Compressorhead Ace of Spades

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Smokalot O’pott : General Grievous is the drummer

john howe : Arbitrary headbanging from the drummer is too good

Aidan C : Now that’s a real metal band

ConfessorEpicness : Do you want SKYNET? Because this is how you get SKYNET!

Daniel Albarracín : The bass player robot simply stands there doing nothing just like a human bass player would do.

brogo ram : Is that a rhoadie holding the hi hat?

Andrew Will : Im pretty sure you cant get more metal than this 🤔😂😂🎸🤖

Bavani Sankar : Wtf did I just watch? And why is the drummer bot so cool? Also, why is the bass guitarist always chill AF?

coc0s : Their performance was so mechanical.

deck15 misfit : They need to practice. They're a bit Rusty

Clash Bandikute : I know these robots already have names, but I'd like to imagine if they were named after Motorhead members, the bassist would be *Lemmy K!LLM4573R* , the guitarist would be *Fast ED-E Clark* , and the drummer would be *Phil Filthy Ani-malware Taylor.* Sorry, I just wanted to bake a dumb joke. :)

Krypto 244 : That’s creepy for some reason

Krishnan unni : And the bassist just stands there😂

Edward Cumpstey : Concerts in 2100.

Skiatook Scott : Sadly the addiction to WD-40 is causing problems at gigs....

fred fredburger : The drummer has four arms. That is awesome. They should hire a composer to write something only a robot could play.

Zob Rombie : Ace of Spanners.

SalmonBoa420 : Ya know all this up scare about technology and how artificial intelligence will take over the world and possibly worrying about these robotic minds will have no compassion for humanity. This is promising that things are gonna turn out all right.

zulfi ikhsan : Imagine metal played by metal

Thomas Nielsen : All we need now is Stephen Hawking on Vocal !!

Israel Barbosa Cruz : O baterista é ótimo para Blast Beats kkkkk

Mick Lethal : I think the Bass Player is broken..

Mission Mike : You got General Grievous on drums

ShockMe1994 : I see I’m not the only one who got this in their recommended videos, you have earned a new subscriber!

blocksterz : Drummer is too good for that band

canal do marcão : bass: jonny 5 drums:general greaivous guitar: texan Wall.E

Aaron Coughman : NUMBER 5 ALIVE STEPHANIE. WTF I guess LSD flashbacks ARE real. . Wow

Tyrone Shoelaces : Throw a bottle at them or tell em to get off the stage.... I dare you!! EXTERMINATE!! EXTERMINATE!!

Adam Dorris : Ummmmmm. No words to describe this but totally METAL!

Savage Truth : When robots look back at this in 200 years, they'll call this slavery and that it's the humans fault. Oh god, here we come!

Amilcar Valença : Next open concert band for ozzy * MONSTER OFF ROCK

Just a regular dude. : Please explain every detail on how you did this! 🤘🤘😂

Davitamon : 😂😂😂🤣😅🤣😂.....Now, these guys are true metalheads!! 🙌🤘

Jdjdhshdhdhr JdjdhshjdjI djiiisj : I feel bad insulting them even though they are robots but this sounds like crap the drums have terrible dynamics and it just ruined everything else. This is kind of cool but I wouldn't choose to listen to it over humans doing a Motörhead cover.

Tyler Mcay : Robot designer: should we make robots to benefit humanity in some way? His mate: naaaaaaah make them play Ace of Spades

Jdjdhshdhdhr JdjdhshjdjI djiiisj : Lemme is rolling in his grave

Lorenzo Lobos : The drummer and bass seem self explanatory on how they work but I'm wondering how the guitarist works

Vigan a.k.a Gon : Good old days when Grievous, T-800 and real life Wall-E still jamming together.

Raczoon : Friend: You should create a band. Engineer: OK!

TJ Firefly : They all got laid by the toaster after the show

Seanado : I've heard that drummer can play T1000 BPM.

circle VIII : WOW I never thought an electronic remix could sound so good!

aunt jenifer : I think I just figured out a way to solve my "drummer problem" 😉

canuckguy worried : Sell this to Disney for their parks?? Beats Abe Lincoln show... 🤣

Kirby Cooper : Rage Against the Human

Mateus gonçalves soares : Kd o davy jones pra reagir isso? Ksksks


Vankroyd Bontia : They are sad because General Grievous left the band. It will never be the same. ;(

BobFishPipe¥€$ : robots will crush humanity... why didnt the drummer robot have 4 arms