Texting and Driving Crash caught on Camera

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빈김우 : 😂😂😂😉

union Pacific railfanning 5th : This happend

Ali : not gona lie, that scared the shit out of me wasn't expecting that

Steve Brown : Damn...you got me....the white man wins again

MrAmk37 : lmao, of course its not real

Laura Hernandez : Lol as if women driving was bad enough, lmao idiot..you were to busy about her you got distracted lol

advosuperdad : First though: "oh Karma"!


Travis Hodges : New epidemic is people using Snapchat and driving. Can't open a story without seeing someone recording themselves while driving. Crazy world we live in...

Cameron Oneil : You got what you deserved dork

Jason Rigler : Dumbass!!!

map apm : Ha ha maybe you should worry about you lol

chris mueller : Wasn't it being filmed from the passenger side?

Gman 207 : That's why there are go pros to attach them on your car instead of filming with a camera while driving also texting irreponsible people

rodrigo lopez : Maaaan if its real or not you would have to be very dumb not to get the message!!!

Cookey77 : Tom, I think you need some new material.

Oscar Herrera : This is why you mind your own business

MabeInAmerica : Back and who did I just prank?! HAHAHAHAHAHAH How is everybody?

Jose Angel : Just live and let die, and ESKETITTTT

Brandin Ellis : Omfg .......lession here is to worrie about your self ......and let others do there own shit

CeeC Vee : So what about being misogynistic, nosey and driving 🤔

David Farrar : I get the message but this man did not need to misogynistic

Two Trick Pony : Karma for the woman driver comment.

jrdnsees : LOL!!! Mind your own business!

scott watts : Is This Real Or A Skit To Show The Danger Of It.

Vicky Smith : Or in ur case VIDEOTAPING AND DRIVING!!!!! Lmao!!!!! Im glad ur ok tho!!!!! Maybe u should concentrate more on ur driving than other people cause u could've hurt urself more than u did or even killed someone all cause u wanted to catch someone driving and texting!!!!!

Melisha Siaki : That's why my kid's my wife don't record and worry bout others while driving

garret clay : One more thing don't film and drive at the same time. Apparently objects may appear in front of the car.

Winter Snowflake : Swear to god I was gona write a comment saying but your filming her and driving. Than he wrecked. Lmao. Wtf.

M Rez : why would your car crash, you were clearly the passenger filming from passenger side and someone else was driving! defaq was your driver doing while you were filming?

Kimberlyn Canuto : Damn yu are so dumb! (Larry the Cable Guy accent) Lol!!!

eric andrade : damn...i totally clicked on this without seeing who it was hahaha and I even said...sounds like him

Rob Nolan : get it? he was on his phone and crashed ...oh tom...

Alvaro Petrone : Thats why u dont film and 🚗

Jeff Polaras : Snitches get stiches...

Dee Zaweth : Funny... Looks like a shower cap that is supposed to be the airbag.

c carroll : Men drivers. 🤣

Jean Santiago : That's why you mind your business

I give up : Best instant karma

lillyandgarth : Title should say "sexist man crashes for not minding his own business" 😂

Her Majesty : LOL! That's what you get ads hole!

Cocaine Woodchuck : Fiddling with a cellphone while driving should be treated like a DUI if not worse.

Amina Be'Smilin : Wait a minute.... So you were recording (while distracted driving) someone who was texting && driving (another distracted driver) and kept insulting her.. Only to mean what exactly to us? Attempting to school us but then YOU caused an accident? 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

lisa83chavez : And who crashes the MAN who said women shouldn't drive lmfao

Ruff Ryder : Wasn't expecting that... Lol

Joel : I can’t really tell if this is Karma or not

gramerpolise : Look at her text and drive while I record and drive!

Josh The : I wonder whose recording?

Going Slap Happy : Look who is back. So many dislikes. Why

don brassco : Poetic Justice 😔👈