David Harbour Breaks Down Stranger Things Fan Theories from Reddit | Vanity Fair

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Bessie : "I don't have any knowledge of this and i think you're probably very far off" Me to my ex when he told me that I called him the night before when I was drunk

Rosa G : *im sorry.......you ate my cat*

Ruby R : Theory: the upside down is acctually just elevens mind and thats why she said “im the monster” and thats also why she some how recognised the picture of will when he was in the upside down. I think When hawkins lab were doing experiments on her they accidentally discovered a way to get access to her mind and then forced her to open ‘the gate’ which let them have accessibility to her mind whenever they wanted. This would explain why only eleven could fight them off..Because there HER monsters! Agree or disagree lol Edit: yayy thanks for the likes :)

Jack O'Beirne : Animals in upside down = moth Normal world = lamp

faith destiny : he acted strange during the whole "hopper daughter" thoery. it seems to be the most possible thoery, and i really hope that he was lying. i think that the thoery is a cool concept and should be put into the series

Dea Gjorgjioska : I have a theory The demogorgon is actually misunderstood and just wants to have tea with someone but can’t speak human

Imlazydwi : "How was the pull out?" *Spits out coffee*

lustful kweens : i need 2019 to come faster

Jay : 6:10 I- -Looks at Duffer Brothers. Shaking their heads and sliding their finger on their throat Think this is not true

Irma : : Ever since I saw David Harbour, I always thought he looked like bob Duncan

sahar bayat : "I'm the most USELESS person to do these things but thank you for having me " Me at school

your friendly neighborhood minifigure : I have a theory: Will has psychic abilities Now I know season 2 established will has the ability to see into the upside down ever since being abducted there in the first one. But what if he had powers before that? The demigorgon is only interested in abducting things that bleed but will didn't bleed when he was abducted. In fact he wasn't even eaten, He had some upside down slug going down his throat like something to mind control him. I think the thessal hydra wanted will's psychic powers to take over hawkens. I thinl the thessal hydra was connecting to will through his psychic abilities to take over his body after the slug failed.

C A M : I think the demogorgon is one of the test subjects that failed

sassy muffin : roses are red barb is dead hope you’re enjoying your chicken, *ted*

brooke s67 : Hoppers daughter could still be alive they might even faked her having cancer to convince hopper and his wife that she was dying and they shaved her head to convince them even more. Eleven could have even been hoppers daughter and they just don’t know it yet. That would explain her having a shaved head.

Shannon Titley : David Harbour trying not to spoil every future season of Stranger Things for 12 minutes straight

HarleyTreefrog : Theory: when hoppers daughter had her “cancer episode” it was not actually an episode she was seeing the upside down like will did at the end of season 1 in the bathroom after vomiting out dart

Nerulon Skyven : my theory : there will be a third season

RF Gamer34 : Theory The new character In season 3, Robin, is Hopper daughter. 1. We never see her die. And the one rule of tv, you didn't see it, it didn't happen. 2. They look a lot a like, blond hair, other things.... And finally 3. Out of all the towns, Robin, out of all the towns in USA with less controversy, she chose Hawkins, Indiana. Like if you agree or disagree, I don't care which just like.

memeguru : why am i attracted to this male so much. no matter how thick that mustache is, i want that dad bod.

BelieveInMyDaydreams : I love that he took the theories seriously.

STEEL BUM : David is wise leave a like if u agree?

Narin Khlfan : But who's eleven's father?

Caleb Lim : My thoughts were that the Upside Down always existed and is a complete reflection of the world, not just Hawkins, Indiana. The Upside Down, in my theory, is a universe powered by the dark, subconscious minds of everyone on earth, which is why a psychic connection can break the interdimensional barrier, because eleven is able to use her conscious mind to affect the subconscious, exposing it to the real world. The demogorgon and the giant beast thing are visible manifestations of dark psychic energy, so like it's composed of the subconscious despair and fear of billions of people. It sustains itself in the real world by consuming live, sentient animals or humans, consuming their subconscious mental energy to survive.

ethan dont know : That is an amazing mustache

kaya papaya : my theory: every time he looks to the left, he sees the duffer brothers shaking their heads slowly and sliding their finger across their throat so he doesn't reveal the truth.

Lolo : “will is impregnated”

Šimon Očkáš : I like how he speaks in third person but then in the Murray's theory, he goes straight into first person.

T-65B X-Wing Fighter : I think that the Upside Down was originally in El’s mind, but became more and more real until it began to grow bigger. El subconsciously made the upside down and the demigorgon as a manifestation of the testing being done on her(i.e. cold, dark isolation tube, cold dark Upside down) but when she opens the portal to it, it has become more than what she made. The Upside down itself has created its own army, with the Mindflayer/Thesselhydra and demidogs, like new skin built under a scab. Like if you think this could be real!

GuitarAlex Rock101 : He's got the most dad looking moustache ever...I love it.

Allie A : I think we all know Tom Holland could never be allowed to do this with marvel theories He would be like "oH thAT?! tHAt wAs aCTuaLLy OnE oF mY faVOriTe sCeNeS tO FiLm!!1!!1!!!!!"

Owlbaby Z : When he was talking about the theory about his daughter, he kept looking behind the camera. Maybe it is true but he can't say that. Well bye. ( yes the one like is me )

croiisant x : 5:50 is sooo realistic!!

TeiOm3da GD : The upside down represents, or mirrors real life, at the same time as it is going. It’s not the future, it’s not the past. It is the present, literally like looking at a mirror (in this case, more like a foggy mirror). This is demonstrated when Chief Hopper and Joyce are walking through Joyce’s house (in the upside down) and Jonathan (in the regular world) sees the light turn on (at the same time) where Joyce is walking.

Donovan Frost : A theory of my own: As Dustin said in the first season; The Upside Down is the Shadowvale aka the Veil of Shadows, a dark reflection universe that overlaps ours. The border between worlds happens to be particularly thin in Hawkins, hence when Eleven pushed her Psionic powers to the limit remote viewing the Russian man on the other side of the world, she ripped a hole in space time, thus accidentally breaching the wall between the dimensions.

wendy : *iMpReGnAtInG iS iNtErEsTiNg*

Galaxy Stars : He was trying so hard to deny that Hoppers daughter theory probably bc it’s true. And I swear he looks off to the side for answers and what to say.

J. Oscar Polanco : ‘iwas in antartica....’ what!?

Phieilly Dinyia : cuz Dustin is *dumber* than you think

Saniyah Saunders : " Johnathan how was the pull-out?"

Lautaro Quiroga : I have another theory: The Demogorgon is actually GENE PARMESAN, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! EVERY TIME!

Woahwoahwoah Thiccboi : How was the pullout *_chokes_*

piercexthexnece : my theory: his daughter is still alive but shes in the upside down. the Demogorgon has her for bait bc it knows they will find out where she is eventually that then leading them into the demogorgons trap.

DynamicDecru : I am so hyped for season three

Pointafterkill _ : My theory Is get this are u ready The reason why my grape soda didn’t make me a sandwich is because the Barbie was on the grill making hot dogs while Waldo walked on the roof to get my shoes

Rohan Doshi : David Harbour is the Dad of Netflix

Rosalie Barvik : *Rewatch it cause Dustin's dumber than you think* He's actually really smart, he just doesn't target the ladies:/

Henry Kluesner : If you think about Terry Ives creating the upside down she would have to be one of the most not if most powerful telekinetic entities ever because she would have to create a parallel universe just to create the upside down on earth because without everything that surrounds the world it would just be a floating rock traveling into an endless space for eternity unless she made the milky way galaxy again and that took a long time to create the earth In layman’s terms it means she is a god 😂

kevinpilon11 : "I'm the most useless person to do these things, but em, thank you for having me." hahaha

Im Woodz : That’s a manly mustache