Why are Instagram Models always in Dubai? (Horrible Truth)

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Ben Sal : Ever since I watched this video, if a girl tells me shes been to Dubai I kind of take a few steps backward. All I can think is 'Dubai porta pottie'

David Bond : To be FAWKED!

Bullit Cake : Dubai is the kim kardashian of cities

Queen of Moderation : I would never goto Dubai just because. No amount of tall Buildings and malls can overcome the lack of basic human decency.

Tyler Miron : My wife worked in Dubai for 2 years at one of the major hotels as a waitress. This is all true and alot of women are trafficked from Russia and Ukraine. Their main customers are Saudi royals and technically slavery is illegal there but its kept hidden and quiet.

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : Yup... something to remember when you're having a shit day doing honest work ;-)

Medusa Saurus : Dubai is basically the dark web if it were a city.

pandoracleo2000 : Never going to Dubai. City was built on slavery-work! Tricking men to come there and build these sky-scrapers , leaving them in shit housing and not paying them so they have no food or money to send home to their families!! 😡😡 The Men there are Nasty and dont respect women! Men With money , no soul and heart, just greed and exploatation of People.

wolfbabe : I guess that's why it's called "Doo Bye"

Karim Jovian : I had a free trip to dubai and it was amazing and part of a great event.

Ted Godfrey : I like how it's literally only women who are mad. the man is speaking facts.

Clare K : Maybe being a broke college student isn’t so bad after all, esp after seeing this 😂😭

Mars Hillman : So... why is your fridge in your living room?

Russian Bot from Russia : Instagram Whores not models

In anna : This is true! A friend of mine working in Qatar says the same and even more disgusting things. They are made to have sex with animals while these men watch and also participate. Some get beaten up so badly they disappear for months from social media and reappear telling fake stories and that they needed a break from their „famous lifestyle“ I don’t know what’s going on with these insta „models“ or how much they earn but doing these things for a visit to Dubai and some money like come on just get urself a real job! Is it really worth to lose all of ur morals over some money? This is also why nobody should never be jealous of any social media pictures, truth is these people live the poorest life’s on every level! I’ve read some comments saying this is slut-shaming. Let me tell u this issue goes deeper than u all think. Sometimes these girls are being forced into human trafficking and sold as sex slaves or worse!


dou jin : After sex done, its time for organs harvesting.

Snape : I've went to two arab countrys Egypt and Dubai and omg the differences is alarming. I literally felt safe in Egypt even with everything they are going through , the people are so generous , strangers are willing to help you , women are so powerful there, and i just felt sense of belonging. Then i went to Dubai and i can summarize it in three words , SEX SLAVERY MONEY.

McFlyYouSlacker : Those "2 Girls 1 Cup" Girls must be MEGASTARS over there!

Swan Dive : The patriarchy kept my grandmother from realizing her dream of becoming a toilet whore, but thanks to modern feminism the women of today can make their families proud!

Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald : Arabs usually dream about blondes or just hot western girls in general but since they mostly are not perceived as attractive men to the girls the only way for them to get a white girl into their bed is by paying them.

Bear Striker : I onced DM'd a "Instagram model". Everything was going chill until she said "We can go on a date if you fly me to XXX" I can only imagine how many guys actually fly these girls out to their cities.

Elena Savva : I used to work here for the past 5 years. It really depends on the life you do. For example within 5 years i think i went out partying less than 10 times. I had people hitting on me and stuff trying to "buy me a drink" but it's all about how u see yourself here. I never accepted any drinks from people i don't know, just because if u buy me a drink, in my culture i have to buy u the next one. And i had zero time to spend with people i don't wanna talk to. See the problem here, a big majority of women go out to get a free table, with free drinks (not talking for ladies nights) get drunk, sleep around... Pretty much the same like men apart from the drinks thing. It's a bad culture build mainly by expats. If u respect ur self u gonna go out with ur friends, leave with ur friends. Nobody will offend u. Nobody can talk u down more than happens in other places.

daisx beohfox : I might be slow but i have the answer for that. Cause its a slave trafficking town. And human trafficking hotspot. That town sucks

Jay Anderli : If Americans new what Arabs were really really like ( not the Hollywood version that they see ) they would vomit

Melissa Melissima : And yet these girls are calling themselves entrepreneurs

Sherief Elsayad : Cuz they are money hungry hoes . Thats why. Just saved you 4 minutes. You're welcome

Stanislav Veliky : Good info but I disagree on that slut shaming is bad. It's actually pretty great.

Justine carrington : No such thing as easy money. The more you get paid the more you have to do

Naulo Sanchar : Kim Kardashian also visited Dubai ... now I know the reason.

V D.O. : Dont let him lie to u, guys can be escorts too. U can order them online. Mostly Instagram.

John Smith : I think there IS a serious point when people are conned into thinking the ultraluxury lifestyle is a "normal result of normal work" eg selling tooth whitening on IG.

YallCrazy : Before watching: they’re high end prostitutes Edit: I was right😝

YCANCM : The same thing in Las Vegas and Los Angeles it is everywhere. Basically any place with people that have enough money are doing it every single time.

Emillie Rolland : Instagram models = Chicks who couldn't make it as real models.

Claribel Nana : Same as models. Its been going on for ages

Mang Led McGee : Unfortunately I known many girls that prostitute themselves for this kind of thing. Some don’t come back

T J : On a side note: I find it funny how guys like this tear down the characters of women especially models are girls like to wear cute trendy clothes but mind you these are the same guys who are watching porn every night... so it's okay for a woman to be sexy as long as she's entertaining you through a computer monitor while you're walking off right? Also I think some guys fail to realize just how much money you can make on Instagram a lot of the free trips are from brands that want the girls to advertise... the free trip to Dubai does not compare to how much money one post from this Instagram star will make this company... the women see it as a free trip it's amazing and the company is like if they only knew how much money they're going to make us this is nothing I'm talking from behind the scenes. I don't ever leave negative comments on some of stuff but this whole mail mentality of what they judge to be correct in incorrect wall still part taking and things far worth when it pertains to women at start to be a little too disgusting to handle...it's 2018 bro. I can't imagine being such an insecure douchebag who's mad about women making their own money...🤷🏾‍♀️

Sniper X : If any hot chick tells me they've been to dubai, ima be like "doo"? bye! 👋

Tommy Reusse : 6 months later and the title still isnt fixed lol

lindalately : I used to want to go there because it was glamorized so much. But after watching videos like this & knowing about how poorly they treat the Filipinos who find work there... *SIKE*

William Arrington : Dubai is a Muslim country.... do you expect them to respect anything that is different. Ive been.. Ive seen the way they treat outsiders. They treat the Filipinos that run the stores like animals

Adam Halsey : Oh well. At least these skanks will have warm memories of their IG days when they are giving $10 blowies at truck stops 10 years from now.

Raine Riny 7 : Isn't Las Vegas similar to Dubai? Aren't there other cities where this sort of thing happens, you should do videos on other cities too.

Miss Alia : I live in Dubai and every single word in this video is true. Edited: only thing that is not right is that men can’t be part of this. Nope, a lot of celebrity men do this, some actors/footballers come routinely a couple per year to participate in such things!

VtochkaGtochka : 3.5k dislikes for a video with so much truth in it. Damn, the truth must've hurt plenty a hoes!

Dimitri Crotchlickmeov : I went to Dubai when I was contracting in Afghanistan and I am still recovering from what I saw over there.

Marc S : This is why every guy in the world wants to be rich. Keep going girls, get money while we stay motivated :P

Tulip Purple : I am a 66 year old black woman and am so glad I am unattractive, and a bit manly so I could never be tempted to make my living on my back. I had to go to school, study for a degree etc. so that I could get an office job and retire with a small pension. No one has ever sexually harassed me, or pooped on my chest or peed on me. I have married, had children and travelled all while looking like the back end of a bus. After your video, I am grateful I was never considered "pretty", or "hot" even by blokes wearing beer goggles. My Dad always told me a good personality and reasonable amount of intelligent conversation (but don't over do it) was essential and he was right. Thank you Mummy and Daddy, you brought me up properly.

Aditya Sanjeev : The accent makes this video a 1000 times funnier 😆