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FULL VIDEO - On January 31st, 2019, Sea Shepherd’s MV Farley Mowat was attacked by poachers while patrolling the Vaquita Refuge for Operation Milagro. For English subtitles click on CC, on the bottom right. Posing as fishermen, these criminals launched Molotov cocktails at the Farley Mowat, setting the ship on fire. They also hurled large rocks and other deadly projectiles at the ship and crew, causing damage to our vessel. Fortunately, no crew was seriously injured during the attack. Sea Shepherd is working with Mexican authorities to protect the Vaquita Refuge - a UNESCO-recognized and federally protected area, and home to the most endangered marine mammal in the world, the vaquita porpoise. Donate: https://goo.gl/HckEC6 Read the full article: https://bit.ly/2HNCOEj


Raywar 7 : 'Our defences where very good' Mate you shouldve threw the rocks back at them. Dirty rats

Black turbine : Everbody gangsta till sea shepherd pulls out a rocket launcer

Daddy Deadlo : The second they put a hole in my window id be putting holes in their boat hull and driving away never looking back

PARODY FROM POLAND : That Sea Of Thieves 2 trailer looks amazing! I cant wait to play it.

Doug Renshaw : You don't need paintball guns, you need ar-15's.

Jon Bottoms : I have seen several post about non lethal options for self defense. I agree non lethal means is most definitely the best option for defense. But should you be using this option when they clearly are not. They are setting your ship on fire. Y’all really need a gun on board.

Roni dude : *our defences were good. Broken windows and your ships on fire xD sure good defence

Nerd Slayer : Kill the poachers Just do it

Stuart Hayward : You guys need better defenses than a water hose, that could have gotten much worse real fast! Sonic defense is effective, affordable and it won't kill anybody.

Mechafinch Personal : I think that if only a couple shots were fired, either by your defenders or the navy, they’d scatter rather quickly

The Complainer : Sir they are throwing rocks and molotovs at the ship, should we retaliate? *Yes, grab my squirt gun* I mean your doing a good job at protecting the animals but the only issue is that if they got on the ship Rip animals

magnumxlpi : They're trying to kill us.. what should we do?? Let's make them slightly damp

Joseph Hess : Hoses? Why not a 0.50 cal minigun mounted on a heli?

Jarno Saarinen : You better get some real protection, because now everyone knows you's are sitting ducks and have zero defence!

Nathan Eaton-Benterud : How dare they even attempt to attack thes conservationists

Jack Chapman : They are dashing rocks at you and you respond with a super soaker ffs.

Prep Has Fallen : Bro your hose has less range than them throwing their rocks. Time to upgrade.

Nisshin Maru : What do you expect with a bunch of hippies on a boat?

Charles Stewart : Y'all a bunch of pacifist. You need some 50 Cal.

Mark Medina : It's ironic you poorly defended your lives with a firehose only to see your attackers light your ship on fire. Next time use bullets.


Charles Pyatt : Next Video;.... Ship sunk by Poachers 🔥☠️🔥

Zpad : they already damaged the boat, I would just ram them. Wooden or thin metal wont stand a chance against something of that mass.

Alexander Frye : I don't really care for the Sea Shepard, but y'all need better projectiles. The best non-lethal defense measures y'all are going to find are Sling shots and ball bearings...

joe b : You repelled the attack and secured the ship? With what? Water? Morons.

hez bollah : In SOuth Africa, Rhino poachers are shot dead, rarely do the poachers get taken alive.... minimum sentences of 15 years, no parole.

Chase Memmott : Your going to be in trouble eventually when the poachers start poaching you with real weapons ! Get some guns on board!!!

ben nichols : Well when you act like pirates you get what you deserve.

Orlagh Claffey : You guys risked so much. You do such good work to Wright the wrongs in the protection of the world. Keep fighting the good fight(with paintball guns) 👍

Scott Kowalczyk : Fishermen are like bees ... If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone

Jordan Little : Should have made sharp turns like they do to the somalis

Riv & Reb : "Our defenses held strong, I was on the hose team" The sea shepherd hasn't been the same since Stan Marsh left.... I love what you guys do, but you should at least meet the same level of force that's being used against you. You've got a big boat with a good solid platform, why not mount some trebuchet's and throw rocks back?

Jake Russell : Defenses didn’t work all that great, u called for back up.

Zeyphrenn : Isnt a French ONG ? OR internationals ? Should get Airsoft guns !

selphie : A man threw a large rock at me once. It broke my left arm, and I shot him DEAD with my right arm.

wesp202 : Fyi hook your hoses up to the septic tank next time...dont underestimate the power of poo

zohaib : U ay got one gun onboard ur big ship run em over geez !!!

Dieketseng Bolofo : Oh my word, what’s wrong with people in this world!! These poachers need their asses whipped. Glad you guys are safe. That’s scary. May God protect you.

Jeff H : Run them over. Enough defense. Time for action.

LeoPers : Those water pistols aren’t really quite what I call a decent Defence

Depressed Egg : You guys should get a concentrated water minigun lol

Train Gender : They do have pepper spray hoses, that could work

Virginia Lover Productions : If the US Navy were dealing with them, they wouldn't spray water... they blow the heck out of them

LJMTexas : Just wait until they show up with guns. You all are screwed.

Sky ThèFarmer : Such a vessel should be allowed to carry guns for it's defense

Johnny Chingas : They need a couple m4's on board the ship.

724bigal : Bigger hose! Or a turret with HP nozzle like a fire truck!

J : If I'm correct the sea shepherd is chasing these fishermen so its self-defense not attacking them.

Mark Reagan Mark : You should have spray them with boiled water..