Solo: A Star Wars Story - Sabotage Trailer Re-Cut

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Omar Correa : HOLY CRAP!!! That was so freakin awesome! I wasn't pumped for the movie before but just this version of the trailer got me excited.

ComicBookCast2 : this is great man

Mal : I suggest that Disney offer this creator a consulting deal, at the very least. I had ZERO interest in seeing this in the theater... after this forceful (grin) reinterpretation of the footage, I may very change my mind.

Joel Gustafsson : Awesome. I've got a silly grin from ear to ear! :D

Nathem : But can Boba Fett dance to it?

dltReviews : Is this classical music?

kastigere : How a song can make a trailer better by more than 12 parsecs

Blake Kellinger : This is a freaking fantastic trailer! This should’ve been used for the first trailer for Solo in my opinion!

mrsmi1ey : That was brilliant. How is this not already viral?!

Mikey McKernan : Hire this person.

Adam Parker : Holy Crap! I’m so pumped right now I want to go punch a storm trooper in the face! You win Sir! *Bows Theatrically*

SquiresIsle : Is that... classical music?

rustyATV : I dare someone to remix it to "Convoy" by C.W. McCall

Blaine Hoover : This song has the remarkable ability to fit with just about anything.

Ryan Stefani : Hey every single movie studio trailer maker person. Take note. This is how you garner interest. This. Is. Awesome.

Stephen Reid : Here from io9, hope your views jump :)

nuculearbazooka : You win. *closes internet account*

Paul Heyman : Anything is better with Sabotage.

Lorum Ipsum : I really hope that trooper that wipes out at 40 seconds yelps a Wilhelm scream in the actual movie.

Peter Cursio : This is so much better than the official trailer, it actually makes the movie seem like it's going to be really good.

Sullyhogs : J.J. probably loves this

Happy Camper : At like 1:03 did they add the Falcon's targeting sounds as a background loop to the track? If so: genius.

El Lobo : 105 tide pod eaters didn't like it.

Miker Tower : THAT'S AWEEEEEEESOOOOOOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!! B.B Rocks!!!!!!!!! and Han for Sure likes that!!!!!!

Matt Brown : If only the original trailer could give me goosebumps like this! Great Job!

ba55letmysoulfly : This is so much better that the actual trailer!

christmdog : >mfw its not intergalactic

Roberto Suarez : This is how you sell this movie!

Hairless Monk : Well that was dope.

Sean Galbraith : I hate the use of BB songs in Star Trek... and this is amazing.

90 Lancaster : Yes that is better. It adds energy. Just the "I'm Han Solo" one adds "Fun"

Taco : This was so cool! Great job ! 😊

Carlos Pacheco : this is my new favourite thing

Life's Little Anecdotal Moments : that's freakin awesome!

João Gonçalves : Woody Harrelson and Donald Glover dope

KinnonP : I think you just put more than a few million straight on the box office gross right there, Jeez , that got the heart rate up. Beautiful job, The hype is real with this cut.

razzmatazz363 : speechless.

Isaac Vander Sluis : So much better than the real trailer. P.S. Hi there Tims.

einerus : Soooooo awesome :D

Bill Hargenrader : Well done!


Robert Dall : Gotta love the use of sabotage!

Jon Daniel : God bless the people who find these musical patterns

Paul Hohenadel : Brilliant.

Sandro Frias : I can't believe how much changing the song & editing made for this trailer. From me having a meh...feeling, to holy sh*t I have to watch this thing. Disney give this guy credit & pay the beastie boys for the song and let's keep it moving. After that make sure you edit the movie so it's awesome and you're home free.

LtDan61350 : Dude! Well done!

JT Brah : I didn't want to see this movie before, but this trailer gives me chills

Hell Arrow Noe : Love the song. Hope the movies good.

Rogue Pilot : Better than the actual trailer.

Shirley Burton : I can't just like it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! This has to be the ONLY song that can work for BOTH Star Trek and Star Wars!