Eminem Stephen Colbert Interview Only In Monroe 2015

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Specimen Airsoft : on 0.5 speed, this literally sounds like a conversation with a stoner.

SpikeShroom : I love how absolutely boring-looking this is. Like a '90s talk show or something.

1000 vids no subs challenge : Had no idea em was this good of an actor

Be tty : Who's here after Kamikaze ?

Jonathan Gomez : "You got such a cute face, why hide it" "oh thanks" the way he replied 😂😂

Isha Chaudhari : Am I the only one who was laughing through this whole interview 😂 this was hilarious

Bryan Marshall : street like Will Smith. I died

Lakro03 : I love how Em wants to laugh all the time in this interview xD

Back2the80s : i like it how Eminem is straight up serious through this whole video. some one needs to get that man some laughing gas

Patrick Sjöberg : Em: "Your going really fast" Colbert: "I thought you were a rapper? Are you a slow talking rapper?" Hahahhahaha sick burn.

Zain Chawdry : "So you know who I am!" "Yeah!" "Can i perform now?" "Nah we don't have time"

Royal Royce : "I'm really confused" ahaha, me too

Dappy : i hope everyone realizes this is satirical

Maddix Hung : I knew I recognised the guy in the hood. He's the guy who performed with Elton John at the Grammy's.  Of course.

Arden Maximoff : Why does 43yr Eminem look like he just turned 25?

Jeffrey Beauchemin : "Jun 23, 2017 - Eminem's net worth is $190 millions" Sorta does pay the rent !!! LOL

SPiCY GUY : "youve got such a cute face" 😄😄

Juan J. Dueñas : "I've put out quite a few albums." "I'm sure that feels good." "It does?"

DJ SOULCHILD : Shout out to all you dummies in the comments who actually believe this is real... 🙄🙈

Bea Plummer : The genius of Colbert has always been that he keep people guessing if he is serious or joking and constantly walks that fine line. It's his signature comedy style.

Christopher Ziadi : 42!!!!! Damn he is still HOT

Jacob Grace : HAHA!!! Colbert absolutely kills this

Money : Eminem is trying so hard not to laugh. Don't forget the stint he did with Bruno at the MTV awards, where he acted angry & stormed out. That was all staged

ClayTheKilla : Em is trying so hard not to laugh throughout this 😂

LilBlu3Z : The amount of times Eminem got interrupted 😂😂😂

Thomas H-Key : "Pitbull's first name might actually be 'feat.'" is brilliant! HA!

Our Planet : How have I not seen this until now😂

chadae lynn : when those cats popped up on the screen and the phenomenal song started playing...I lost it 😂

tyresha ingram : Wow, he looks like Rabbit from 8 mile.

John O'Neill : I'm so glad that Marshall finally found fame and success!

lovelettertypewriter _ : This is the greatest interview ever.

CALMGAMESHOW : this is so awkward

Joonatan Kuula : I know Colbert is guy who is hard to read and quite a troll imo, but after watching this interview a couple of times i still can't tell if Marshall is in on this joke here or did Colbert just want make Marshall uneasy here :D

Luke Ali : 'Take the hoody off you've got such a cute face, show it off, that's your money maker. my mistake, put the hoody back on' of course the whole things a big joke. just like the award ceremony when that guy swings on a cable and lands on Eminem's face, I think Eminem got a dose of cock lol

\ \ : theyre both great actors lol

MURICA MF : I wonder how the old Eminem would react hahaha

dattebayo155 : not sure what to do here... it's quite frightening...

BrannRay : Marshall Mathers seems like a cool guy. Wonder if he ever with realized his initials being MM, that's he could do a cool play off with them like M&M... He'd have to spell it differently though. Eh, chances are he'll never make it. Good thing he can fall back on carpentry.

Jacob Roberts : Will Smith is a rapper???

JayCam86 : Instructor: " Thank you all for coming here to our Stress Management class. How did you find out about us?" Student: "Eminem told me!"

Crack Yo : "That's such a cute face" "aww thanks" I'm actually crying

HAUL Hip Hop : This is the weirdest shit I've ever seen

frauleinmona : Awww! I wanted Eminem to perform!!

Subliminal Flash Alpha waves : I want him to interview Em again for kamikaze

Manu Forster : "Is this a career? Or more like a hobby?"

Pedro Scoot : Street like Will Smith 😂this still cracks me tf up

Nick Link : colbert is a genius. seriously. nobody appreciates how intelligent comedians are.

Teha K : i wonder why he agreed to do this interview 😂

Alexi Lopez : yo imagine eminem on the eric andre show ..

LilBlu3Z : 19:17 when you've held your hand up to long because your teacher keeps ignoring you 😂