Solo: A Star Wars Story - Sabotage Trailer Re-Cut

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Mal : I suggest that Disney offer this creator a consulting deal, at the very least. I had ZERO interest in seeing this in the theater... after this forceful (grin) reinterpretation of the footage, I may very change my mind.

Omar Correa : HOLY CRAP!!! That was so freakin awesome! I wasn't pumped for the movie before but just this version of the trailer got me excited.

kastigere : How a song can make a trailer better by more than 12 parsecs

Joel Gustafsson : Awesome. I've got a silly grin from ear to ear! :D

dltReviews : Is this classical music?

Mikey McKernan : Hire this person.

SquiresIsle : Is that... classical music?

Blaine Hoover : This song has the remarkable ability to fit with just about anything.

ComicBookCast2 : this is great man

Paul Heyman : Anything is better with Sabotage.

Nathem : But can Boba Fett dance to it?

Peter Cursio : This is so much better than the official trailer, it actually makes the movie seem like it's going to be really good.

Adam Parker : Holy Crap! I’m so pumped right now I want to go punch a storm trooper in the face! You win Sir! *Bows Theatrically*

Ryan Stefani : Hey every single movie studio trailer maker person. Take note. This is how you garner interest. This. Is. Awesome.

Blake Kellinger : This is a freaking fantastic trailer! This should’ve been used for the first trailer for Solo in my opinion!

ba55letmysoulfly : This is so much better that the actual trailer!

mrsmi1ey : That was brilliant. How is this not already viral?!

Clarence Dass : I honestly didn't give a shit about the original trailer. This makes me excited, but that's because "Sabotage" makes everything better. But seriously, Great job. You actually gave the film the "attitude" it lacked in the original cut.

nuculearbazooka : You win. *closes internet account*

Matt Brown : If only the original trailer could give me goosebumps like this! Great Job!

Roberto Suarez : This is how you sell this movie!

Lorum Ipsum : I really hope that trooper that wipes out at 40 seconds yelps a Wilhelm scream in the actual movie.

Sandro Frias : I can't believe how much changing the song & editing made for this trailer. From me having a meh...feeling, to holy sh*t I have to watch this thing. Disney give this guy credit & pay the beastie boys for the song and let's keep it moving. After that make sure you edit the movie so it's awesome and you're home free.


rustyATV : I dare someone to remix it to "Convoy" by C.W. McCall

Sullyhogs : J.J. probably loves this

JT Brah : I didn't want to see this movie before, but this trailer gives me chills

João Gonçalves : Woody Harrelson and Donald Glover dope

Hairless Monk : Well that was dope.

El Lobo : 105 tide pod eaters didn't like it.

Cameron Harmer : That third guardians of the galaxy came out fast.

Happy Camper : At like 1:03 did they add the Falcon's targeting sounds as a background loop to the track? If so: genius.

KinnonP : I think you just put more than a few million straight on the box office gross right there, Jeez , that got the heart rate up. Beautiful job, The hype is real with this cut.

Stephen Reid : Here from io9, hope your views jump :)

Snack Time : Better than the actual trailer.

christmdog : >mfw its not intergalactic

90 Lancaster : Yes that is better. It adds energy. Just the "I'm Han Solo" one adds "Fun"

Caleb Whitcraft : WHY IS THIS NOT REAL

Shirley Burton : I can't just like it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! This has to be the ONLY song that can work for BOTH Star Trek and Star Wars!

TheNightGroper : SO much better.

Miker Tower : THAT'S AWEEEEEEESOOOOOOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!! B.B Rocks!!!!!!!!! and Han for Sure likes that!!!!!!

Jon Daniel : God bless the people who find these musical patterns

Prakersh : Who knew the most Bad Ass character of the Universe needed the most Bad Ass music in the universe... Hmmm

Don Hiles : Man I wish they'd pay you for this to run in May!

Ryan VanDalinda : This even better than the actual trailer.

Excalibur01 : So this is JJ Abrams' influence coming full circle?

Paul Leblanc : I got here because of Hello Internet, and this is amazing. Great job guys, keep it up!

Isaac Vander Sluis : So much better than the real trailer. P.S. Hi there Tims.

Jeremy W. Jones : Hello Internet brought me here.

RJ Horacek : Better than the official trailer. Got me way more stoked to see it! 👍🏻