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cookie monster : Yall need paintball guns.

hez bollah : In SOuth Africa, Rhino poachers are shot dead, rarely do the poachers get taken alive.... minimum sentences of 15 years, no parole.

Stuart Hayward : You guys need better defenses than a water hose, that could have gotten much worse real fast! Sonic defense is effective, affordable and it won't kill anybody.

Isis Roy : As a Mexican I know some Mexican can be ruthless, but the majority of us are very thankful for what you guys are doing. Muchas gracias, muy orgullosa de mis paisanos participando en Esta operacion.

Beethoven1981 : Use paintball guns and fill those paintballs with butyric acid. That would be a good non-lethal option.

Jeff H : Run them over. Enough defense. Time for action.

Z D : Thank you for your work

aquasight 101 : Interesting tactic that the fishermen are calling Sea Shepherd "invaders". That's such a lame distortion of the truth. It's the same distortion dictators use to hide their crimes from their subjects. These fishers are not heroes fighting invaders. They are criminals eradicating species from the planet. Sea Shepherd and the crew of Farley Mowat are the true heroes!

D.O HMO : Sigan adelante.... keep going... Estamos orgullosos de ustedes. We are proud of you. Dont stop. Desde Sonora México un gran abrazo. Blessings.

c dawg : You can bet those poachers could care less about the oceans ...They need to visit Davey Jones locker.

Oskar Jansson : Sea sheperd should have bulletproff glass and a LRAD onboard

Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography : Poachers will not win Sea Shepherd we will not let them we will not stop until every net is destroyed.

Liam Reid : Great Job, Keep it up, the poachers are angry because what you are doing is working! 👍

Jennifer Müller : Don't give up! You're doing an excellent job!

Muzza Moose : Got room for me? Happy to meet the poachers and gut them alive .Please im serious, they are scum.

stef B : Don't give up

One Day Builds : Greetings from Germany.Thanks for your Engagement.

Long Forgotten : The Navy did end up firing shots that pushed the poachers away.

Douglas White : Sad to say but at some point the Sea Shepard team could face a worse attack. I think groups that are doing illegal fishing are ramping up to deadly actions. I have followed the Sea Shepard group since the beginning and I have seen a steady increase in the hostile tactics from the people they are fighting. It is only a mater of time.

Pigeon Floof Lord : I do hope the whole crew is alright. My best wishes go out to you guys, keep up the good fight, don't let these degenerate poachers bring you down. We all believe in Sea Shephard and the crew of the proud MV Farley Mowat.

Raheel Pervaiz : Large rocks and Molotov someone can die you can't carry on like this

jord bass : Keep up the great work!! Hope all is okay

Long Forgotten : Stay safe everybody! Great work

Matt Webster : When the poachers have killed everything they are hunting" then what's next ? Turning a blind eye isn't the answer. Once those mammals are hunted to extinction" you cannot bring it back. Also it's something that's taken away from your children and their children and so on. We should look after our planet as we are only here for a short time. Think of the future and not just today.

123456789 # : The navy was ordered to shoot in the air and in the water.

Murray Hoeppner : F*%K The Poachers. They are choking and poisoning the Oceans. They have no right to be humans. WORTHLESS PIECES OF FLESH. DIE AND ROT!


GWYN EVANS : Hi Sea Shepard, Thank you for helping the Whales and life of the sea. Some people don't look at animals any other way than a mobile takeaway. Their culture is one of unnecessary killing, while ours is a culture of necessary love. What is this world without compassion and love. Thank you for saving lives. :)

Big eye Tuna : The Dodgers should send some scouts Down there

GDchassis : should hire armed security

thewoodshed : Seems like someone needs to be armed on that vessel.

Ronald Mead : need to defend your self with something besides a fire hose

David Soltai : Need more sea shepherds and less banditos

Vw lover : I have more pressure with my garden hose. How was this supposed to stop them?

JB deCABOURG : 180° use your back wave ;-) make arc to force to cut there runs and rollover your big wave


rideordieguy rideordieguy : Point a part of the world out on the map and humans will find a way to war on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAD

Glowing Alpine : Use that 5000 ton boat to make massive wake and swamp those little boats. Do some figure eights and sink em.

Shaun Sim : Time to fit a flamethrower on the bow

Kirsten Carlton : What mongrels good luck with all your future endeavors

Melanie Kotze : Sea Shepherd please those rocks can kill Please be careful Thank you so much for caring Poachers will never win!

Christina Warrington : More evidence that money (hence greed), is the root of all evil. Everyone of you is a hero. Many say " who cares about that little fish". You ARE heros. So thankful for you.

Ticky Tacky : Treat them no different than Somali pirates. They want to harm you.

Marie Shines : Bloody low life poachers. You have the right to defend yourselves Sea Shepard Rocks and will never be defeated!! NEVER The only thing is s get different guys to man the hoses as their aim was shocking!!!

Lunkis : Why didnt The army help? You guys are Amazing ❤️

Paul Kersey : God bless and protect the brave eco warriors of Sea Shepherd.

Pandacat 666 : deserve the damage., how dare you to spray water on those poor poachers? meeeh just kidding. give them hell!

Cross Snep : I'd just run them all over and go whoops

darekbrozyna : Keep up the good job lads!

indigoblue4me : 🐬✌💕