Eminem Stephen Colbert Interview Only In Monroe 2015

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Montana Brown : https://youtu.be/xq8MGRo7Nck

Specimen Airsoft : on 0.5 speed, this literally sounds like a conversation with a stoner.

Be tty : Who's here after Kamikaze ?

SpikeShroom : I love how absolutely boring-looking this is. Like a '90s talk show or something.

Arden Maximoff : Why does 43yr Eminem look like he just turned 25?

Kivia Ribeiro : Stephen: "Give a message for the rappers out there who are dropping that kind of language... and say... you don't have to do it..." Em: "You don't have to do it, watch your fucking mouths." OMG I LOVE THIS MAN LMFAO this whole interview cracks me up 😂

Jonathan Gomez : "You got such a cute face, why hide it" "oh thanks" the way he replied 😂😂

Bryan Marshall : street like Will Smith. I died

Shayla S : Do you guys ever rewatch old Eminem interviews cuz you miss him? Me too.

frauleinmona : Awww! I wanted Eminem to perform!!

Jeffrey Beauchemin : "Jun 23, 2017 - Eminem's net worth is $190 millions" Sorta does pay the rent !!! LOL

sixstringsher : Gee he's trying to pull a straight face the whole the time and it's soooo cute hahaha

Chaldo1000 : Lmao at the end "can I perform now?" "No we don't have time" 😂😂😂

TheAvenger321 : eminem lookin like a watchdog hacker

sooph1e : How in the world can so many people be immune to sarcasm?! Not only do they lack in clues, but they're apparently unable to acquire any, even when handed on a silver platter in a more than generous portion.. That skit was BRILLIANT!!

SPiCY GUY : "youve got such a cute face" 😄😄

Brooklyn : Stephen Colbert actin like he dont know who he is

Craw : you are sadly mistaken........................hoodie i laughed so hard x''D

Isha Chaudhari : Am I the only one who was laughing through this whole interview 😂 this was hilarious

Lakro03 : I love how Em wants to laugh all the time in this interview xD

Max Huamán : "Pitbull's first name is feat" LOL

Back2the80s : i like it how Eminem is straight up serious through this whole video. some one needs to get that man some laughing gas

Maddix Hung : I knew I recognised the guy in the hood. He's the guy who performed with Elton John at the Grammy's.  Of course.

Dappy : i hope everyone realizes this is satirical

Royal Royce : "I'm really confused" ahaha, me too

John Marshall : This is brilliant. Everything about it is golden.

Patrick Sjöberg : Em: "Your going really fast" Colbert: "I thought you were a rapper? Are you a slow talking rapper?" Hahahhahaha sick burn.

Big Boss : "So you know who I am!" "Yeah!" "Can i perform now?" "Nah we don't have time"

Spookish : watch someone walk into walmart only to see Marshall as their greeter

Jacob Grace : HAHA!!! Colbert absolutely kills this

Money : Eminem is trying so hard not to laugh. Don't forget the stint he did with Bruno at the MTV awards, where he acted angry & stormed out. That was all staged

ClayTheKilla : Em is trying so hard not to laugh throughout this 😂

CALM : this is so awkward

Christopher Ziadi : 42!!!!! Damn he is still HOT

Joonatan Kuula : I know Colbert is guy who is hard to read and quite a troll imo, but after watching this interview a couple of times i still can't tell if Marshall is in on this joke here or did Colbert just want make Marshall uneasy here :D

Our Planet : How have I not seen this until now😂

Jay Harter : The guy is 42 years old and does not know how to sit in chair correctly. Insane!

John O'Neill : I'm so glad that Marshall finally found fame and success!

Weld4 Life : they dont have time for him to perform but they go through the monroe community calendar lol

lovelettertypewriter _ : This is the greatest interview ever.

BrannRay : Marshall Mathers seems like a cool guy. Wonder if he ever with realized his initials being MM, that's he could do a cool play off with them like M&M... He'd have to spell it differently though. Eh, chances are he'll never make it. Good thing he can fall back on carpentry.

Crack Yo : "That's such a cute face" "aww thanks" I'm actually crying

1000 vids no subscribers : Had no idea em was this good of an actor

LilBlu3Z : 19:17 when you've held your hand up to long because your teacher keeps ignoring you 😂

Grace P : He's so fine augh 😂😋😍

tyresha ingram : Wow, he looks like Rabbit from 8 mile.

Tired of being stared at : Anyone else here just to find out the upcoming events in Monroe? Sounds like an amaze balls place to be

Fluffy : Are you about to go? ...fWhat? ARE WE ABOUT TO GO? i laughed so hard 😂😂😂

Luke Ali : 'Take the hoody off you've got such a cute face, show it off, that's your money maker. my mistake, put the hoody back on' of course the whole things a big joke. just like the award ceremony when that guy swings on a cable and lands on Eminem's face, I think Eminem got a dose of cock lol

Juan J. Dueñas : "I've put out quite a few albums." "I'm sure that feels good." "It does?"