How Japan uses English
How Japan uses English

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Some insights into how Japan uses English - e.g. can you really make a Japanese word by just adding a vowel onto an English one? Actually yeah, you sometimes kinda can.


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La Volpe : I'd like to take a second to recommend doing passes over your work to clean up aspects like ensuring paths are trimmed all the way (6:52) and assets are entirely masked before cutting them off your timeline (4:15). It also appears as though you sometimes scale up shape pre-comps at times which blurs 'em when scaled, through your use of center framing is top. You evidently have the ability and understanding to create fantastic videos, you just gotta watch out for the small things. This was interesting and well written however, I'm excited to see you grow!

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Sam Gamgee : If 'up' is ''appu' than what is the Japanese word for APP?

Josh : Great video, but dear god who trains firemaking like that? Just go in one direction.

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CaseKat : Imagine a world where the United states and Japan used the same language that mixed both of theirs together! How fun!

The Awesomer : Personal favorite: Baniraaisukurīmu

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אבשלום אלוני : 3D printing was not invented in Japan.

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Setsuna Kubota : WARIO は 悪い(bad) + 男 (man) というイメージもありますね(´▽`) 英訳できなくてすみません!

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sanpoeigo : I live in Japan and this video is the best articulation of some of the frustrations I've had with regards to my Japanese learning. I'm almost in agreement with the old man! So many times I ask something like, "How do you say "please clarify" in Japanese?", and the answer I get is 「クラリファイしてください」(kurarifai shite kudasai).

TheCrusaderRabbits : The sanskrit is wrong. It reads sarapis.