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On Ebay: https://ebay.to/2wajJDi On Amazon: https://amzn.to/2vWkf8J Do you like Pac-Man? Do you like Galaxians? Do you like things that fit in the palm of your hand? Would you like tiny wee arcade cabinets that encompass all those things? Well you're probably going to want some of these things, then.


Catpirate : These fit well in my collection of tiny things. Gameboy Micro, Mini PlayStation, Micropenis, and now this.

gamers in a container : I saw a video of someone taking these apart. These actually have all 4 games on one chip so you can very easily add a selector switch and have all the games on one device.

1973Washu : I think novelty keychains get a lower tax (or tariff) rate than electronic games get. That is why they bung a keychain onto it.

Arrowdodger : This is really tempting for use as a prop with some of my action figures.

Blake Vande : Ashens dont forget About your up coming Dolmio day you said You were going to eat pasta sauce until you puke

Daruny Beoulve : I would buy one remove the stickers and put a Polybius sticker on it.

Grouchy Dude : Saw a bunch of these at my local Wal-Mart for $12. Passed it up, but after seeing the marquee light up in Galaxian, I may have to pick this up!

Spencer-Daniel 『At DOOM's Gate』 : These are awesome. I do remember watching a video where there was a guy who was actually explaining that there was more than one game programmed onto the boards of each of these tiny arcade machines, and that by messing a bit with it, you could play different games on them! The wonders of technology.

「#1 Schemer」 : But does it also come with tiny quarters for you to put in it?

Obscur the Bird : I'd buy a Tiny Brown Couch and place it at my work desk. Please. I need it.

GmodPlusWoW : If you went back in time 38 years and showed this to an arcade goer, it would probably blow their minds. And you'd both probably be silenced by some sort of Time Agency for the sake of preserving the space-time continuum. Assuming of course that there's only one timeline that can constantly be rewritten. Though frankly I'd subscribe to the theory of constantly branching timelines, wherein the mere act of going back in time is enough to split the timeline in twain, creating a branch where your arrival and existence at that point in time causes events to unfold differently to the timeline you started out in.

Catpirate : I bought one of these for my dad. Being someone who grew up with arcade machines, seeing one so small it could fit in his hand blew his mind.

Lucien Hicks : But how will I ever play The Simpsons or Turtles in Time on such a small- -wait wait we make really big ones with multiple screens and shit! We're gonna be rich boys

Keith Fulkerson : On these, I think you can access more games by messing with some jumpers on the board.

Pádraig Floyd : The lack of sound control surely gives it an authentic feel. You could always hear Pac Man above everything else in an arcade. Man, I loved Galaxian. That was my favourite for an awfully long time and seemed a big step forward from Space Invaders. It wasn't, but we were easily fooled back then by trinkets...

sirkowski : Has someone hacked Doom on this yet?

MDP_Toaster : I wonder if Ashens will store these in the oven with his Arcade Board he and Dan nearly preheated.

TAG Media : I learned about the Puck Man tidbit from Scott Pilgrim.

Jason : Need to send one to Big Clive for reverse engineering. Then he change out the colors on the top glass and adjust the sound.

AroundIndiana : As tacky as it may be it's actually kind of cool

megarollX Rgm Broadcasting : Looks like the pac man I played on my flip phone in 2009

Daniel Gehring : The funny part is, I know a guy who works as night security and his key ring is easily big enough to comfortably fit this and like a dozen more machines... but he would be the first to tell you not to do it because the dozens and dozens of keys it's sharing space with would crush the poor thing. Personally I'd hang it somewhere in my car, something that passengers can amuse themselves with when they're bored of talking or whatever.

Catpirate : Because they're not emulation, does that mean you can technically get a world record on them? Please confirm!

DanCats : Talking about the whole Pac Man name change thing immediately made me think of Scott Pilgrim. I'm curious if that's just me.

ThePlasmaPro : Wait, this was produced by SI? Since when have measurement systems produced small arcade machines?

ampedwales : Those are very cool little novelties! Having seen Blanka, could you do a video on GI Joe Street Fighter figures, and the Mortal Kombat ones too, please?

《 Cyberghoul 》 : Well, my eyes are now destroyed. Thank you, Ashens.

Rugalheid Bernstein : I like to think that these things inspired SNK to create the Neo Geo Mini.

chicken livers : Ashen is doctor

Kekyoin : Perfect for a gerbil

Dom Maurice : That peeling bit of skin on your thumb is driving me nuts.

Ad Lockhorst : 07:58 the four pads on the circuit board, A B C and D, determine which game the thing lets you play. Clearly C is Galaxian. It's quite easy to desolder one and solder another link to switch games. In the original Pacman arcade machine reaching level 256 causes the game to glitch ..... so 😆 Ashens really has to play this mini version to level 256 for the sake of this review.

Dismas : That puc man knowledge must get you all the girls on a party ;)

VWestlife : Looks like the collision detection is rather lacking -- at 3:45 and 4:12 Pac-Man clearly goes _underneath_ one of the ghosts and both of them emerge unscathed!

onedeadsaint : I just realized you have 1.3 Million subs! wow!

Patrick O'Grady : Ashens dont forget About your up coming Dolmio day you said You were going to eat pasta sauce until you puke

Bob Hickman : BTW: All 4 games are in each machine, the game is actually determined by the solder link across A,B,C, or D. I have the space invaders one and added a 4-way switch so that I can play all 4 games.

Darrin S : Galaga is coming out next month or October along with another one i can't remember the name of..

Doctor Butler : Why Galaxian and not Galaga??

DanRC : If you have any pet mice, stick these in their cage. It'll entertain them (and you) for ages, until it gets covered in poop.

YamiGekusu : 1980 May 22- Original (initial) Japanese release date of Pac-Man

Armando Dy : Stuart, there's 2 versions of these at Wal-Mart. Some are bigger, maybe twice the size. Seen Galaga recently. Great video. 👍😉👌

Avi • : Id love to replace the lcd and put a raspberry pi on there. Also a volume switch. Be awsome i think. Also i love galaxian

Sebman : it's so 4k that I can see the little bit of flesh sticking out of Ashens's cuticule

bendubu : Everything MUST have a keyring attachment!!! My dog hates his ✌🏼

Robert : £20? Seen these at Walmart for $10.99 Also seen dig dug

JDMWeeb86 : But does the Pac Man machine have the Map 256 glitch?

Maruko Chan 99 : all we need now is a space harrier one

Reece Bar : Yea, I'd rather just play it on my phone for free.....