Dunkey Clones

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MagikarpUsedFly : dunkey copy #239 reporting for duty sir

Beef Stew : Wow what a complete rip off of BookWorm adventures deluxe

TheCaptainAidan : I stopped watching Dunkey after he became black

Todd Howard : Damn if you only had as many copies of skyrim, as there are copies of Dunkey

Mysto : Keyori banned me from his stream just cuz i said "Hey Dunkey nice to have you back to League"

2ndJerma : YouTube content has seriously gone down the gutter. I'm proud to say I'm one of the few left making genuine original Wendy's Chicken Tender reviews.

Ethan Appis : This video make you FEEL like dunkey

t3rt3l : We all know Dunkey is just a copy of meatwadsprite.

Bryan Cline : This video reminds me of that time dunkey beat sky in smash

ZeffaProductions : But which one is liquid dunkey and which one is venom dunkey?

StillNoPickles : So many people are taking this seriously lol. It's one of those jokes with a tiny little bit of truth behind it but he blows it out of proportion for comedic effect

TheGoldenDeer : we just ignoring the fact that dunkey's subbed to jakey 3:30

Alec Perrault-Bondy : NakeyJakey is the best Youtuber since Dunkey

Camzo5 : Pretty ironic video considering Dunkey is just another Jake Paul clone.

R.I.P Betty : This reminds me of the Egoraptor Copy era on Newgrounds, where every animator is an Egoraptor clone beacause their animations had a similar style.

Barny : i prefer the term "echo fighter"

SeaMonster17 : They're not clones their just echo fighters gosh Dunkey. Just be happy Sakurai decided to put these other characters in youtube.


Sebastian Cotor : All channels on YouTube are owned by ReviewBrah

Good Luck Hoe : The “thank you dark souls” came straight from dunkey

Indeimaus : sees thumbnail starts sweating

thedarkpenguins227 : This is great and all but nakeyjakey actually is amazing . fact.

Liam The Llama : You copied mr. meatman

MrPomegranX [Matoi] : The new Smash Ultimate echo fighters look great!

Remington Lewis : I can't tell how much of this is a joke...

Darkk Mane : Maybe the real dunkey copy was the friendships we made along the way

Joshua Roa : Ma boi Jakey!

Kam Bennett : You leave NakeyJakey alone, he is a sweetheart banana.

Ean Arendt : As much as I would like too, and as honored as I would be, to be you I am not you oh Divine Lord King Executive Minister Administrator Admiral ArchBishop Professor Doctor Baron Captain Chief Chancellor Chairman Meister Elder Governor *Meme Supreme* Master Prince *Bata Bing Bata Boom* His Excellency His Highness, *Lord Дpyr Dunkey the Eternal*. *@videogamedunkey*

paco ramon : They are not clones they are just alteenative skins.

Aztrosist : i can't believe you have the audacity to steal this video straight from dunkey's channel, that's low man.

G Roach : Don’t bring crowbcat into this

Bryan Cline : Dunkey passed away when he quit league, since then clones have made his videos. We can only hope that dunkey is up in heaven with keyori, oh wait, i mean with dunkey.


Jack H : watching dunkey clones makes you feel like dunkey

Slimecicle : This is actually a plea for help because the original Dunkey has been dead for years and now literal clones of Dunkey have taken his place and are making his videos. FACT.

squeakyflyinggoose : Pyrocynical vs dunkey for Ksi vs Logan Paul undercard

LookItsLuke : Dunkey you should play Gex for real this time lol

King of Suffering : Never found pyro funny tbh

Austin Fletcher : 1:39 *Alpharad Dunkey clone* LUL

CircleToonsHD : dunkey copies are the most oppressed race on this planet

Dawckward : i feel bad for the 9yr olds that take this seriously and go harass some ppl xDD take it as a joke people mentioned here, im sure you will either way i just thought if how many dumb comments of ppl not getting the joke thisis gonna make xDDDD

GingerLivsMatter : Wait but isn’t dunkey now a RedRiot copy?

Sonicice 24 : Im a clone too......

The Gaming Potato : pyro isn't anything like you, for one you're funny, he's well N.A.F. not as funny

24 Frames Of Nick : Dunkey is just a clone of High School Musical 2

Vexxeer232 : Dunkey is a dunkey clone.

Otaku Cat : Glad we’ve addressed the problems that really matter

DragonManStopmotions : KACK 3 BABEEEEEE that’s a clone

Glazierd130 : Imitation is the sincerest form of spaghetti and meatballs