Compressorhead Ace of Spades

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Daniel Albarracín : The bass player robot simply stands there doing nothing just like a human bass player would do.

Smokalot O’pott : General Grievous is the drummer

Stephen Hooton : I'm normally one of those rednecks that think machines and technology are going to make our jobs obsolete but this...this can stay.

john howe : Arbitrary headbanging from the drummer is too good

ConfessorEpicness : Do you want SKYNET? Because this is how you get SKYNET!

beinyourguard : heavy metal playing heavy metal

coc0s : Their performance was so mechanical.

Core Puncher : I believe that drummer would have an unfair advantage on double bass

Krypto 244 : That’s creepy for some reason

Tyler Mcay : These guys have more soul than every Rapper and Modern Pop artist combined

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : That drummer though...

Bavani Sankar : Wtf did I just watch? And why is the drummer bot so cool? Also, why is the bass guitarist always chill AF?

Clash Bandikute : I know these robots already have names, but I'd like to imagine if they were named after Motorhead members, the bassist would be *Lemmy K!LLM4573R* , the guitarist would be *Fast ED-E Clark* , and the drummer would be *Phil Filthy Ani-malware Taylor.* Sorry, I just wanted to bake a dumb joke. :)

brogo ram : Is that a rhoadie holding the hi hat?

Mission Mike : You got General Grievous on drums

Savage Truth : When robots look back at this in 200 years, they'll call this slavery and that it's the humans fault. Oh god, here we come!

Gandalf721 : Some Dethklok please >:3

Riku Ruohomäki : Play "Mechanix" by Megadeth! BTW....Your sound mixing sucks.

Enzo Bertolo : Why doesn't the bass robot do anything?

SalmonBoa420 : Ya know all this up scare about technology and how artificial intelligence will take over the world and possibly worrying about these robotic minds will have no compassion for humanity. This is promising that things are gonna turn out all right.

Tony S : A 3000 piece band...

ShockMe1994 : I see I’m not the only one who got this in their recommended videos, you have earned a new subscriber!

James White : Takes drumming machine to a new meaning.

Andrew Will : Im pretty sure you cant get more metal than this 🤔😂😂🎸🤖

Aidan C : Now that’s a real metal band

blocksterz : Drummer is too good for that band

Edward Cumpstey : Concerts in 2100.

Jarryd Smith : Dude you're amazing

yolo 13456 : The future of the rock music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MorfarZXZ : A weapon to surpass metal gear?

Wiktor R : The most heavy metal of all electronic music I've heard

Febrio Rio : well.. this is the most metal videos i've ever seen on youtube


Crazelord91 : I wonder if this drummer thinks 808s are pop star sell outs

Don Andro : Прям как наш бас-гитарист.

Have Guitar : Very cool... and disturbing at the same time. 😮😁🤘

RXBC : that's pretty creepy

Rei Preto Dos Abalos : Cyber punk 2077

zulfi ikhsan : Imagine metal played by metal

Viktor full contact : Зашибись рубилово! Если наша группа вдруг развалится, то надо будет этим чувакам позвонить.))

Consural : 1980: "In the future there'll be robots playing heavy metal." 2013: "I was right."

Brano : scary

Zob Rombie : Ace of Spanners.

World Class Willian : This brings a new meaning to “heavy metal”

Mr. Zorro : FILTHY SYNTHS!!!...but with good musical taste

Kirby Cooper : Rage Against the Human

InSider : CREEPY

Alasdair McBryde : Sign the drummer up ... the rest are has beens.

rick neal : Better than Lars

AbG9619 : This is as metal as you'll ever get