D-Day (Rare color footage)

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Gary L : Color footage of WWII was thought to be "rare" because a lot of it wound up in storage vaults or film archives during and after the war. Fortunately a lot has been retrieved and preserved over the years and did not have to be "colorized".

Br4ndit0 : rip doggo

roflcopterkklol : Look at all that male privilege.

Volticymo : The footage being colored makes it feel like it wasn’t that long ago

John Robert Mallernee : My father (now deceased) was there. When I went to Viet Nam, I was the same age he was when he went to Normandy.

Phil Hand : I don't have the words to express my gratitude for what these brave young men did for our country. I may not know you but I love you all.

SMaze17 : Incredible footage. Thx for sharing.

KelpNougatCrunch : They made that puppy a lifejacket

Chris 279 : At 8:45 you see the LST 311. That was my grandfathers ship. He's likely in that footage.

HIGHERWØRLDS PRODCTION : When i was younger, maybe 12 to 18 years old, i always thought how bad ass it would be to be in a war like WWII. You know, blowing shit up, shooting full auto weapons and such. As i matured that feeling was overwhelmed by another. When you actually realize what exactly is going on in such horrific events like this, it really changes you. Ive never seen combat but i have strong feelings for war. Such a traumatizing experience, i can imagine, and i dont think its possible to come back (if you come back) fully sane. Its unimaginable what these guys went through and i have so much respect for these gents

Dave Boerema : These were real man, not like the tide pod eating, don't know which bathroom to use, so-called man children today.

koolerpure : how did men go from heroic and brave to sissy cry babies of today

Indigo Swank : Hmmmm it’s crazy... I don’t see any females 🤔

quantomic1106 : Foxhole Safe space of 1944

sfgmanCA : who would dislike this video? its got great clips ive never seen. thank you for the upload.

Caleb Bitzz : But why is the quality better than my phone.

Scarakus : This looks nothing like saving private ryan...

cornishrob123 : I think of these men most days as we live in vicarage gardens 100 yards from the landing ramp in plymouth. shown at the beginning.

Ben M : Last year I met a veteran who served in Patton's army. He helped end the siege of Bastone. He fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Now he was having dinner with his 2 daughters at my local diner. I shook his hand in awe. I realize it sounds super cheesy to say, but the hand I shook helped defeat and effectively finish off the German army proper. I grew up watching movies about WWII, and it seemed so distant in the past even then (~1970). Now those movies and history came to life, and I reached out and touched it. What a honor and privilege it was to meet and chat with him (until their orders finally came, lol, and I respectfully left them alone. ). These priceless color videos help bring the heroism of our guys back to life too. Thank you.

Luis Martinez : It’s creepy to see them all smiling and in a big group, knowing that most of them probably died hours later.

bring ruckus : @1:10 is that brad Pitt? Knew it

shubham preet : Can anyone tell me why old footages look like, they are little fast forwarded.?!

pg574 : these heroes liberated europe. thank you for your service! and thank you for narrating the video. amazing footage

Los Serpent : poor doggo :(


America's Most Unwanted : 0:28 "I'mma die today"

666zombacalypse : 0:29 look at that smile. u can tell he is proud to fight for his country. I respect soldiers that have the guts to fight. personally im to afraid to go out and fight. thats just gives me more respect for them.

bliztix : War. War never changes

Crypto Andy : I've seen a lot of WW2 footage but never this one! Amazing. Thank you.

Lunatic : When i watch WWII clips , i always get that wierd "nostalgia" feeling ..like somehow i was there and died .Previus life you'd say? Anyone feeling the same?

MrDenizen : We fought the wrong enemy.....

William Beddoe : Thank you for sharing this. My father was a combat cameraman with the Canadian Navy. He filmed the landing of Canadian and British soldiers at Juno beach on D-Day, and went back on another landing craft with American soldiers to Omaha beach on D+4. He was also shooting colour, although, sadly, his footage does not seem to have survived. There was a fire at a film storage facility near Ottawa after the war, and Dad always feared that his D-day films were lost. An archivist got in touch with my dad late last year and searched through the National Archives holdings to try to identify any of his footage. He found a couple of clips (and we also found a bit more war footage in a box in his basement, including some from around D+30), but nothing from D-day. Dad passed away recently, at 98. Watching these films (especially those shot from the landing craft) helps to give me a sense of what he saw. Thanks.

Not Found : they fought the wrong enemy

Amjad Jaradat : they were all tricked to die for the central banking system.

DSG X : So sad. Waste of life

Clout Closet : If this wonderful man was my father, I would never stop listening to his stories

Stephane Grimard : Its not british but Canadian at Juno Beach

Transcendent Studios : America is often criticised for joining the war so late. But let it be said we wouldn’t have won without them, twice! Sword, gold and Juno beach were a picnic compared with Omaha and Utah. Eternally grateful to all these brave men. 🇺🇸 ❤️

rutabagasteu : I see some trolls are commenting.

Pete V : Why were 101st guys in LCIs? Sure they were 101st? Doesn't make sense.

takumi fujitsu : OMG!!! cute Border Collie! cute puppy!

Chaloner : I wish I was alive during WW2.

Mike Lee : War is hell. Amazing footage.

Whit_mexican Quan : It’s sad to see all these kids so happy not knowing what hell they were about to go through

Joule Zul : Young men dying for old men Thats a war

R U 1 2 : It was a Canadian landing craft that the automatic camera took a picture of the men disembarking. This is a famous and beloved picture of the Canadian 1st Division, To our lasting disconcertion, we were always lumped into the category of "British" troops by the American Media. Rightfully so, I guess, as B. Montgomery was our overall commander, under "Ike". But we were part of the shock troops, under our own immediate Canadian commander, and were assigned to Juno Beach.

P Batt : True American Hero's 👍👍👍👍we will never forget you all😀

syntaxed2 : Green rookies with no combat experience assigned for their very first mission the hardest thing in war - frontal attack from the sea into welldefended position. But they did it. True Grit.

Tea Kay : All young man are smiling and a few days later crying for their mothers. What were they expecting from the German Army, being so optimistic about invading France?

Prizzy : 11 mins of pure history