Compressorhead Ace of Spades

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Swayze The Hung : When robots look back at this in 200 years, they'll call this slavery and that it's the humans fault. Oh god, here we come!

Majinjef2099 : Domo arigato Mr Roboto

TJ Firefly : They all got laid by the toaster after the show

munchkimmy25 : General Grievous is a mean drummer

beinyourguard : heavy metal playing heavy metal

TeamSlipstreamFM4 : I feel like I'm on a bad acid trip at chuck e cheeses

Wesley Wheeler : Still has more soul than pop music

Tsar Alexander II : MECHANICA

Twobarpsi : The drummer looks like he's having the most fun!

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : That drummer though...

nmeunier : It's typical of the drummer to drown out the rest of the band. Kraftwerk predicted robot groups over 40 years ago.

Steven Stifler : Skynet is approaching 😞

Barry Berry : Only band what can play a gig in the moon

JusticeHasFallen : This is horrifying. Imagine them breaking out and swinging their spiked arms at you...

Tony S : A 3000 piece band...

Dave Mustaine : But does it djent?

ale84 : 1110001111010101010101 11101!

Harry Manback : Sara Conner warned us of this !

SixSentSoldiers : No feel. No soul. Neat though.

Wiktor R : The most heavy metal of all electronic music I've heard

Twiztid 133 : Even a robot is miles better than Lars Ulrich

Adam Pasquale : Send them to mars they would be the first robotic band.

scotty smith : This is the best video I’ve seen on the Tube in a long time

Jay Ramsey : I have no idea what I am watching. But I love it.

Have Guitar : Very cool... and disturbing at the same time. 😮😁🤘

MEHOYNEHOY : General grieves on his day off work

SPROJO : Wtf I didn’t notice that little dude by the high hat. What am I watching right now 😂

Michael Romig : Is the drummer single or.......

Lance Manyon : WOW ! Thats was almost as bad as the real Motorhead.

Consural : 1980: "In the future there'll be robots playing heavy metal." 2013: "I was right."

M.Ahmed Bhinder : Trve Heavy metal 🤘🏼💀⚡️


Johnny Montes : Chuck E Cheese gonna be LIT! Mosh for Tickets kids!!

Kyuss Qotsa : Needs more cowbell!

Skiatook Scott : Sadly the addiction to WD-40 is causing problems at gigs....

Wendel Santana : Show de bola! Nem parece que são simplesmente máquinas programadas, parecem que são seres vivos com um espírito musica! ;-;

Salty Pugwash : This is frikking awsome!

Кали вольт канал : Страшно(

los skabros : Dude they play like the skabros

deck15 misfit : They need to practice. They're a bit Rusty

RapidCycling07 : Whoa these dudes are literally metal heads! Excellent! 🤘🤖

Flo Dassault : Amazing

Emperor Alvis : Drums need to be louder

2004JustBe : DATE 6/19/2018 Wow, the future of Skynet is here!!! Playing music and taking over mankind....scary!

Soft Kitty : OMG the tiny hi-hat assistant !

RedHotSlap : My man's got a Mohican

Rocklando Vidal : WOWnderfull

Cyrus Redblock : Toaster Jam

Lovro Bone : It's god but robot can't be better then me.

Kirby Cooper : Rage Against the Human