Bohemian Rhapsody on the Ukulele (Jake Shimabukuro)

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Jake Shimabukuro strums Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Check out more of Jake's music: (UK music) A sensational performance from TED2010 -- it'll send shivers down your spine.

Comments from Youtube

New Facade : I am overwhelmed and inspired to take up the ukulele while undergoing my cancer treatment to keeep mme positive. Thanks Jake.

Michel Collignon : If anyone could play ANY string related instrument like you, the world would be a happier place. Brilliant performance. I wish I could play like 25% of your capabilities

Cheuk Ning Ho : I can feel his love with his ukulele. That's why the performance is so amazing.

Alexandra Ryan : I just attempted to play Bohemian Rhapsody on my uke, failed miserably, and then took to YouTube to find a successful version of what I so wrongfully butchered. I’m not disappointed in the slightest, this is immaculate. 💫

Mark Keaveney : god bless his girlfriend

Cactorii Moon : This makes me wanna learn this song even more but I'm really bad at uke. I can only play 2 songs lol Edit: 1 month ago I could only play 2 songs. Now I can play 7.

Bo Rihenna : Holy shit I wanna do that

DMC013 : Excellent rendition of a great song. I especially like how the lyrical melody is interwoven into the original music rhythm. Definitely impressive to say the least.

Koolio Manbeast : Why would anyone dislike this

Some1 : Honestly my favorite song

Kelly : Ukulele cured my depression

Pri Shy : Why did it make me cry?

Patricia Taplin : Very talented, beautiful.

John Robby De Leon : tabs please

Rachel Overgaard : I went on a field trip at school to see him perform

Bambang Soendaroe : Simple instrument in the hand of the master......can do impossible job

Chuck Coty : Eleven years have passed since I first ran across your 2005 "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". This is every bit as brilliant! You are absolutely incredible, Jake! Thanks for making the world better. :)

Ajit Nayar : 15 insecure brass horn players. Lovely work Jake

TwiliHylian : I didn't even know this was possible

irfan. : Technically the underdog of all instruments is the bass, the french horn and the oboe.

Oregon Smitty : Er, "Queen's???!!!"

Deanna Ray : I think I just died...

Only Santos : 14 people don't realize he's only using four strings.

Only Santos : 4:42 I exploded... (Boom!!) oops!

Paul Durand : I have destroyed the "play" button! Wonderful song + very good musician = Happy ears ^^

Rene Ramirez : i wanna learn ukelele specificaly to learn this song e.e

Laney Cerise : Wow! Love your mad skills. Keep it up!

mr(ss)pectator : WOW!

Rodrigo Salazar : I think its a concert uke

xivonira : Satan made 13 accounts.

Daryl Ariawan : Tenor uke

Anne Cleary : Just found out about Jake through the London Acoustic Guitar Show. Listen and be amazed!!! Never thought the Uke could sound SO good!

therhythmatic : I'm just trying to figure out who gives this a thumbs down?

brienneofthrace : What kind of uke is he using?

connor43what : just started its slow i wonder how much this man will party on stage

Charbok001 : Ukulele level: Asian

Classically Mish : Best song ever. Long live Freddie Mercury!

Elizabeth Clarke : absolutely lovely, incredible, a little bit of crush now...will have to add back onto my bucket list learning the ukulele.

Fem Chick : about 70 percent of this video it looks like he is pushing out a shit


lschonblom : Bwahahahahahah!

Jamie Lynn : I knew this was TED. Regardless, Jake Shimabukuro is amazing!

Ajay Arayata : dope

MORGATH99 : asian level love the cover btw

Themarkchronicles : Queen couldn't even do this live!!!! :O

Michael Joe Deal : speechles :o

matt murphy : whatever.

sonia094 : This made me happy. :) Bless this man.

Kryssi Hollie : Gorgeous. 3