Texting and Driving Crash caught on Camera

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Tea Kovac : She was texting and driving and u were filming and driving wow what a clever person😒🙄

ricardo : She was probably texting about how some guy was filming and driving

zoot boot : “as if driving wasn’t bad enough for women” okay sir i’m gonna have to stop you right there lmao

Blendeture : Who's the bigger fool? The fool, or the fool who follows them?

Brandon Shave : This is why you don't text an drive. People will get wrecked trying to film you.

TheFreePantheist : Plot twist she had auto pilot on

J Brick : Is this just a skit? It feels like it.

Slyy Lopez : Lol yuu weren’t doing nothing no different than her lol.. Dumbass

nala is the cat in the bubble : Then says it's bad that women r driving but then crashes while being a male driver ha, while woman still has her wheels


shxdowstar roblox : But yet he was holding his phone and was filming....

SAM Nassif : Not what I was expecting, but nice vid

Zombiekiller YT : He is trying to expose her u ain’t even looking at the road

Luis M. : Thats why u dont film people WHO ARE TEXTING AND DRIVING 😂😂

Leslie B : I know I shouldn't laugh because it's not funny. it's extremely dangerous for both parties... but I can't stop laughing 😮😄😂🤐

tigergreg8 : Its amazing how he got the camera into her car before she crashed it from texting.

Alice Owl : 1. “As if driving wasn’t hard enough for women” Seriously first of all?? 2. Your making a complaint of a women on her phone about being drunk or having a stroke okay. HOWEVER you are recording it soooo your on your phone too or camera. It’s not focusing on the road. Your point is? I know he put this at the end of the video so calm down 😂

Sherry Messer : That's because he caused the wreak, he was distracted by videoing the woman while she was texting and not paying attention to his driving either.. That's the iorny of the video...

Ghostface Warrior : Oh Irony that thing people forget exist

Laura Strong : I’m sorry but it was technically his fault - he shouldn’t be filming a girl texting and driving

Little_Emily YT : Two things- you said as if driving wasn't bad enough for women. What do you mean? Also you were probably on your phone too. Recording

Allyn Follette : Guys, he wasn’t driving. He was filming in the front passenger seat. The driver was next to him

Jose Leon Estrada : 1:00 Watch your language

roblrocks : Nice messenge

Suzzanne Stofko : I’m actually a really cautious driver at all times, he didn’t have to throw us woman under a bus.

Dumpster Diving in Stilettos! : That's what he gets for making the "women not knowing how to drive" comment!

WininAphe : *Lmao nice try almost tricked me tho*

Axx Kxx : Dont text and drive as I video record you and drive LOL redundant.

uknow who : The irony is simply orgasmic!

acee outlaw : Oooohh I love karma.....


the cool potato : plot twist

Sir Sketch alot : I wonder if she seen and commented on his video 🤔 lol

Explodoboy : The amount of people in the comments that think this is real absolutely astounds me.

Rogério Penna : from the angle of the camera, I think this was filmed by the passenger.

TWDxKILL3R : This is why people should mind their own damn business.....

David Attenborough : This was a very well done joke but it was sad to see that most of the people in the comment section didn't get it and just got triggered/pointing out the obvious. *r/whoosh*

Bob Rees,Jr : #NoWrecksWithTexts No Wrecks With Texts (tm) inventor of concept.

abac yolo : Nice plastic bag at the end

Stan Williams : Don't film a drive neither! Stupid is as stupid does!


Naw Haqqi : Mind your goddamn business... live longer

LaToya McAdoo : Filming while driving is just as bad as texting while driving he just proved that

J.mack : Ironic

Rondale Johnson : Plot twist lmao

gracie elizabeth : texting and driving- not acceptable what so ever filming and driving- *now that’s what i’m talking about*

thtkidfrmvab : Karma?

Ishay Bar-Yosef : Sweet irony...

GOPRO Mountain bike : Completely stupid

SUB TO PEWDIEPIE *ARMY* : How is driving bad for women? .-.