The Was (2016)

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mirjamenny : To the person/people who edited this video: That was tremendous and I wish I could smoke you up and feed you a plate of homemade lasagna for giving me all the nostalgia feels.

waterglass21 : We need a new album!

michji2 : That boy needs therapy.

TheHillDragon : A surreal trip through counter culture in movies? I think that sums it up.

anew742 : Amazing video and music! But I wonder why it took so long to get on YouTube, it's been on Vimeo since it came out...

Jasen Effendy : Park Music at the start, I see you

Garr D : Just like their music, The Avalanches are reaching back in time and plucking pieces of art to form their own innovation. Beautiful!

Dom Vandelay : This was amazing. Must have taken so long to make. So many of our favorite films mashed together for this masterpiece. It fits in so well, truly incredible.

inxy : very enjoyable

Viki Johnson : Brilliant. Did I just see a seamless transition from Lords of Dogtown to Weekend at Bernie's?

Lillian Amador : Dude, my bf and i am traveling in a mush trip. Nice work, so amazing. Greetings from brazil

JohnWTolbert : Step into the time machine; and bring cereal.

Daniel Peñaloza : Saludos The Avalanches por fa manden un saludo para México los escuchamos desde hace mucho tiempo. Los queremos hacen buena música.

Jay Seba : this is art.

Reece Richards : this music video is precious

CircuitMembrane : The "Noisy Eater" tribute was fantastic.

MoonbaseTV : That instrumental "Wozard of Iz" segment woz amazing

ElectroPlasmicBlast-Off * : Not only is there some sick beats, but there are also endless pop culture references. This video is lit.

Ruth Fishman : As someone named Ruth, you have no idea how terrifying 4:44 was to me.

Ben Dover : Should have put Bill Murray in the thumb nail, ALWAYS put Murray in the thumbnail

Hailey K : This is so cool!! I absolutely love the vibes this gave off. Everything is so different and wonderful

AlphaClam : A lot of this is how Wildflower was supposed to sound at first I bet

SweatShopSweetie : This is going to explode in views mark my words

Brand Off : Al Smithee? Wasn't that the guy who did Death of a Gunfighter, Mighty Ducks: The First Face-Off, The Birds II, Hellraiser: Bloodline, and so much more? Damn, what a pick up. Seriously tho, this looks insane in a very good way.

Y O : This a really dope video... hella work and thought went into it... I can't even imagine that thought process

Karen : i haven't listened it but already like this

RhymingMime : if we know ourselves, were always home, anyway

fotografoambulante : Make a list of the movies that appear

Bandstand : Soon...

Daniel Kelley : Sounds like someone constantly changing radio or tv stations. Don't know how one would just sit through and listen to this without the visuals to make it somewhat bearable

CL0WN FAC3 : That Sim City 3000 sample at 4:44

Poornerd : omg this blows my mind

Redcomet_ : This is so perfect all the scenes line up with each other so well

Austin Henson : I teared up a little this is absolutely beautiful.

moviemagic : What song is @ 7:20 ? It’s beautiful! Was that StepKids?

Crab Kek : This made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

flipfloptk : AMAZING!

Feli Feli : La wea pa buena

Abraxas : perfect. absolutely flawless. thank you

césar ruiz : Él o los weones que hicieron este video estaban muy drogados🤨

LaFave Bros : Next level

crosseyed : 2015: Vines 2016: Begging of good memes 2017: Begging of memes that will never die 2018: Fortnite emotes in real life

Gerald Escalante : Amazing video.Regret missing their set at Fuji Rock this year. :(

Arthur Vasco : came here because of​ Apple

morningbetterlast : This is hillarious and sad at the same time. Almost like all of the Avalanches videos.

Safe Space Bear : Wow...amazing video. Wish it never ended

Nate Mathewson : Oh hell yeah

hoboneedshemp : This is fucking awesome!!

Jaime Peña : Perfect

Lanngeax. 351 : 10:04 *Why are you running...* *WHY are u runnin*