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carrie lorentz : You people are all so mean and negative. There are alot of worse tings this little boy could be doing, at least he has found something he likes to do and has used to entertain others and to follow his dreams whatever they my be even if it's just to be able to have some fun on you tube. For all you know he doesn't even have his own computer at home. He is no different than any entertainer, singer etc. He is pleasing his audience and in doing so finding happiness and building self confidence.

Em Jay : better music video than the original

shelby foister : I have to admit... this is pretty great. The ability to get in front of people and not be shy is a rare tool. Use it for good. I hope Justin Beiber isn't your role model.

SundanceTree17 : Love this video the backroom people are funny. Love the fact this kid is so confident. Kudos kid.


Stephen Palmer : LMAO most awesome kid in history!

Erika Rodela : Why can't I view this video!? This one is my favourite!

feliperox07 : 9gag brought me here

TheJnick22 : Skip to 2:15 for the hilarious summing up of this video. (@sarah plz)

HentaiSweetie : LMAO @ background people.

skunkFU25 : 2:18

shortfuse5 : Yo why do people keep looking at the monitor? Are you playing the music video to the songs? These videos are awesome!!

Jedidiah Rajbhushan : I wish I could live life like this kid! balls of steel lol

Amber Pacheco-Parry : I...thought he was kinda adorable. Maybe I'm old and think when kids do cute things...it's..kids doing cute things.

Titty Bwoi : Not true, I have never done this and none of my friends have either.

Jack A : Inferring that this is the only dumbshit thing people of this generation do.

Titty Bwoi : I don't really see how 1 video of a kid dancing in public makes a whole generation of people bad.

Jack A : I know, and I was saying that it was more proof as to why your generation sucks.

Titty Bwoi : I was making fun of you

Jack A : More proof.

Anzuo : why anyone gives a shit about anything is beyond me

Titty Bwoi : le worst genurashun ever i wish i waz a nindies kid

Max Power : Haha

isobel64 : that's 95% of youtube videos, the fuck is your point

isobel64 : who gives a shit

isobel64 : and you're a grade A faggot

Tk James : Lol as if no other generation didn't act silly when they were younger at one point or another. How did we grow up to be snobs?

Max Power : This kid wallows in the attention from the people around him. This is a Grade A attention whore.

shyko95 : Either you're kidding or just easily impressed. I still thinks it's good that he did something without caring what other people thought (although he did record it...), but that fact I sad earlier, and the new fact that this song is bland, unoriginal, and personally not the best "art" to show to people when they're at their most expressive period of their life; showcases that this kid probably doesn't know what good music is, how to do dance with talent.

Anzuo : change the song to the beatles and I'll get on the bandwagon

StSmork : Mesmerized? No, not all all. More like scarred, or depressed with how the new generation is doing.

StSmork : Half the words are the exact same thing and the moron kid still had to keep looking at the screen.

MalKain : tonight may be a good night but you still have to be in bed at 10 mister

wafflesandslagroom : All the people behind him, just mesmerized.

Jack A : Worst. Generation. Ever.

southparkzoneguy : cause 2:19

JCRFT : 2:21

shyko95 : I don't get why this has so many views. there's not a lot of talent and thought needed to do this, guts; yeah, but thought; no.

Matt Quinn : This kid is awesome, and this video is just hilarious. I love it.

hexsplows : haha this kids tight

Panda3692 : One of the young pillars of the generation that doesn't give a FUCK. He's just having fun. Kid is a honey badger.

TheGLaDOSvideoCore : He had already lost faith in humanity long before the video. There wasn't even a child in the baby carriage.

Alex Z : 3:44 i thought the guy was about to kick him in the back hahah

Lucid : OMG old grandma!

FanOfTheDoraemons : This guy is in the zone lmao

BarbieDollKush : It's a shame that a bunch of random haters came to this video. I still think it's great.

Aspensworld : Idiots are gonna idiot!

Eighty hearts : which makes you an asshole :) lol

kiteal1 : i am getting embarrassed thinking hat we are on the same planet.

Summon theminions : 3:25 that dude is still like are you still busy kid the fuck man