Our Deepest Fear | Inspiration from Film
Film has always inspired me throughout my life So I spent the last 2 weeks editing and rewatching over 250 movies to make this I hope it inspires you too

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Film has always had a special place in my heart. It's helped me through so many stages in life. I wanted to convey the sadness, happiness and triumphant moments in some of my favorite movies. In a way, I want this video to resonate with people who don’t feel like they can be themselves around others. To people who don’t see hope in the future or who don’t see that working towards something you love is worth it. Thanks for watching! Music: https://audiojungle.net/item/to-the-stars/22166613?s_rank=36 For business inquiries: collincdb2@gmail.com


Mike Eh : this was so good, thank you. <3

Fall Witch 1 : Well done mate. Well done.

Любомир Праск : Amazing work

kredep : Very very well done 👏🏼

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chigher1 : Amazing! Thanks

GakuenAlice4Ever : Anyone know the movie at 2:28?

kredep : Whats the soundtrack, please?

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leonardo gube : wow!

evan s : What movie was that at 3:42?


Koorosh Farsi : Can you or do you have a list of the movies in this video? Like whats at :51?

Floordford : Id say mans deepest fear is that he, as one, is insignificant as to change the world around him. Greed and thirst for power has absolutely ruined this world in every way. Does it look like it is going to change anytime soon. No. And relying on cinema to feed you a dose of reality is just the most insane thing you can do.