Why are Instagram Models always in Dubai? (Horrible Truth)

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Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : Yup... something to remember when you're having a shit day doing honest work ;-)

Tommy Reusse : 6 months later and the title still isnt fixed lol

Ben Sal : Ever since I watched this video, if a girl tells me shes been to Dubai I kind of take a few steps backward. All I can think is 'Dubai porta pottie'

Nikki Schumacher Official : Sad but true.

Watch Geek : Haha the ending 😆😆😆😆

Melissa Melissima : And yet these girls are calling themselves entrepreneurs

Cyanide Critique : THANK YOU!!! *I Instantly subscribed after watching this* . I'm so happy you exposed this issue for the world to see. My mums friend's daughter was killed in Dubai for a very similar reason. She was a medical student, from Ireland, of whom was visiting Dubai with her friends (around 10 years ago). One of the rich oil company CEO's saw her and asked if they could become intimate. She was last seen alive on hotel camera footage, before her body was found the next morning mutilated behind the hotel. Those pricks payed god knows how much to her mum, just so she wouldn't tell anyone. I've personally had enough. Dubai tries to fool you into thinking it's a "modern" peaceful nation. I'm a Shia Muslim myself, and i can say with the bottom of my heart that Dubai funds ISIS just as much as Saudi Arabia does. They're one of the countries/emirates that officially recognize Taliban as a government group. As someone who is from the middle east but born/raised in Australia, i can assure you, the governments in the Arab gulf are disgusting. Not many individuals are brave enough to expose these things, so thank you Isaac :) PS: I don't hate the people in Dubai, just the government and the cruel top 1% that throw money towards ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Robert Balejik : I knew lots of instamodels are high class hookers - no way they'd be traveling all the time and living just of instagram (except may be the top ones which do a lot of actual modeling - top models, SI...), but defecating srsly?... disgusting. If they want to punish them isn't bdsm enough?

Kat Wilson : Why is everyone hyped about Dubai? As a worker abroad cruise ship we've made a stop and I've seen how shitty, dull, boring and mostly sandy there is. Do not reccomend a visit. Nothing is more beautiful than green landscape with fancy and tasteful little towns and villages.

xeniosaias : No mate they have good 'friends' 😉

J A : Someone sounds jealous that he isn’t shitting on prostitutes in Dubai

el Negro Noche : #MEPOO

Old account : Look I don’t agree with most of your views but idk why ppl dislike this video. It’s true, it’s really true. So people need to stop being butthurt. And the defecation thing is a power thing for these men.

Mista Butterworth : The only reason Dubai is considered a glamorous destination is because it’s so different and exotic from all the big cities you’d really want to be. Dubai is a shit hole built on sand, and the men are creeps.

biggest smoke : Well you got oil for THOTS

MiMiB__ _ : Many IG "models" wanna stunt on the gram like their life is so much better, giving young girls #lifegoals when low an behold they're pulling tricks in exchange for Gucci. Smh if they have no self respect that's fine, but the fact they have such a platform and use it for fraud to make others feel less than is sad and disgusting

Melon Dick : I wouldnt be surprised if it's true they like to defecate on the models. I have a friend who's from the middle east and works on ships and another friend who works with oil industry tycoons out there. They both say that they are raised to believe that western women are all sluts and less than their own women. (Some types of Jewish are like this too). When the Syrian refugees started coming in gang raping women all over germany and wherever else they went, those attackers didnt see what they did as wrong, to them the western women are just horny dirty objects with no morals. Even if they have blood, tears, pain, misery, (and souls if you're religious/spiritual). It's a damn shame really, I'm glad the US isn't about that refugee business. People can't just come in from anywhere and reject our laws and values and act barbaric like they do in their shithole country or tolerate barbaric actions.

TheLukeylala : These are not the type of girls you want as a wife, hell even a girlfriend.

saint nic cage : Oil thots haha

js790 : Yuck 🤮

Jael Esilaba : I used to work there he did not lie at all 😂😂

Laramie Monroe : i knew it. saudi arab is worse. they take house maids from other countries and rape them.

Super Sarah : Poor poor girls who were never taught their worth

vic aitken : Slutzillas

Lil Faggit : The title's giving me OCD

Harry Senior : Yeah some of these girls need a burka

Vashj Leydi : So there was an asian thicc model i was always following on instagram, she is innocent looking and also slim thick and cute and currently in dubai.. now i know why she is there.

Somechuvak : >There's nothing wrong with being a whore. Current year

Chris Faraday : 50 Shades of Brown :[])>

Ginger Bread : Not only Insta models but almost all models are callgirls. Including your favorite male and female celebrity. They don't necessarily have to go to Dubai, tho.

TheDragon : Wtf is it about Dubai that ppl feel the need to brag about going there? 💀💀

Wholesome Lad : *Interesting*

Megalina Wong : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Don Dinero : Dubai porta potties

Keil Cas : When kanye was locked up, kim khardashian was parading around dubai with a lollipop in her mouth.

guillermo sanchez : Can confirm this even happens on a local level I was reading a greentext thread once where the guy posted a story about how he banged an Instagram model as it turns out alot of "Instagram models" are basically idolized hookers not all of them but alot of them advertise on prostitution sites like backpage before it went down I actually went to check if there were any chicks that do this in my city I found two but chances are there are more and they move frequently always posting pics of smoking weed flying first class eating whatever they like hanging out with other hookers etc it's sad really some girls genuinely idolize and encourage this behavior.

Cupcake Lover : This isn't just happening in Dubai. There is a lot of old nasty men in Europe, Latin America, other parts of Asia. Lol i saw a video of a 17 year old girl from the Dominican republic that said some old guy from Switzerland would send her money because when he would come she would sleep with him.

K : It's prolly true but what are the racist comments for?

Justiceforall : I found this out a while back when Kim Kardashian kept taking mini vacay's in Dubai.

sym : We been knew sis. 🤢😷😭

Muriel Oduro : Poo carries lots of infections and bacteria..

Eric Chandler : I want pickled eggs.

Aditya Sanjeev : The accent makes this video a 1000 times funnier 😆

Kagiso Lekoa : I do not know how this got into my recommendation but what a revelation.

RUSKY BIAS : This bloke is gut, I sub

RexXflash : I say we don't let them come back to west. Let them enjoy being forced into marriage by kebabs since they love Dubai so much, sluts

Rich Ceretto : The things people think of! I believe I’ve seen it all and then this, just blows my mind!

El Goose : First class hookers really upped their game

smart water : This guys is salty he can't get those girls and not the rich successful man who are getting these girls in dubai

RenegadeRaida : I'm beginning to dislike Arabs as much as i do Blacks