Casually Explained: The Creative Process
The creative process

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Abram SF : If at first you don’t succeed, keep banging your head against that wall. At some point you’ll break through, or die from a head injury.

AYAYA : Shoutout to my grandpa coz that’s the only way he can hear

Supaflyy Owen : Step 3 : Realize your personality is gonna have to carry 😭😭

Versaucey : Edgar Allan Poe carrying the rap game in the 19th Century.

FroyoHead Animation : Who needs creativity nowadays when you have memes

Jamie : ".. you've given the little guy a personality so he can connect with you."

ActionGal : *_"If you trust yourself.. and believe in your dreams ..and follow your star.. you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy"_*

Our Founding Liars : Hard to casually explain how Creativity is a side effect of chem trails! Keep asking questions

True Medallion : *Thinking very hard to pass the first question on the quiz. Looking at the dots*... then... "So Domino's is definitely the greatest value especially when there's a deal on" Dead...😂

Bat : 1. Come up with good idea 2. Try to implement good idea 3. Fail 4. Realize it was a dumb idea 5. sadboyhour

A I : *My creative progress for programming:* 1) Make hot chocolate 2) open up Dreamweaver 3) put on lo-fi hip hop study beats 4) take a picture of my setup for insta story 5) try to program 6) doesn't compile 7) close laptop and cry 8) turn on PS4 7) RDR2 time

corki : I paused the video for like a half an hour trying to solve the last question, finally gave up, started the video and realised I never will be creative.

Science with Katie : I love the individual colours in the word creative, very artist and innovative.

Dacommenta : The biggest recovery of this century is Elon Musks hair line.

OnlyOnline2O1O : Is girls not discovering you the reason why you started YouTube? ;)

ziljin : I have the creativity of a wet blanket

Jordan Spano : That slam poetry comment was absolute pure gold.

Kuroi Amai Tenshi : Hahahahahhahahaa step 3 get a job so you can afford more paint hahahahhaah so real, is sad :( hahahah :(

dcha9010 : "Realize your personality is going to have to carry you", if you never realize that step you end up being the basement dweller that uses piss bottles as scented candles.

Gray Knight : Step 4 for painters: D I E

familyguyaddict83 : step 1: Green is not a creative color.

callison caffrey : You got me. I'll complete the next number in the sequence. Seriously though, that was madly creative. I'm highly impressed.

Spadegreen : You remind me of this fortnite streamer I know.

Giovanni : I got an ad at the beginning of the video with a guy just screaming "Duck game! DUCK GAME! BUY NOW" I haven't even watched the video yet, but I like what I've seen so far.

Drew Boivie : I tried to complete the next number in the sequence, but your subscriber count went down by one. The cost of creativity, I guess...

tai man : Weird flex on the sub count, but ok

Bronze : The Raven is such a good track. The rap game will nevermore improve.

Yash Yash : 'So he can connect with you...' probably one of the best lines I've ever heard in my life....

Christof Verhoog : 4:00 I actually figured it out before he gave the answer 😊😎

レイ·ライト -Raylight : Congratz for almost 2M subscibers! Can you casually explain how do you manage to do that? :P

Justin Y's Stand : 0:35 "Get your heart broken" My heart broke from laughing so hard at this one.

Internet Account : Japan has a GDP of 4.872 trillion USD Target Corp has a Market Cap of 44.38B USD Dominos has a Market Cap of 11.02B USD

Thomas Harneshaug : Posted 1 min ago Me: nice vid man

waranacho The Newt : Congratulations man, u just cost me my only hours of sleep xD nice videos dude keep going ;-)

•김정은 : Everyone is a philosopher in 2018 tho

Clare Liang : 'You've given the little guy a personality so now he can connect with u' I died 😂😂

Karen Pham : You got me with the dots.

TyphoonZebra : I wonder how this guy must feel knowing that a single joke he made spawned an entire other successful youtube channel (tierzoo).

RussianAlexandrite : Is it just me or do Casually Explained and CGP grey have very similar voices

Vampires vs Zombies : Trying to come up with a "creative" comment. . . Just like this, I just can't!

Aaron Beams : Dude keep it up, proud of you =3

Jesus Charlie : Lol That's crazy I answered all questions correctly aexcept 2nd one.. I just fold paper and u get square with 4 dots and bazinga... Connect them 🤣🤣🤣

BluGyal : Can you do ASMR? Your voice is so relaxing! Congrats on reaching 1.9M 🎉

samauri butler : "Famous twitch streamer begins a new journey. Unique youtube channel"

Konkykong : Is it just me or has his voice gotten darker?

kiue6a : Smooth Casually Explained is smooth. I completed the next number in the sequence a long time ago.

KAce Magic : "Saves you money and gets you honeys"... maybe I've been using it wrong?

officialnucky : Love that your videos are now around 50% shorter and 100% more ads 👌

William Vincent : "Realize your personality is going to have to carry you" *RIP, Me.*