Why are Instagram Models are always in Dubai. (Horrible Truth)

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Yellow Synth : if she's been to dubai she's a thot. you will see all her insta pics only have her face in them.

biggest smoke : Well you got oil for THOTS

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : Yup... something to remember when you're having a shit day doing honest work ;-)

Create Logic : Nice!

Marvellous Melie : I actually can’t stop laughing

Emillie Rolland : Instagram models = Chicks who couldn't make it as real models.

Don Dinero : Dubai porta potties

Se A : That's not news to me. Who else didn't get it is naive. Even celebrities, especially the today's famous models are constantly in Dubai on private parties. It has a reason!!!! They get the most money by selling their bodies, not from gigs.

Esoteric African : I grew up in Dubai and people there are degenerates

Bernie Sanders : I lived in there for 9 years and all of it is true...

xeniosaias : No mate they have good 'friends' 😉

Balo James : All the filthy skanks disliked ahhahaha

goodgirl140 : I now feel like a virtuous person because I would never let a rich arab take a dump on my chest..... I never realized the bar was so low.

Bart Simpson : I love Slutshaming.

El Goose : First class hookers really upped their game

J Fishman : I've had shitty days but never literally. LMAO

fathead adolf barry : in my experience most hot girls are fkn ©unts m8...this video actually makes me laugh...should be called 'western race traitors get a dose of reality from sand men '

Mr Nishi : thots that burned the coal deserve to die

moi : Why is this so funny? ROFLOL!!!

Hotel CharliHill : That's islam for ya.

Mage Licious : your'e calling them out but not saying that it is actually dangerous. Personally I would never ever go close to that region.. sounds more like your'e jealous.. Maybe if you shave of the beard you could pass as a twink and still get a ticket from a rich imarati. Just kidding ofcourse.. but I think you should warn girls instead of pushing them down even more.

Jenn Righter : Look, I never have and never will take nude photos. But...what's the problem? There is clearly a market for it. The consumers of it want it, the women get money and other things for taking the photos. I don't understand the issue. I don't get how that equates to lacking dignity or self respect. I am going to make a statement now that is in no way based on fact or any information, other than observation. There's my disclaimer. I find that when people are so adamant about something that isn't victimizing anyone else, there is a tendency to be inclined to that behavior. For instance, the plethora of anti-gay politicians or clergymen who are discovered to be having hidden homosexual affairs. A lot of the men who I see making disparaging videos about porn stars are avid porn consumers. Maybe you're a little angry at these women. Maybe you're into them, mad they aren't into you, mad that they get to make a lot of money and go on trips for what you've deemed as undignified work. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm sure you've made a video about the men that consume this type of content, since that is what ultimately fuels the entire sex-work machine. I'll look now for that video. It only makes sense that you would have made it, since you care so much about the dignity of these women.

Ludwin V : Wtf was this even in my recommendations

Sarina Valentina : I’m an aspiring Instagram model. I used to get sad when looking at everyone in Dubai, like I’m missing out, but the ending of this video made me laugh so hard. I feel better about it now.

poloboy : i'm subbing you cheeky kunt m8

Trapezoid. Beats : Dubai sucks why would u go there

CHRISTOFFER NILSSON : Dubai was Lit. You know my boy Rocco

The Sh1ttyGamer : 20 instagram models disliked this

I B : Sounds like someone is salty that no one responds to his DM's>>>

plok ijuh : That's a weird beef people have with Insta models. Seems like it stems from bitterness and envy. Probably plenty of them prostitute themselves. That's nothing new. You've probably jerked yourself off to a video of a girl prostituting herself this week. And much of these rumours about Dubai seem like some anti-Arab propaganda. Some of them are perverts and maybe are into that sort of thing, but I think it's still a niche thing and happens to a small minority of those girls prostituting themselves for enormous sums of money. Arabs are people too, not animals who shit on each other.

Hameed Falaknaz : All bollocks, this happens in every well developed country don't say only in Dubai, what About in LA, Miami, Munich, interlaken, even Beijing, and list is endless, do your research well bro

pachee : I'm 100% convinced it's true. I know one girl who lived in Dubai. And now she's back home with an arab man's baby hahahahahaha.

sezebel CHRISTOFFERSON : I've been telling this to people all the time when they tell me they have s##tty jobs there's someone out there eating feces in porn. They ride around in expensive cars and clothes but their job is to humiliate themselves for the world. Sad truths.

Da Bome : Over 100 brain dead hoes disliked the video!

THE UNDEAD PYRO : 1:36 “To Be Phacked” lmao the way you say it is amazing.

Matthew L'Herault : Dubai probably pays"influencers" to come to Dubai for marketing reasons duh

iReppo : Absolutely love the literal zero evidence to back up any statement you have made in this video, and just repeating "you can do your own research if you want to" whenever some absurd statement is made.

Mohamed El Kayal : But from where exactly did you get all this information? This video was recommended for me so I was just curious

ChubbyGamer : 80% of the enyoment comes from the Aussie accent

Keith Miller : 304 Instagram models disliked this what a shame

MrPieFace : Fuckin sick bruh

Carlos Garcia : Instagirls: just add daddy issues and they're good to go.

Mike Danger : Lol when you said you can do your on research I thought you meant look up interviews with models who confess to the going's on in Dubai, not looking up what the latin name for dumping on someone is. Haha 10/10 science

Joe The Roofer. : Dubai Porta Potty

MrSaywutnow : "I think slut-shaming is a bad thing" .......aaaaaaaand that's when I stopped listening. Shame can be a very useful tool.

Nick Michael : Been craving a 4 minute longer, you deserve a bunnings snag for this

Larry Simmons : This guy is all in his feelings over something that has nothing to do with him. How about living your life and stop worrying about what others are doing with theirs.

julez140cam : why do i feel like he got his heartbroken by one of these females lol

Lovely Angel : Wait, so those free flights to Dubai are sexist against men because... they're sponsored by men? Logic? Men cause this shit to themselves and then put the blame on those models? Congratulations on lack of consistency... There would be no whores if it wasn't for men willing to pay for that.

Alex Shuysky : Don't they have taste for men too in Dubai? Boys I mean lol