White people

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mikoism : THAT CLASSIC WHITE GUY SMILE lmao you are iconic for this

Hoops Studios : The subtle head nods and smiles really got me, cause I’ve done that shit lol

Mee Moo : He did the white people nod. Omfgg. When he said yeet while dancing. I love this guy so much😂😂😂

este britt : The white people smirk/smile is so good. Why do we do it?

fshonuff : “I have several black friends” lmao!!!!

kentloro : Just salt and pepper for the seasoning 🤣😆

oiat : Damn the accuracy of this even hurt my feelings lol

Archana Anand : Those white namesss😂😂😂😂

Ryan Frawley : Those looks when you’re walking by are too accurate

CARMEN Estrellas : 😭😭🤣🤣🤣the white people smile!!!😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

ChristinaQueenHeart : You got me with that chicken scene "spicy?" And held up regular pepper lmaooo 😂😂😂

Joyce : Those acting skills are so on point, bcuz you KNOW this man has moves and can legit dance his booty off!! 🕺🏻🤣😂 #TreySlay

AleahKCH : I’m confiscating your camera, sir... 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

TashGal101 : Those awkward smiles 😂😂😂 gets me everytime. Its soo awkward

Natalie Goold : This wasn't long enough!!! 😂

ChaviitO : He deserves much more attention that he’s getting! Someone make him post more regularly!

Tiara Davidson : So funny, your videos are hilarious!! That "shoot" dance though 🤣🤣

Thaakirah Arendse : OMG this is so great. I'm from South Africa and I can confirm that everything here is true lmao!

Monecia TreasureMyDream21 : Lol this was great. So bad but so funny. Love

Thats * M00nK : The head nod n smile was on point 👌🏾💯💯😂

Fola C : Salt and spicy pepper 😭😭😭😭

Shams : BAHAHHAA, salt pepper... do you want spicy or no...your crazy. All my white friends.

darian parr : im asian and im totally guilty of most of this

Casey : We LOVE TARGET. (Pronounced "Tar-je" so it sounds French)

Sybil Kistler : LOL at YEET

Blue Azure : YEET 😂😂😂

dah conan : You killed it again Trey!!!! Nice One!

Christina : The pulled shoulder thing ughh. My boyfriend said that to me on our first date, like stoppp I'm not impressed.

Gail Remudaro : You’re spoiling us Trey! First the fall video and now this. Can you do Thanksgiving and Christmas vids please?

Natalie Goold : This was fantastic!!! The nay-nay was hilarious! It looked like you were trying to wash windows 😂😂👏 I DO NOT dance like that!! (maybe, though)


Ladykyra101 : 0:26...Yes, absolutely yes! Uh Gawd, get that nearly everyday! 🤣

Ruguoser Liegise : Trey you are a national treasure. Please stay

Shonna Allen : Spicy ur crazy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Neil Perena : Really obsessed with these videos right now!! So hilarious!!! I can't 😅😅😅

jessicaaudate : The dances!

Morgan Kallman : as a white person, I can confirm I do practically all of these things

Mi Les : I love white people It’s okay to be white

Dryden Joss : I didn't realize how white I was until I saw this


Hey Kattt!!! : Marry me

Shorifa Begum : "Spicy? (Shows pepper) your crazy" that killed me hahahaha

Missy Lofton : Lol I enjoy your videos so much. You lift everyone’s spirit. I’m glad I ran across your channel. Have a great day!! 😂😂💯💯💯

Katie Bounkeovisane : Spicy or not spicy *holds up black pepper* I am wheezing lolol

duda Tasic : "Yeet" 😂😂

vanessa dieudonne : I'm a little upset, that as a black woman, I do/say more than HALF of these things hahahahahaha

Sophia Joy : The white people smile is so me. Ahhhh it hurts. But can you imagine if we did a smile with our teeth showing as we passed someone by? We'd probably look like psychos.

Hajira S. : This could also totally describe half the youtubers out there 😂

Torrey Cates : I hate this because I’m guilty of saying at least like 5 of these things 😂 you crack me up trey!

Maddi Mclaurin : The yeet and the seasoning part killed me!!!! 🤣🤣💀💀