Ninja : Wait, his name is ginga ninja ?? Hello my brother

FuzzMustard : "I'm Protomagicalgirl." "Did you just glitch it's gender?"

Vitaliuz : *Spoiler alert* : he will use glitches in a glitchless run, on *easy* difficulty. But it's not his fault. He is used to complete games using glitches, on easy. Yeah, it's fine. It's not his fault. Not everyone can complete a game on normal without using glitches. Not his fault. It's fine. Abusing game mechanics, skipping animation, surviving in scenes due to glitched animation? Not a glitch. It's fine. Not his fault.

JustNiko : "Is dying a glitch?" LOL

Dammitimmad : he basically just used glitches

Silversun 0711 : The passive aggression from both of them is disgusting. Either call the guy out or don’t. He’s obviously breaking the rules he stated at the beginning for this particular speed run.

Mr H : I feel like this is intentional

Energy : If I had a dollar for every time he said “well it’s not my fault”

The Sky's Basement : *It’s fine don’t worry about it* So it’s a glitch *not my fault*

Late Night Gaming : The guy on the couch had me dying 😂 he didn’t give the speedrunner ANY room. Haha

Luckyducky 1122 : I fell like the couch dude should have just roasted/exposed him then ask him to leave

Rexhellfire 1 : I kinda feel the guy on the couch was being a bit to hard on the guy tbh

Niobo : Both of them are really annoying

Anime Withered Toy Freddy 1987 : Speedrunner boii : *Jumps* Coach fren's : *Boi did you glitch le jumpppss*

kex4me : Was that a *_G L I T C H_*

Hank : 0:22 you call that a girl?

Westorin : *Couch guy:* *Takes a breath* *Speedrunner:* “No don’t worry about it”

An0nym0us9001 : 4everVirgins

antroidi : Nerdest video that I have ever seen.

Purmhy : Take a drink everytime *"glitch"* is said.

Edmund Alailefaleula : Wait was that a guy pretending to be a girl in the beginning?

Bay Area : A nerd actually bullying someone, never thought i would see it..

Retromind : Is mayonnaise a glitch ?

Kour FreeNN : At 0:52 he says skipping animations isnt allowed and then at 8:00 he proceeds to skip a 2 min cutscene? Dafuq

Silentry1 : Honestly this would be the only reason I would go to one of these 😂😂😂😂 lmao.

THEACE THEJOKERS : If I was that speed runner I would of just Ignored the guy on the couch after the first few minutes of the run.

Nigel Noyes : Yeah, it's a glitch BUT IT'S NOT MY FAULT 👌

Bjørn Møller-Nielsen : He used so many glitches in this run, and just kept saying it was not glitches. This runner is pretty dumb and ignorant, since he got exposed so many times. It's kinda cringy to see him being caught all the time and not being able to explain why he uses glitches.

Just Me : Awwwww. I want to punch that guy on the couch so hard. I hate people like that.

Randyy1 : To be fair, the speedrunning community for a game usually agrees on what is allowed for glitchless and what is not. It's usually the big glitches that let you skip entire levels or maps, and minor stuff is allowed. That's my understanding, at least. But this was hilarious.

Rustam Alishanli : *plays game* W A S T H A T J U S T A G L I T C H ?

Mr. Bubbles : Don’t worry about it it’s not my fault

Srazger : 0:52 "Skipping animations is not allowed" 8:01 "Let me just skip this animation"

oh yeahyeahyeahyeah oh yeah yeah : the guy has a point though

Irok 121 : That one commentator...so many glitches

Gaunter O'Dimm : Never stopped you before

RabbitOD : the guy asking questions is really annoying

nyRX : The commentator later on with his girlfriend. Him: "Did you come?" Her: "Don't worry about it." Him: "Umm... that doesn't sound like a real answer." Her: "I said don't worry about it."

Josh Hsu : “It’s not really glitchless, it’s glitch-LESS”