Dunkey Clones

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Darkk Mane : Maybe the real dunkey copy was the friendships we made along the way

Ethan Appis : This video make you FEEL like dunkey

Mysto : Keyori banned me from his stream just cuz i said "Hey Dunkey nice to have you back to League"

Todd Howard : Damn if you only had as many copies of skyrim, as there are copies of Dunkey

t3rt3l : We all know Dunkey is just a copy of meatwadsprite.

MagikarpUsedFly : dunkey copy #239 reporting for duty sir

Bryan Cline : This video reminds me of that time dunkey beat sky in smash

ZeffaProductions : But which one is liquid dunkey and which one is venom dunkey?

RiU_XD : pyrocinical is more like a poor mans pewdiepie

Camzo5 : Pretty ironic video considering Dunkey is just another Jake Paul clone.

Aztrosist : i can't believe you have the audacity to steal this video straight from dunkey's channel, that's low man.

Alec Perrault-Bondy : NakeyJakey is the best Youtuber since Dunkey

TheGoldenDeer : we just ignoring the fact that dunkey's subbed to jakey 3:30


Sebastian Cotor : All channels on YouTube are owned by ReviewBrah

UberDanger : This is actually my next video I'm uploading thanks bro

R.I.P Betty : This reminds me of the Egoraptor Copy era on Newgrounds, where every animator is an Egoraptor clone beacause their animations had a similar style.

Max Conover : The “thank you dark souls” came straight from dunkey

Joshua Roa : Ma boi Jakey!

Kam Bennett : You leave NakeyJakey alone, he is a sweetheart banana.

2ndJerma : YouTube content has seriously gone down the gutter. I'm proud to say I'm one of the few left making genuine original Wendy's Chicken Tender reviews.

King of Suffering : Never found pyro funny tbh

paco ramon : They are not clones they are just alteenative skins.

Liam The Llama : You copied mr. meatman

MrPomegranX [Matoi] : The new Smash Ultimate echo fighters look great!

Barny : i prefer the term "echo fighter"

squeakyflyinggoose : Pyrocynical vs dunkey for Ksi vs Logan Paul undercard

Bryan Cline : Dunkey passed away when he quit league, since then clones have made his videos. We can only hope that dunkey is up in heaven with keyori, oh wait, i mean with dunkey.

drinkyourownpiss : I am Dunkey! (the german version)

Flug : NakeyJakey is genuinely my favorite youtuber lmao.

Slimecicle : This is actually a plea for help because the original Dunkey has been dead for years and now literal clones of Dunkey have taken his place and are making his videos. FACT.

GingerLivsMatter : Wait but isn’t dunkey now a RedRiot copy?

Dhruv Thakur : I thought thegaminglemon is your second channel

Dawckward : i feel bad for the 9yr olds that take this seriously and go harass some ppl xDD take it as a joke people mentioned here, im sure you will either way i just thought if how many dumb comments of ppl not getting the joke thisis gonna make xDDDD

The Gaming Crusader : pyro isn't anything like you, for one you're funny, he's well N.A.F. not as funny

Cyranek : i am videogamedunkey

Freyr Ingimarsson : Dunkey is a clone of Mrmeatman

Otaku Cat : Glad we’ve addressed the problems that really matter

pandacow999 : I like that this video mentions some youtubers who I have been watching for a while, but i think the joke may have gone so far over some people's heads because I'm seeing some extreme toxicity against most of these guys that seems to have come from this video.

PorkyTheKing : Where is KneeCaps

Indeimaus : sees thumbnail starts sweating

Ean Arendt : As much as I would like too, and as honored as I would be, to be you I am not you oh Divine Lord King Executive Minister Administrator Admiral ArchBishop Professor Doctor Baron Captain Chief Chancellor Chairman Meister Elder Governor *Meme Supreme* Master Prince *Bata Bing Bata Boom* His Excellency His Highness, *Lord Дpyr Dunkey the Eternal*. *@videogamedunkey*

CopyDonkey64 : I am a donkey not a dunkey.

Zackx : Darkk mane is a legend though

10,000 subscribers with no videos : Jakey is a beautiful hot boi you leave him alone

StillNoPickles : So many people are taking this seriously lol. It's one of those jokes with a tiny little bit of truth behind it but he blows it out of proportion for comedic effect

Ryan Hoenn : What is the song at the very end?? I MUST know! I thought it was from pokken, I can’t find it.

Mitch Compton : Dunkey, collab with Solid Snake - I mean Naked Jake - I mean Nakey Jakey

Jake Demo : Did we all forget "behind the dunk" where dunky just clones videogameduckys videos. Smdh way to leave loose end dunk

Jake Yaks : Holy shit, went and watched Keyori....that's some cringe shit.