Dunkey Clones
Dunkey Clones

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The shroud of the dark side has fallen, begun the clone war has. dunk store https://dunkeyscastle.com/ thumbnail art by Apples-Malus https://www.deviantart.com/apples-malus


Noname McGee : They're called "echo fighters" thank you.

a thing : If Dunkey is so good, then where is Dunkey 2?

Ethan Appis : This video make you FEEL like dunkey EDIT: never had a good comment except this time

RiU_XD : pyrocinical is more like a poor mans pewdiepie

Aztrosist : i can't believe you have the audacity to steal this video straight from dunkey's channel, that's low man.

Memes But No Memes : All channels on YouTube are owned by ReviewBrah

Proof Skinny : Dunkeyman: Into the Dunkerverse

Darshan Vaghela : Your clones are very impressive. You must be very proud. - Obi Wan Kenobi

R.I.P Betty : This reminds me of the Egoraptor Copy era on Newgrounds, where every animator is an Egoraptor clone beacause their animations had a similar style.

Glazierd130 : Imitation is the sincerest form of spaghetti and meatballs

L4dcrusader : Videogamedunkey? You're that ninja...

paco ramon : They are not clones they are just alteenative skins.

10,000 subscribers with no videos : Jakey is a beautiful hot boi you leave him alone

UberDanger : This is actually my next video I'm uploading thanks bro

Reggie the bunkler : The word Dunkey is gonna become a genre at this point

Flug : NakeyJakey is genuinely my favorite youtuber lmao.

Hola Burger : Kneecaps is the best clone that actually brings something new to the table.

Super Mario Brothers 2 : I hope he's not talking about me

King in the North : Dunkey and nakeyjakey are the 2 best video game channels on YouTube

TadGhostal : Kneecaps is the one and only Dunkey clone I will ever watch!!!

Don’t Censor Hentai : Kneecaps anyone?

Bryan Duran : Nakey jakey is cool everyone else is wack. Let jackey live.

StillNoPickles : So many people are taking this seriously lol. It's one of those jokes with a tiny little bit of truth behind it but he blows it out of proportion for comedic effect

sHaqDoesGames : Honestly I don't even think that pyro was a bit. Some of that shit was literally dunkey but dubbed over

squeakyflyinggoose : Pyrocynical vs dunkey for Ksi vs Logan Paul undercard

Fuck Off : One time keyori was in a skype call with anything4views and I made a joke about him being a dunkey clone. He got super defensive and started ranting how he isn't a clone etc., which confirmed he was a dunkey clone imo.

PorkyTheKing : Where is KneeCaps

Dank Memester : Dunkey is trying to cover up the fact that he's howtobasic

Otaku Cat : Glad we’ve addressed the problems that really matter

General Skywalker : Collab with kneecaps or we will fight.

Killer Queen : Plot twist mr. Meat man is dunkey’s 2nd channel

CopyDonkey64 : I am a donkey not a dunkey.

Bioshockin : Plot twist. Dunkey quit youtube years ago and we have been watching a clone the whole time.

LowerSpider4725 PR : Youtube really makes you "feel" like Dunkey.

Jake Martinez : Okay “thank you dark souls” is where you draw the line

Crocodile Bludee : Don’t be gettin mad at my man Nakey

Leonard Deal : How could you have the audacity to make a video like this?… And not include the bad ass most incredible clone of Dunkey....KNEECAPS In all honesty though he does a damn good job, better than anyone else.

Jyky450 : Jesus this guy is getting so good at his job that i can't tell if he's being serious or being sarcastic anymore...

The Hyperactive27 : Atleast we know the original

Starlight Dust : Kingdom Hearts 15: Expand Donk.

Anarchist Mugwump : dunkey is just a copy of Knack 2

Mariofan99 : Obvious, this channel is a knock off of CB:RO from roblox, duh

Wobledoo : I saw some white dude at H3H3 podcast who even ripped of dunkeys voice, who is btw my favorite black YouTuber. Where does this end?

Jacob Bartel : Dunkey: I want to be Dunkey. Me: Too late, I'm already Dunkey.

MrPomegranX [David] : The new Smash Ultimate echo fighters look great!

peggy mabelin : He cant put anything to mrmeatman because hes mrmeatman

Maven Trainer : I was thinking about this earlier today its insane how people literally will even try to copy your avatar lmao

24 Frames Of Nick : Dunkey is just a clone of High School Musical 2

FFM Zackx : Darkk mane is a legend though