Shawshank Redemption, in the style of POKéMON!

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dannymusic : I like how during the record player scene, the right song (Canzonetta Sull'aria from The Marriage of Figaro) is playing at first, but then when Andy puts the record on, it's the goddamn bike theme XD

Puricinu : This truly is a masterpiece. Both the video and the movie!

Jack DX : Nice animation

The_shiny_wartortle _89 : Great movie reference of Shawshank Redemption in style of pokemon and Keep this Great work going

hamstrman : "The moved failed?"

Powerpunk Gamer : Well, this is pretty accurate to the film! Really good job with this!

Dominic Perez : This is great!

Shiba InuTheDoge : Bendy and the ink machine In the style of Pokemon????? Nice Video lol Enjoyed You Used 8 bit YODEL KID MUSIC for a little bit

Storied Worlds : This is a masterpiece. Well done.

Godofgaminguyz : Who needs the real movie This is better

Jonathan Kennedy : Who can be next? The matrix? Titanic? Toy story? Fast & furious? Forest gump? The wizard of oz? (Too many movies! 😵 can’t explain them all!)

Flare : My English class at school JUST finished a unit on this movie. And now THIS is a thing. What.

Dark Lord Cthulhu and Friends : Lavender town music? EPIC!

Razorang : 0:54 LOL

Justin Hill : Great job! Another movie that I think would translate well into the style of Pokemon would be the entire Back to the Future Trilogy.

danwashere : I loved this! PLEASE do more movies!

Space_Duck147 : Memes in the style of Pokémon (doesn’t matter if it’s dead like Woah, or alive like Ugandan Knuckles)

The guy who talks about Splatoon and nothing else : I JUST started to read this at school... Are you spying on me? Who do you work for?

nessyboyok earthbound : Not gonna lie,that was beautiful

Dat Sword : This is so emotional at the end! :'-)

Eldagusto : My god that was brilliant, you even did a spoiler warning on such an old movie. Real Classy.

Ghostly Systematic : The part where red ask to leave is not how it really happens (Spoiler its the other way around, he didnt care to leave.)

J Lee : Holy crap! I remember this movie. I didn't think anyone would actually make this in the style of Pokemon. Your creativity is simply amazing at this!!!

The Animated Guy : This was amazing! I especially loved the Thomas Newman score done in Gameboy style :D You should do Forrest Gump next!

Zach Ruminer : My favorite movie, in the style of Pokemon... This gets me busy living.

Knight of Arkronia : 1:44 Knowing who Bogs is, he probably wants more than a battle...

Amy Carter : Yeah, I remember this movie; haven't seen it in years though, lol

Kleavers : Where do you come with this stuff lol :D

coffeetablesex : this was very enjoyable. please make more of these. :)

Ale : How much time does it get to do an animation? Also hi one of my sempais

Said Fayad : What did the Slowpoke do wrong?

Nintendo plush Stories : #Potatoe chip lives matter

MarioMasterK : Can we have The Escapists Pokemon Style, but with POKEMON for people? Love your work!

David Shockley : nice

Elaine Winter : Wow great job ! I remember this movie, it was great :D Who would have guessed to ever see it in Pokémon style? This is very well made, as usual :)

OldDavidBr : Great Work!

only257 : Awesome🤖

gameboi gal : classic masterpiece

Philipp A. : Great Cover from the Original Soundtrack!

Glentrog750 : Good job on this!

Ev'ixyn : These are animated so well :D

NotABot55 : That certain thing in the style of Pokemon... ...just Mimikyu...

devbyrd1 : Now I got to see the movie

Totomeister : You can't upload the whole movie and get away with it. What if you get copyrightstriked?

Jakub H : Baldi's basics in style of Pokemon

Disposable_Hero : OK so no Brook's uses escape rope :(

Zwyrx Hgqfyggz : I didn't know this movie existed, so spoil me all you want.

UXXV : Wow. I am in love with this. Well done. My fave film too!

คาร์ล จอห์นสัน : next video bully style pokemon

Nicholas Crawford : Do Minecraft in the style of pokemom