Daisy Ridley remembers getting the part of Rey - The Graham Norton Show: 2017 - BBC One

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James Heath : 0:12 😂

Derek Murray : She's the new Keira Knightley

Darth Nihilus : Never did I ever think I’d hear Daisy Ridley drop an F bomb. 😂

Zeo Mempho : The perfect woman doesn't exis.......

Tyler 799 : Daisy is so beautiful 😍

aaronthepea : mark hamil seems so jaded

JasTGC 911 : that screem tho

Sophie Baldwin : ‘it was a f u c k i n g long play’

Cashbah : 0:53 "Hello darkness my old friend..."

Francesco Bonfiglio : She looks like young Keira Knightley

DMJ : Aha just gotta love how down to earth and how un-hollywood daisy ridley is!

Muhammad I’m hard Bruce lee : John thinks he’s denzel Washington

ziiink : She is actually the most beautiful woman in the world

Cdr101 : 1:09 had me in bits. She's so funny

Pritish Murgan : I was at the thea-tah! 0:12

Spudly1234567 : Hot!

MARCUS KAWA : 0:12 iconic

choicesman2000 : f long play lol

Candy Byrne : First and like if ur watching in 2017

South Park Fnatic : Y doesn't John have his own one like the other 3?

Romynay Art : she's so cute x') <3

steven verdugo : Member when actors acted? I member.

Short Tom : 1:09

Mecca Miles : All that beautiful cleavage.

The honey Badger : Should never of been cast

Paulq02 : You are fake news

Joe Smith : I just saw her in murder on the orient express. She should do another movie

David Rook : Terrible dress for someone being flat chested.

Darkness 300305 : 1:08😂😂😂😂😂 Edit:I ❤ her so much

2Words 1Finger : Where was she when the news broke that she got the part??? Well my guess would be Hollywood, face down and ass up in the producers bed !!

Kylo Targaryen : That little screach from Daisy when she started talking was adorable!

thegooseman90 : Daisy Ridley <3

Idealista Bottini : Daisy is very beautiful and also ironic

burnsr92 : Never realized how much she looks like Lily James

smack daddy : 0:12 Just an "UM" and we're in love :)

Rhianjuan Snow : I love rey she my favourite person I love her rey and I love star wars force awakens I love you rey

John11121 : she looks like she has really muscular pecks

Christopher Hunt : i was thinking. it's not fair that women can wear shit like that and then i feel like a pervert for wondering what she looks like naked. am i wrong?.. just a thought. im not saying women shouldnt be able to show some skin but this outfit in particular has me filling in the blanks if you know what i mean.

iamdmc : daisy's the most blah choice they could have possibly made

kasegi Yabu : She's the gobshite down the pub that pisses off everyone. Add to that the fact she can't act, and I'm at a loss to understand why she got the part.

StevenC32 : She has a potty mouth like so many melinnials.

Dankest Network : Thumbs up if you think Daisy is beautiful!

StarTuber : Daisy dropped an F bomb... My life is complete... ♥️

Jack Carter : She has a very deep voice. Why is she sounding like a man?

David Sherrill : Shitty actors, HORRIBLE MOVIE

John Doolittle : Oh my, Daisy should not wear such a low cut dress. It looks awful. Why do some women think all they have to offer is showing up half naked??

jason4275 : Mark Hamil doing his ben affleck sad face knowing that he's only doing it for the money, and fans

AndresM : So funny, before the Force Awakens, she was not sure of even what a Jedi was. She was never interested in star wars yet got the role. So lame.


Sid Pirate : Daisy!