Eating Wings with North Koreans | Feasting with your former "Mortal Enemy"

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aR0ttenBANANA96 : South and North Koreans, eating american wings while drinking Jarritos? That's beautiful

MrMrwilson11 : I am so happy for these young people. But I am also so sad for the ones they left behind who may never share in this exchange of friendship. I am glad Digitalsouju has done this for them

Jojo Iwata : Where can I get those finger condoms?

Digitalsoju TV : If you like our videos, please consider donating to Digitalsoju via Patreon. It'll go towards funding future projects and help us with renting/buying better equipment. Each project costs us anywhere between $700-$1,000 up (casting, hiring someone for lighting, hiring a host, renting additional cameras, etc): If you can't donate anything, the next best thing you is like and share this video! Thanks for watching! ***************************************** If you want to help North Korean refugees in South Korea, please check out these two NGOs: -TNKR (Teach North Korean Refugees) - Helps NK refugees get a private English education (which is often necessary for good jobs and also not cheap here). Please visit: -Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) - LiNK brings North Korean refugees to freedom and safety through a 3,000-mile rescue route through China and Southeast Asia, and works to change the narrative on North Korea by bringing more focus to the North Korean people. Please visit:

Ojay Is Ojay : Food really is a bridge to different worlds. A delightful watch. Thanks for this one!

SleepIsOverrated : [ *Sweats in American* ]

Explore the wonders : My god I now want to go to South Korea just to try the wings it looks so good!

G Issa : bruh they are drinking Jaritos Mexican soda? that's awesome, how do Korean women feel about Mexican men?

Smeebo Smeebo : [Flabbergasted in North Korean]

UnderscoreBrian : I was a bit indecisive about what to eat today. Well, it looks like I'm gonna go eat some wings. Thank you.

Luis R : Drinking jarritos?!! Dopeee hahaha nice one guys.

WorkHard BeNice : Homegirl with the glasses is adorable! She needs her own show.

Marlon Elias : I want to see them try Filipino Food!.!.

Trump Dayz : Great Video!

Nymeria : I did a double take when this appeared in my sub box. I couldnt stop smiling watching their reactions. Fantastic episode! ☺

Rachel Allen : The subtitles has me dying sometimes. “Laughing in American” 😂. But in all seriousness though, it’s great that they get to do things like this to demonstrate how humbling it is to have this type of life where we don’t have to worry about our next meal, whether someone is spying on us, etc. Pil Ju has got to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen though. ☺️

Raed3n : 2:20 [Flabbergasted in North Korean] Well done

CiderDivider : Wings are delicious! I'm happy they all had a great meal together. Thank you for sharing this video

Brandan B : God damn this video makes me feel good.

Bushviper : Next episode, North Koreans try Mexican Food!

Ken Smith : I dunno how you do it, but your videos keep getting better. And as a Buffalonian, this one hit close to my heart(stomach?). It's wonderful to see people on the other side of the world enjoying our local invention/addiction. I love the group of North Korean's you've assembled. They've all got such great personalities. But, once again, the woman with the glasses really brings it. She's awesome! I'm glad you guys at least started with Blue Cheese. Using Ranch as a dip for wings here(Buffalo at least) is pretty much blasphemy. As is using finger gloves. It's supposed to be messy!! If there's one thing these videos have shown, it's that food really bridges divides and brings people together.

Cornelius Snow : Always excited for a new Digitalsoju video and this one didn't disappoint. It's so fascinating hearing these people talk and even though I don't like Wings, I really want some now.

Josh Michael : 15:26 - "Sweats in American" hahah

Chronostasis : I love the auntie, she's hilarious.

Nagarath16 : I like how North Koreans seem to naturally use more deep noises and wide open expressions about things than South Koreans. Seems that with South Koreans you just see actors using them while acting and those aren't always as natural.. But I maybe totally wrong with this.. I'm just outsider who doesn't know the language enough. I would like to just know.. Do I imagine that fact or has others noticed it too? Anyway.. I would like to talk with all of them a full day.. Or even a week. And I'm usually not that much social person or interested on people. If any of them is ever interested practicing English with me through letters (or emails - i like letters more) I'm up to it. o/

saldiven2009 : They had a good idea there. Have some American ex-pats try some North Korean food made by some of the people who fled from NK to SK.

supe12man1991 : Can you guys keep making more videos I've already re watched most of them 3 times 😭

Celeste : You're Back!!! But then again its sad because this means you guys will be gone for some time again. NOOOOO!!! 😣 BTW amazing video once again, only the best from Digitalsoju TV

Selena Gomez Acapella : Who else loves carrot sticks and ranch? 😋

Ronald Tucker : They all seem very impressive folks, very direct and observant. I particularly like the lady in the polka-dot dress and glasses. She dug in with her hands with gusto and good humor. Great video

Nanashi : *laughs in American*

Andrew K : As a South Korean, this is so fun to see? I don't know why, I've had wings before, I kind of understand where their thought process about food comes from, and it's hard to explain MAKE MORE videos with these amazing people! PilJU hyung is so well spoken too

wtglb : It's such a shame the North Korean people are trapped in tyranny and suffer because of that nut job, they are no different from the rest of us.  So sad.

I have no will to live : *Flabbergasted in North Korean*

RNLH : but seriously, i love these videos. so heartwarming

lashutterbug : #worldpeacethroughwings

Ein The Corgi : “Laughs in American” omg 😂

Demigod is Real : the editing and subtitles! *thumbs up in American* :)

GoalieStrings : Bruh we just gunna ignore that shocker reference ?😂

snakerb : “Sweats in American “ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

tewkewl : this premise is effed up. korea has wings. tons of them. just not american wings. you act as if american wings are the "real wings"

Emin Gani : The woman with the glasses has such an energy. Like she really makes me wanna hug her

Michele Hii : Please make more videos like this! 😄

Andy Lord : I'd love to see westerners try North Korean food.

BurittoLoverFTW : I like the meme at 15:26 (Sweats in american). CC person needs a raise.

carlo sollestre : [Laughs, sweats in American] lul these subs are funny

stubbyfingers15 : You know those wings were good because their lips were smacking. lol

aKINDofBEEF : Thank you, sir, for doing such a great job representing us Americans. I can never get over the gratitude that oozes from these North Korean defectors. I love these videos! The only problem is there is not enough of them. Keep them coming!

Gen Sis : My favorite channel on YouTube. Love from California USA

enokii : I loved the ahjumma with glasses, I just want to give her a big hug. 😁 Subscribed!