Texting and Driving Crash caught on Camera

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MabeInAmerica : Back and who did I just prank?! HAHAHAHAHAHAH How is everybody?


Mr. Yo Video Productions : It's faked, but the message still stands.

Echoesoftimelover : The irony in this is overwhelming. Sucks this happened to you out of all people :( Stay strong

빈김우 : 😂😂😂😉

rspkk0 : Wow, you were yelling at her for texting and driving while you were RECORDING A VIDEO while driving. You're a fucking moronic cunt

Matt Pavliscsak : “As if driving wasn’t bad enough for women” 🤣

Ali : not gona lie, that scared the shit out of me wasn't expecting that

chris mueller : Wasn't it being filmed from the passenger side?

MarcusIsI : Uncalled for sexism

Going Slap Happy : Look who is back. So many dislikes. Why

Steve Brown : Damn...you got me....the white man wins again

MrAmk37 : lmao, of course its not real

scott watts : Is This Real Or A Skit To Show The Danger Of It.

advosuperdad : First though: "oh Karma"!

Jason Rigler : Dumbass!!!

Cookey77 : Tom, I think you need some new material.

Winter Snowflake : Swear to god I was gona write a comment saying but your filming her and driving. Than he wrecked. Lmao. Wtf.

garret clay : One more thing don't film and drive at the same time. Apparently objects may appear in front of the car.

M Rez : why would your car crash, you were clearly the passenger filming from passenger side and someone else was driving! defaq was your driver doing while you were filming?

Ricardo Solis : Mind your own business.Focus on yourself.Jackass.

Travis Hodges : New epidemic is people using Snapchat and driving. Can't open a story without seeing someone recording themselves while driving. Crazy world we live in...

TeeBee Mafia : Is this real???

Cameron Oneil : You got what you deserved dork

Brandin Ellis : Omfg .......lession here is to worrie about your self ......and let others do there own shit


Akron Ohio : I just made a cop pull over yesterday because I saw him texting while driving! Got him on video and made him call his Superior. He wasn't happy with me but oh well.

Trust : Texting and driveing then again your recording the bitch hahhaha

Wise 189 : That's why you need to mind your own fucking business I wish you would have died in this accident

Cody *Gray : haaaa whos the stupidest one here... another bitch texting made you wreck hahahaha

B 143 : Have you noticed more folks driving around with their highbeams? That's why. Texting

Mr. C : Well Im not saying it's irony.

DEATH TROOPER : The only Prankster on youtube who prank his own subscribers through a video :)

Thomas h : Don't flim and drive

Roger Bryant : She Texting w/driving You Taping w/driving Texting wins!

Ricky Jared Rankin : I get the joke but was the old grandma in on it?

Jerry YT : You so dumb boi ahaha so she was using a Phone and she's was safe so what about Youtube?

Miguel Corona : Let me guess ur Asian

mex herr : You okay man?!

Art H : Recording and driving is just as dangerous!

Jorge Sanders : Karma!

black die%ice : ohh I guess not

black die%ice : do you have both hands on the wheel bro

Gt350 R : Hahahaha 🤣😂🤤

{InSuBoRdInAtE} : Using your phone to record people while driving isn't very safe either.

Jerk Jiggler : He wasn't even texting and he wrecked!!!

Aqdrian Najera : Don’t text and drive but record and drive

L.A. Ultra : Irony

Ricky Mungia : Lmfao that's what you get for worrying about somebody else you jackass mind your own business worry about you

Bernave Gasca : My hero.