Eating Wings with North Koreans

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SleepIsOverrated : [ *Sweats in American* ]

PommdönerTV : The woman with the glasses has such an energy. Like she really makes me wanna hug her

G Issa : bruh they are drinking Jaritos Mexican soda? that's awesome, how do Korean women feel about Mexican men?

Ojay Is Ojay : Food really is a bridge to different worlds. A delightful watch. Thanks for this one!

Linda Elvenia : I really like Sky’s participation in this video. Not only is he an American, if you didn’t read the description you wouldn’t have known that he’s actually a 10 year military veteran. Since males and females are required to be in-listed in North Korea, if America and North Korea had an actual war, these people,who are face-to-face over table of food, could have very well been face-to-face over the barrel of a gun. Sky was very respectful and I’m glad to see that. I would love to see more content with him in it.

aR0ttenBANANA96 : South and North Koreans, eating american wings while drinking Jarritos? That's beautiful

Alberto Hernández Gastelú : So, North Koreans are into spicy food and drinking "Jarritos" soda? [ *smiles and relates to them in Mexican* ]

BurittoLoverFTW : I like the meme at 15:26 (Sweats in american). CC person needs a raise.

Victor Waddell : My grandpa was a soldier in Korea during the war . He drove a truck carrying supplies and soldiers to the front lines . Sometimes he drove back to base with an empty truck , sometimes he carried troops back to base after they had been in battle for some time . Some of those men had been wounded in the fighting . One of his duties was to guard his base , carrying a carbine , with orders to shoot anyone who tried to enter the base without permission. Outside their perimeter fence they had created a trash dump . The locals began to come out in numbers to pick through the refuse . Grandpa had been ordered to shoot those who got too close to their base . Sometimes they would fire their weapons over the heads of the trash pickers to scare them off and show their sergeants that they were doing their job . The locals would return after a while and continue to search through the waste . My grandpa and his fellow soldiers were born during the American Depression and knew what it was like to be poor and hungry . He told me that they couldn't shoot people who were worse off than they had been . They had no problem with shooting at enemy soldiers , but poor civilians , No .

Manic flying cat : North Koreans aren't bad, the government are bad

MrMrwilson11 : I am so happy for these young people. But I am also so sad for the ones they left behind who may never share in this exchange of friendship. I am glad Digitalsouju has done this for them

carlo sollestre : [Laughs, sweats in American] lul these subs are funny

Selena Gomez Acapella : Who else loves carrot sticks and ranch? 😋

Ayleen Narvaez : Pilju looks like he's living his best life and I'm here for it.

Sofia Barrera : As a Mexican I was really surprised by the Jarritos soda lmao

Just Myth : Just use your hands 😂. The glasses women know what’s up. Love watching them eating.

Andrew K : As a South Korean, this is so fun to see? I don't know why, I've had wings before, I kind of understand where their thought process about food comes from, and it's hard to explain MAKE MORE videos with these amazing people! PilJU hyung is so well spoken too

e : *Flabbergasted in North Korean*

Star SpookyBooky : Greetings from Buffalo, NY!

UnderscoreBrian : I was a bit indecisive about what to eat today. Well, it looks like I'm gonna go eat some wings. Thank you.

Conservative : *claps in Ukrainian*

Torri Brown : Those two women with the older one to the left had me DYING they were so animated and funny

KpopKnitter : They are all so cute and well-spoken. I love how sincere all of their reactions are. As an American, I was also raised with a negative mindset towards North Korea. Now that I am older and can think for myself (gasp), I’ve come to really respect everyone. Thanks for these wonderful videos!

Fsilone : Always look forward to videos with the North Korean folks.

Mimp J : American guy sounds like a Korean speaking Morgan Freeman. ♡

Marlon Elias : I want to see them try Filipino Food!.!.

RummerChan : First BBQ, then wings, then RANCH? @_@ They're making them American.

Raoul Larrinaga : Mad props to the homie Sky for speaking Korean so fluently and repping some Spidey love

Luscious Angel : Even though Mortal Enemies is in quotation marks, I just have to say that actual North Korean people should not be our "enemies", they're mainly just brainwashed people that are forced to conform to the beliefs and rules of Kim. It's not like the laws are harmless, they dehumanize people and also are just not fair. I never really thought of them as my enemy, I only can't stand Kim. But I see he's trying to make a difference. Hopefully it ends well.

Andy Lord : I'd love to see westerners try North Korean food.

Becki Green : I wish Sunsil Lee had her own YouTube channel. She is so funny. (I like all the people in the video though)

Trump Dayz : Great Video!

Smeebo Smeebo : [Flabbergasted in North Korean]

Daniel Patelesio : I love how happy Kim Pil-Ju looks when he likes food

daphoenixto : As a Canadian I gotta say food brings people together...this was a nice thing to see bravo producers of the video !

Ricky94 : Make food, Not war

BlessedHawaii : *Hears black mans deep voice in Korean* Me: *turns gay in American*

Pipenger and Partners, LLP : These are, bad none, some of the best videos on YouTube. I SO want to come to Korea to meet these wonderful, warm, loving, and courageous people. Thanks so much.

GreenLanternSalem : WINGSTOP WOOOO. I want to give these people Pizza, BBQ Ribs, and Louisiana style Gumbo and Jambalaya. THEY DESERVE TO KNOW WE EAT RICE :)

Patrick Storey : I love these videos. I wish I could bring delicious food to all the people in North Korea :(

Crackerz GD : Im from Vancouver :)

WorkHard BeNice : Homegirl with the glasses is adorable! She needs her own show.

WuzNab : Anyone try turkey wings? They are huge!

Cabbage Lettuce : Can Pil-Ju be any more sweeter?

Bryan Fernandez : 아우~ 아줌마 정말요 멋지다

Zelmel : I'm always happy to see videos with Sunsil, Pilju, and Minho, they always have really interesting perspectives on things and seem like awesome people.

Spencer Radie : I like how he said real men choose rock so she would win knowing she wanted to. Much Respect.

말좀하자 : 제목을 한글로 해서 올려줘신다면 더욱 많은 사람이 보면서 조회수가 많이 올라갈꺼라 생각합니다 재미있네요

Yudi E : Lols the woman with the glasses is hilarious and has such great energy about her. I am glad they got to experience this. Food brings people together.