i gotta feeling

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carrie lorentz : You people are all so mean and negative. There are alot of worse tings this little boy could be doing, at least he has found something he likes to do and has used to entertain others and to follow his dreams whatever they my be even if it's just to be able to have some fun on you tube. For all you know he doesn't even have his own computer at home. He is no different than any entertainer, singer etc. He is pleasing his audience and in doing so finding happiness and building self confidence.

alfredomatta : nice work!!!! fron Mexico one hello big =P

Em Jay : better music video than the original

shelby foister : I have to admit... this is pretty great. The ability to get in front of people and not be shy is a rare tool. Use it for good. I hope Justin Beiber isn't your role model.

Arcade : Those people back there are like WTF ? :D

Monica Morales : HAHAA! arent you embarrassed? Haha nice Video keep it up!

ALIENSHADZ 13 : cant belive i watched all of this..how sad. by the way guy at 2:19 is a boss ! But im GOD !

Dominic Pennix : the apple store has some ugly/nerdy/sketchy people in the background...not gonna lie lol. But this kid is cool

Santi Rollán : LOL! guy in 2:20 was terrible! xD

AppBankVideo : 2:50 からだね。

1650million : Genius

Eder Marin : tienes actitud y talento hermano!!!

Big Play Ray09 : You are rare. absolutely no fear of the stage. u look like u could care less if the president had walked by. Keep doin u lil mann! all the negative comments on you doin this is from people who wish they had the balls to do what u did.

arya snark : LOL @ the guy at 2:22 hahahah Kid, you have guts.

lulubeloo : 2:18 i agree with that guy.

TheEgyptianOne : the guy in 1:34 looks like an arab terrorist that has a bomb in his bag pack lol

candysweet434 : LMFAO the dude at 2:19 is like is this really happening? you have some major balls, good job.

globalbiohazard : 4GIFs

yyah : love it!!!!!!

skunkFU25 : 2:18

Dominic Grove : Wait here in the blue walking behind him @1:06 looks like fucking Nichole337 from YouTube who sings hahahahhaa :D

Leo Martínez : ROFL!!! Grande!!!

Daniel Prieto Fontaiña : la gente e queda mirando en plan de... QUIERO SALIR!!! xDxD

Lostkiwi123 : your shirt is too big

Mattzart : your parents must be proud.

Tyler Sloan : man cbs needs to include a peice of this in thier grammy collab. just wouldnt be right if they didnt.

Tyler Sloan : how can you possibly think its a green screen, the reactions on the faces of the people are genuine enough.

Tyler Sloan : i love the smile from the girl at 2:56

marcer7 : i'm just waiting for the vid when he's singing then all the people in the background start dancing.

Danilo Pablo : Eu moro no Brasil! I'm Live In Brazil! Yo soy del Brazil!

Danilo Pablo : eu não acho, e acho muito legla ele acompanhar a música certinho!

Danilo Pablo : ele não é do Brasil! Thay no Braziliam! Ele no es del Brazil

LavendarSkies1 : 1:18 is hilarious!

brian11344 : great vid keep doin wat ur doin add a bit of lil wayne like we be steaady mobbin

Lucid : OMG old grandma!

League MV : Muito bom, very nice :) Pessoas como vc faz deste mundo muito melhor de se viver, continue assim e grato por este momento feliz :)

Simone Harrow : 3:08 Wow They Were Really Interested Lmao

Renan Becker : WTF?

rojiblanco555 : lol 2:19 - 2:26

vallejo : HAHAHAHHA!!! WTF everyones looking .. funny faces XD

Edwin Contreras : Yeah, that's why people are looking at him...

John Joseph Barsch : pretty damn original if u ask me! heheheheh love the reactions of the people behind him! LOL

Rafael Rojas Gonzalez : versus esta bueno0 el video! jajajaja

Saga lone : i really like this kid.......u have some guts ..............and all people behind is v v v funny.....the guy at 1:18 was the funniest hahaha.....

Lastof Englishroses : Il a du courage

rauf107 : "The comment no longer exists" - God damn it!

Macr888 : 3:14 the lady sees herself and is shocked lol xD People will do anything to get into the shot! A lot of them sneak into the area, and pretend to look at something interesting haha, I love this. That kids got GUTS!!!

Macr888 : look at the expression on the old ladys face at 3:09 wtf!? haha xD

a z u r e c l o u d s . : I woulda been like "WTF y'all staring at!!??" LOL

Renan Muniz : kkk GAYmista passando por traz