The Was (2016)

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The Was is a collaborative meeting between Australian sample artists The Avalanches and Soda_Jerk. It was released July 1 , 2016. The Was is a sample-based video for now, about the time before now. Part experimental film, part music video and part concept album. Director: Robbie Avalanche & Soda_Jerk Post-production: Soda_Jerk & Sam Smith Additional production: Chris Hopkins & Sam Smith Design: Chris Hopkins Music: The Avalanches

Comments from Youtube

waterglass21 : We need a new album!

TheHillDragon : A surreal trip through counter culture in movies? I think that sums it up.

michji2 : That boy needs therapy.

Dom Vandelay : This was amazing. Must have taken so long to make. So many of our favorite films mashed together for this masterpiece. It fits in so well, truly incredible.

anew742 : Amazing video and music! But I wonder why it took so long to get on YouTube, it's been on Vimeo since it came out...

Viki Johnson : Brilliant. Did I just see a seamless transition from Lords of Dogtown to Weekend at Bernie's?

Garr D : Just like their music, The Avalanches are reaching back in time and plucking pieces of art to form their own innovation. Beautiful!

CircuitMembrane : The "Noisy Eater" tribute was fantastic.

Jay Seba : this is art.

Jasen Effendy : Park Music at the start, I see you

CL0WN FAC3 : That Sim City 3000 sample at 4:44

MoonbaseTV : That instrumental "Wozard of Iz" segment woz amazing

Reece Richards : this music video is precious

Daniel Peñaloza : Saludos The Avalanches por fa manden un saludo para México los escuchamos desde hace mucho tiempo. Los queremos hacen buena música.

AlphaClam : A lot of this is how Wildflower was supposed to sound at first I bet

Karen : i haven't listened it but already like this

ElectroPlasmicBlast-Off * : Not only is there some sick beats, but there are also endless pop culture references. This video is lit.

TpzBla : 13+ mins of pure 80's and 90's kid Nostalgia.

Haylee G : This is so cool!! I absolutely love the vibes this gave off. Everything is so different and wonderful

JohnWTolbert : Step into the time machine; and bring cereal.

Redcomet_ : This is so perfect all the scenes line up with each other so well

Y O : This a really dope video... hella work and thought went into it... I can't even imagine that thought process

Lillian Amador : Dude, my bf and i am traveling in a mush trip. Nice work, so amazing. Greetings from brazil

Austin Henson : I teared up a little this is absolutely beautiful.

moviemagic : What song is @ 7:20 ? It’s beautiful! Was that StepKids?

SweatShopSweetie : This is going to explode in views mark my words

The artists formerly known as Lil dookie shoes : This video is really just a 16 minute meme about humanity and its glorious #godblessaustralia

DrSnook : This Is genius. Legitimately it blew my tiny mind.

Abraxas : perfect. absolutely flawless. thank you

Crab Kek : This made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Gerald Escalante : Amazing video.Regret missing their set at Fuji Rock this year. :(

David Holloway : First they sample music, now they sample video. Genius!

Brand Off : Al Smithee? Wasn't that the guy who did Death of a Gunfighter, Mighty Ducks: The First Face-Off, The Birds II, Hellraiser: Bloodline, and so much more? Damn, what a pick up. Seriously tho, this looks insane in a very good way.

Sirena Marina : Gracias por la magía!!! Amo esta banda con todo mi ser!!! 💖✨🌌

Poornerd : omg this blows my mind


Joe Stilwell : Absolutely wicked.

Bandstand : Soon...

rockkiller124 : Lovely 80-90's collaboration, 10/10

Jasc Tomm : That's beautiful! That's almost exactly what we had in mind when listening to this album! Thanks for this masterpiece!

MAX LAƜLƐSS ツ : 66K views is an insult to this creative level. First class. x

Ste74H : Amazing visuals. The editing at times seemed so seamless that I lost track what was stitched together How the hell did you get clearance for all the snippets?

Feli Feli : La wea pa buena

CHE : Simply Brilliant!! Avalanches Where are you?...

flipfloptk : AMAZING!

RhymingMime : if we know ourselves, were always home, anyway

fauxshizl : Really nice work! Thank you for raising the bar.

Landon Hopeless Romantic : this video is slept on. whoever made this I appreciate you.

Larry TM : Composit skills are really good. Love the old school references!