Casually Explained: The Creative Process

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Versaucey : Edgar Allan Poe carrying the rap game in the 19th Century.

Abram SF : If at first you don’t succeed, keep banging your head against that wall. At some point you’ll break through, or die from a head injury.

SnowToad : Was this video just a huge flex on your sub count

FroyoHead Animation : Who needs creativity nowadays when you have memes

Our Founding Liars : Hard to casually explain how Creativity is a side effect of chem trails! Keep asking questions

Science with Katie : I love the individual colours in the word creative, very artist and innovative.

True Medallion : *Thinking very hard to pass the first question on the quiz. Looking at the dots*... then... "So Domino's is definitely the greatest value especially when there's a deal on" Dead...😂

AYAYA : Shoutout to my grandpa coz that’s the only way he can hear

Supaflyy Owen : Step 3 : Realize your personality is gonna have to carry 😭😭

Jamie : ".. you've given the little guy a personality so he can connect with you."

Max : "Edgar Alan Poe,one of the Americas earliest and most influencial white rappers" LMAO

ActionGal : *_"If you trust yourself.. and believe in your dreams ..and follow your star.. you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy"_*

OnlyOnline2O1O : Is girls not discovering you the reason why you started YouTube? ;)

A I : *My creative progress for programming:* 1) Make hot chocolate 2) open up Dreamweaver 3) put on lo-fi hip hop study beats 4) take a picture of my setup for insta story 5) try to program 6) doesn't compile 7) close laptop and cry 8) turn on PS4 7) RDR2 time

Kuroi Amai Tenshi : Hahahahahhahahaa step 3 get a job so you can afford more paint hahahahhaah so real, is sad :( hahahah :(

Bat : 1. Come up with good idea 2. Try to implement good idea 3. Fail 4. Realize it was a dumb idea 5. sadboyhour

Jordan Spano : That slam poetry comment was absolute pure gold.

corki : I paused the video for like a half an hour trying to solve the last question, finally gave up, started the video and realised I never will be creative.

ziljin : I have the creativity of a wet blanket

Dacommenta : The biggest recovery of this century is Elon Musks hair line.

Brooke Lee : R u still alive?

tai man : Weird flex on the sub count, but ok

rielitty : _my uncle hits me with slam poetry every night_

Ballsack Bones : We need this video to reach more than 1 million views so he has none under

Internet Account : Japan has a GDP of 4.872 trillion USD Target Corp has a Market Cap of 44.38B USD Dominos has a Market Cap of 11.02B USD

Quink V : I mean I once commented first on a video sooooooooooo

familyguyaddict83 : step 1: Green is not a creative color.

•김정은 : Everyone is a philosopher in 2018 tho

Karen Pham : You got me with the dots.

VanadiumValor : This video was sponsored by Honey: "They make the honey, and we make the money!" -BeeMovie

Mechafinch Personal : You can theoretically connect the 9 dots with 1 line, as long as the line can wrap around the page

Saint horso : Stan lee died. F.

Depression Talks With Immanuel : As a professional graphic designer... I approve this message lol

Stefan Ravn : I think you made a mistake, you accidentally put jimmy carr on that slide with comedians....

Drew Boivie : I tried to complete the next number in the sequence, but your subscriber count went down by one. The cost of creativity, I guess...

Spadegreen : You remind me of this fortnite streamer I know.

007lolinator : I rly like ur videos :)

Ebe Fanta : Step 1:Know how to sing or play an instrument Step 2: Get your heart broken

TheNamesDitto : My man's flexing with those subs! Glad to see your channel grow

Jk Teehee : Low-key flex

Thomas Harneshaug : Posted 1 min ago Me: nice vid man

Aaron Beams : Dude keep it up, proud of you =3

Alex Olsson : That number thing was smooth af

TSM_Cups : step 1 discover girls step 2 girls dont discover you step 3 get your personality to carry

Owenfoster : I have been told to subscribe to a lot of youtubers but this takes the cake for most creative

Yash Yash : 'So he can connect with you...' probably one of the best lines I've ever heard in my life....

bengalifob2 : 3:05 ooh effects

Gulf City : accurate.

Justin Y's Stand : 0:35 "Get your heart broken" My heart broke from laughing so hard at this one.

CheesecakeLasagna : This just made me realize I'm too uncreative to be taking graphics design in college.