White people

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American Fluency : Hahah, the car head nod at the end. Classic.

Ethan Sak : And they say white people don’t have culture🙄

peachichi : as a black girl, I am a white man it seems

Janusz Reguła : God, am I that lame, too?

Drew Biggah : Trevor, dillion, cody, connor, and kyle 😂🤣😂 whitest names ever

Mar G : ive never experienced a humid day where i don’t hear someone say “it’s the humidity that gets ya”

The Mighty Starbrand : Sounds about White...

megan nicole : 1:16 *literally everyone in my grade at this point*

- taylor : i love how all white people are gathering and confirming this video lmao 😂.

tonygoggles : "who's your favorite movie director?"

Hoops Studios : The subtle head nods and smiles really got me, cause I’ve done that shit lol

Tyler Brigman : all 100% accurate minus the spicy part, i know some damn insane white peeps who put fuggin ghost peppers on EVERYTHING. makes ya butthole hot.

Big Daddy Toyota Corola : is saying "yellow" when picking up the phone a white thing?

tahseenthedream : Lemme just slide past ya there pal!

who nose epic : oop: check nod as a greet: check car nod: check

Dryden Joss : I didn't realize how white I was until I saw this

Kappa ainee : *very bad representation of orange justice* *_"ahahaha yeet"_*

A Pet Named Steve : I relate to this on a spiritualy physical level

Jaydyn M : Who else isn’t white that watched this and realized they did some of these things but tried to justify it in their heads?

Peaches & Dreams : Actual footage of Andy from The Office

Colin Cassidy : story time: i was attacked on youtube

ghostdasquarian : moms got some explaining to do, she never told me i was white 😂

Regs n' Bacon : I think I want to marry you

Trent Mason : This all looks fine to me. Yes, I am very white.

Psychedelic Rock : the whitest thing about this video was being successful

Mee Moo : He did the white people nod. Omfgg. When he said yeet while dancing. I love this guy so much😂😂😂

GoldenTV3 : Haha when you develop modern civilization. #justwhitepeoplethings

Belsnickel : I feel personally attacked about the record player lol. I only like them because they’re from a time when everybody wasn’t an idiot

Blake S : The whitey first names are so funny and so perfectly true.

Sophia Moore : I've never seen something more accurate

Aqrol : “let me slide past you there pal”

hey its me : i beg you as a dancer please dont dance it is a lot to take in

Cormac Alexander : Cyber bullying isn’t a joke. I feel personally attacked

Anonymous Cookie : This seems about right....

ABC Cubing : 1:17 best part

este britt : The white people smirk/smile is so good. Why do we do it?

Mazelex : I approve this message

Victoria S. : I’m Mexican and I only related to the dancing part 😂 I’m too gangly to dance 😂😂😂

Ninjaturtle Headass : This is the white I refuse to be

Laura Appenzeller : *shawn plays* AND ANY KIND OF GIRL LIKE U DESERVES- 'love that acoustic' IM OFFENDED THAT WAS NOT ACUOSTIC

Σpsilon : The whitest thing about this video was how he was wearing shoes inside his house.

Kelly Dick : I realized I was a white stereotype when I realized how many times I've done a subtle head nod.

Zaid Syed : Dude the ones where you bump into white people are so accurate I was laughing so hard!!!

x Sav : These are so terrifyingly accurate

miagrace55 : i hate to say this but that little smile .... me

Datsun 100a : As a white person, I can confirm that this is what we do every day.

Dane Emmerich : I don’t think you realize that people this day in age get offended way to easily for this

Carmen Krompier : Your not a white American if u haven’t done one of these things

Fantazzzy : maybe thats how yankees act... yes i know this was a joke

mikoism : THAT CLASSIC WHITE GUY SMILE lmao you are iconic for this