The Totally Tubular Collab (OneyPlays LOTR Adventure)

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Organized By Blabberdookie & Pixiusmaximus​ - / Edited by Dex The Swede ​- End songs by Oditharge and Master Sword​ - / Credits compiled By Noodle ​- Full List of Animators - MUSIC

Comments from Youtube

Colemann Angelly : I love how everybody quietly agreed to style Ding Dong as this freakishly tall and lanky monster. I love it.

hentropy : I don't think they're going to make it to Mordor.

A2Z83 : "Why are there so many pipes?" gee I wonder why one lone person would need three pipes. Maybe one of your two dead friends know lmao

Rango MyDango : I really like seeing these kind of collabs because you can see the vast spectrum of animation styles and Dynamics it's all very impressive and really neat to see

NeroGeist : Holy cow, so many amazing animators in this, it was a pleasure making this with you guys! :)

Reptillian Gamer : When Julian turns into a bat, you know that the potential for jokes about Julian wheezing is at its peak.

Jord_2w : 4:12 Penniless Ragamuffin has a great style

Lil Miss Jay : A lot of the artists made Ding Dong super cute. I love that nublet headed alium boy.

Sam Sammich : was the tiny hitler that gandalf was fighting a clone or a perfect copy?

mattyburrito MB : This turned out amazing!! INCREDIBLE JOB to everyone!!

CarnageV1 : Glasscake's contribution is definitely my favorite. Seeing Chris dismissively shove a pig out of a hut while Julian points and laughs at it as it walks away is such a great visualization of that moment, I love it.

Xopowo [Kirout] : "Disolve" Mr Gandalf, I don't feel so good

Granolla K : 6:27 d a n c e 17:07 get fu c k e d 6:14 wh u h 14:50 FA L L ! 15:38 julian in a beautiful form

Jaruuuuugamaaa : Less than two minutes in "GET THE RING!" truly sauron knew what he was doing.

Willie touset : My favorite part was seeig errybody's funny as shit Oneysonas

gferic : The best part of this is that you can freeze frame, literally, any microsecond of it and the result is freaking hilarious.

Krab Zengar : That was incredible, but it also made me sad. Don't get me wrong, I think the new crew are lovely people. I'm glad the kind brown man from the land of sand Amin is on more often, and that Chris and Niall are reunited, but i can't help but miss the dynamic trio. My best hopes and wishes to WanWanGames, I truly do want DingDong and Julian to succeed, I just can't help but feel saddened that we may never see the three together again, at least for a longer let's play. JOOLIAN never beat Kingdom Hearts. Anyways, best of luck to all of you wonderful people out there, especially all those who helped put this together. You are all beautiful.

Kyle S. : It truly was A totally tubular collab

BlueMoonFuzz : I feel like i just watched Oney Plays "The Movie".

Vash The Stampede : My clit is so hard. Thank you for this my companions.

SidewaysEight : I love that the tiny Hitler made a cameo

Thinmint The Monkey : David post. My God that one was stunning.

Kingsy : Julian turning into a bat is literally the best representation of his wheezing.

waffleless : Animation isn’t dead, it just went weast.

Ketsu-wo-taberu : This was brilliant, an expression of art of the 21th century, that makes one appreciate what humanity can do with technology: have fun collaborating and putting together talent, exercise and study to create a product like this masterpiece. Thank you animators, thank you organizers, thank you editor(s), thank you Oneyplays. This deserves recognition.

CloudTheLemon : I came.

Destrawd : 21:47 I dont feel so good

Elizabeth Hanf : I love the way Chris pronounces “ar” sounds

TheAnvilMan : So many great animators for, arguably, one of the best episodes of OneyPlays. Fucking fantastic! Love the song at the end too.

Corbin White : 18:50 “Fookin’ trees.”

Mario Wolfe Art : *MARIO EH EH EH*

Melissa Sims : 10/10 Would Kill Pimpin Again

DJ Snuggs 1 : 1:06 G E T T H E R I N G

my name is chef : Rip to my favorite boys :’(

Jacob Custer : *become queer*

Ninjalogical : Why is pimpin dissolving the funniest thing to me?

Bruce : It's here! It's here! It's here! Bless the episode and bless all the animators who made this

Lucky Lugia : The first full OneyPlays episode to ever be animated! Good for you, animator community!

LM Games : 18:15 MOTIFA

Callum Geary : this made me really happy. the act of so many people coming together and putting so much effort into a thing they enjoy is truley delightful. Made me a little teary for some reason; maybe im just emotional at the moment; good work everyone

Akroview : Irish Hunks from Wexford are looking for love?!! How can you refuse!!? Maybe the Motifa Hotline could assist!

JonnyEthco : That's an amazing amount of talent in one video. Great job, everyone!


Ze Bloody Axol : Frodos not feeling too good..


Reesespuffs Animations : The "mythical multi-pipe" always gets me

Jon Sudano : Beef Rodo

Zx : 6:15 "wha"

Ashley Mckerlie : what an *ADVENTURE*