Why are Instagram Models always in Dubai? (Horrible Truth)
Why are Instagram Models are always in Dubai

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Melissa Melissima : And yet these girls are calling themselves entrepreneurs

Bullit Cake : Dubai is the kim kardashian of cities

Medusa Saurus : Dubai is basically the dark web if it were a city.

Dayadope : All those dislikes are from the insta “models” 🤣

David Bond : To be FAWKED!

Emillie Rolland : Instagram models = Chicks who couldn't make it as real models.

Claire K : Maybe being a broke college student isn’t so bad after all, esp after seeing this 😂😭

Tyler Miron : My wife worked in Dubai for 2 years at one of the major hotels as a waitress. This is all true and alot of women are trafficked from Russia and Ukraine. Their main customers are Saudi royals and technically slavery is illegal there but its kept hidden and quiet.

MllG0 : Feel sorry for the men who ends up marrying these women thinking he's got a 'dime'. Every woman I meet I'll ask casually *"Have you ever been to Dubai?"*

Bruce Leroy : Instagram Whores not models

AA A : I thought it was because they were probably whoring themselves to rich Arabs

YallCrazy : Before watching: they’re high end prostitutes Edit: I was right😝

Rui Man : The only way men are going to Dubai for free, is work in terrible conditions as slaves. Dubai (BLOOD CITY)

Tulip Purple : I am a 66 year old black woman and am so glad I am unattractive, and a bit manly so I could never be tempted to make my living on my back. I had to go to school, study for a degree etc. so that I could get an office job and retire with a small pension. No one has ever sexually harassed me, or pooped on my chest or peed on me. I have married, had children and travelled all while looking like the back end of a bus. After your video, I am grateful I was never considered "pretty", or "hot" even by blokes wearing beer goggles. My Dad always told me a good personality and reasonable amount of intelligent conversation (but don't over do it) was essential and he was right. Thank you Mummy and Daddy, you brought me up properly.

Naulo Sanchar : Kim Kardashian also visited Dubai ... now I know the reason.

Snape : I've went to two arab countrys Egypt and Dubai and omg the differences is alarming. I literally felt safe in Egypt even with everything they are going through , the people are so generous , strangers are willing to help you , women are so powerful there, and i just felt sense of belonging. Then i went to Dubai and i can summarize it in three words , SEX SLAVERY MONEY.

Alexander Chua : Now it all makes sense! A hot chick with no job, carrying designer bags and living a high life as evidenced by their Instagram posts, eating in nice restaurants and flying to Dubai on a monthly basis! 🤣

In anna : This is true! A friend of mine working in Qatar says the same and even more disgusting things. They are made to have sex with animals while these men watch and also participate. Some get beaten up so badly they disappear for months from social media and reappear telling fake stories and that they needed a break from their „famous lifestyle“ I don’t know what’s going on with these insta „models“ or how much they earn but doing these things for a visit to Dubai and some money like come on just get urself a real job! Is it really worth to lose all of ur morals over some money? This is also why nobody should never be jealous of any social media pictures, truth is these people live the poorest life’s on every level! I’ve read some comments saying this is slut-shaming. Let me tell u this issue goes deeper than u all think. Sometimes these girls are being forced into human trafficking and sold as sex slaves or worse!

Charles Spain : LMAO sitting at work having a shit time? So is she! Literally 😂 😂 😂

Alejandro Sanchez : And those are the same chicks and fight for equality lol

John Smith : I think there IS a serious point when people are conned into thinking the ultraluxury lifestyle is a "normal result of normal work" eg selling tooth whitening on IG.

Justine carrington : No such thing as easy money. The more you get paid the more you have to do

Brad Duncan : They get paid 100k to get pooped on . Not joking.

El Goose : First class hookers really upped their game

lindalately : I used to want to go there because it was glamorized so much. But after watching videos like this & knowing about how poorly they treat the Filipinos who find work there... *SIKE*

Ibrahim Al-hosani : Say what you want about dubai, but also keep in mind that the Local population make up only 10% of the population (which is around 900k-1mil). The UAE has around 9 million in total population, with around 3 million of that 9 million being in Dubai. Rich people from all around the world live in Dubai, to simply target locals is just unrealistic and stupid. Pigs are in all shapes and forms in dubai, and people like that can be found in any major city that is known to have such amounts of rich people. Sources: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/ae.html http://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/united-arab-emirates-population/

Nahshon Braithwaite : I have always thought something was up with these instagram models going to Dubai. Shame.

Dimitri Crotchlickmeov : I went to Dubai when I was contracting in Afghanistan and I am still recovering from what I saw over there.

Miss Alia : I live in Dubai and every single word in this video is true. Edited: only thing that is not right is that men can’t be part of this. Nope, a lot of celebrity men do this, some actors/footballers come routinely a couple per year to participate in such things!

Naomi Salazar : omg is this a common thing for Australians to be this vulgar?? Im Canadian and Im laughing my ass of right now ps Im a wamen, I agree with everything you say! most of us definitely have thought at some point to use our bodies in a way or a other to gain money. Like we've ALL thought about it lol. and basically, it depends on whether they value integrity or money.

YCANCM : The same thing in Las Vegas and Los Angeles it is everywhere. Basically any place with people that have enough money are doing it every single time.

Sad Monkiie : 3.4K Instagram models gave this video a thumbs down LOL thumbs up from me!

Christine Grey : Cardi B was in Dubai as well

Shashank G : Just wait for the people to switch to alternate energy, the sheikhs will come down to earth 😂

Daina Marie : .... NEVER been there! Never considering it now either! Thanks for the WARNING! 😁 😂 HELLS NAWWW!!

Chew Bacca : I'm sure they'll make good wives after they retire, lmao

D Rock 75 : This hair and beard style cracks me up! His head looks like it's 3 feet long. 🤣😂

Ben Sal : Ever since I watched this video, if a girl tells me shes been to Dubai I kind of take a few steps backward. All I can think is 'Dubai porta pottie'

Earla Weese : *Can we please make a collective effort to destroy Dubai as a human race?*

Elena Savva : I used to work here for the past 5 years. It really depends on the life you do. For example within 5 years i think i went out partying less than 10 times. I had people hitting on me and stuff trying to "buy me a drink" but it's all about how u see yourself here. I never accepted any drinks from people i don't know, just because if u buy me a drink, in my culture i have to buy u the next one. And i had zero time to spend with people i don't wanna talk to. See the problem here, a big majority of women go out to get a free table, with free drinks (not talking for ladies nights) get drunk, sleep around... Pretty much the same like men apart from the drinks thing. It's a bad culture build mainly by expats. If u respect ur self u gonna go out with ur friends, leave with ur friends. Nobody will offend u. Nobody can talk u down more than happens in other places.

Muamer Blazevic : Holy shit a Serbian mma fighter was talking about the same thing on some Serbian show. I didn't think it was so well known about that and so widespread. That's insane.

T Rex : "Everyone has a price, mines on my patron link below!" Hahahahaha I love this guy, #NoHomo!

Bernie Sanders : I lived in there for 9 years and all of it is true...

Jose B. : They’re called Dubai Porta potties lol

Sienna Buckingham : Did anybody else notice that his front door is open. 😂

SiLoGa 297 : Precision shot we got here, ever thought about becoming a sharpshooter, mate?! 😉 Good on ya for that video, keep up the good job.

orlando perez : it's the second video talk about IG MODELS have 4.1 dislikes

Jael Esilaba : I used to work there he did not lie at all 😂😂

олен : smh this is why I'm going to Oman instead