Compressorhead Ace of Spades

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Tony S : A 3000 piece band...

Wiktor R : The most heavy metal of all electronic music I've heard

1hourOfLove : Turn the camera around. Show us the hot GROUPIES!

Swayze The Hung : When robots look back at this in 200 years, they'll call this slavery and that it's the humans fault. Oh god, here we come!

GSD fan : And one day they became self aware 😂

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : That drummer though...

Majinjef2099 : Domo arigato Mr Roboto

EuannF : Is that General Grievous on drums?

miclam : Better drummer than lars ulrich

Tanner Loza : Dope. But.. All that genius that went into building, programming, and executing the track, and they still run into the problem of not being able to hear other instruments over the drummer.

Have Guitar : Very cool... and disturbing at the same time. 😮😁🤘

Tsar Alexander II : MECHANICA

Kim Nis : Worlds first REAL metal band.

LEMMY K. IS GOD : Johnny 5 Is ALIVE !! 🤖 🎸

TeamSlipstreamFM4 : I feel like I'm on a bad acid trip at chuck e cheeses

karel degreef : after he made this video in 2013 he started at Boston Dynamics ;-)

Burger : Басист как всегда не о чем, басиста выгоняйте из группы, он на одном аккорде по двум струнам хуярит.

nmeunier : It's typical of the drummer to drown out the rest of the band. Kraftwerk predicted robot groups over 40 years ago.

Vitor Girotto : Isso me dá um pouco de medo

Soft Kitty : OMG the tiny hi-hat assistant !

Bence B : Literally heavy metal.

Trecool l : Skynet IRL !

mxx pro : Heavy Aluminium ! 🤘

KickingAssDaily : And Johnny five feels Alive!

beinyourguard : heavy metal playing heavy metal

SixSentSoldiers : No feel. No soul. Neat though.

munchkimmy25 : General Grievous is a mean drummer

Lance Manyon : WOW ! Thats was almost as bad as the real Motorhead.

Jay Ramsey : I have no idea what I am watching. But I love it.

Salty Pugwash : This is frikking awsome!

MEHOYNEHOY : General grieves on his day off work

filippo mariano : OMG who the f.. is the genius who made it 🤤🤤🤤

ale84 : 1110001111010101010101 11101!

Adam Pasquale : Send them to mars they would be the first robotic band.

Steven Stifler : Skynet is approaching 😞

♫ DJ A.H. ♫ : Holy shit!

M.Ahmed Bhinder : Trve Heavy metal 🤘🏼💀⚡️

Compressorhead : Rock on Lemmy!

Dave Mustaine : But does it djent?

Sir. Rocklando Vidal : WOWnderfull

Cyrus Redblock : Toaster Jam

tinho : Play rush!

Dan The Trombone Man : I want the real sound of a kit without the smelly drunk drummer who keeps ruining my carpet. Here ya go.

Omar Raymundo : This is not something cool ! This scares the shit out of me !!!

Twobarpsi : Lemmy is back from the dead!

Nibba : So this is what they call it Metal Band

scotty smith : This is the best video I’ve seen on the Tube in a long time

Consural : 1980: "In the future there'll be robots playing heavy metal." 2013: "I was right."

marwul100 : They should play spit out the bone

Bugkillahz : Adult chucky cheese in basement?