Fred Dibnah How to climb a chimney overhang at 50+

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arrghgarry : THere are not many men that could do that withoput a safety rope

Hovermotion : Fantastic footage. .. the amazing fred ........

Jeff Jones : I have a handful of hero`s and Fred is right up there , Jack if your reading these comments,your dad was a special and a well loved man

GBPaddling : Today's Health and Safety Man would have a fucking baby on the spot if he was there!!! Ha ha, Fred was a legend, went on his Traction Loco at Haydock Park once, and he was exactly like he is on camera, no fake persona for Fred. Not only was he incredibly skilled, but he had the heart of a Lion to climb that ladder at his age. Those overhangs don't bear thinking about, never mind negotiating.

yamabushi170 : It's a shame that Fred Dibnah is best remembered for his demolition work on chimneys. This was a job he undertook reluctantly. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of Victorian engineering and construction was probably unparalleled during his lifetime. Additionally he was a very skilled draftsman, and his illustrations really were things of artistic beauty. We rarely get to witness so much talent in a single person, and we are lucky that Fred Dibnah was around at a time before Television became so highly commercialised and commoditised as it is now. He leaves behind a remarkable legacy of workmanship and knowledge, and we are a richer society for that.

John Ayres : Fred Dibnah goes where Chuck Norris fears to tread.

711honved : Nerves of steel! A remarkable man from an era long gone.

Marc Law : Makes your heart skip a beat.The man was a legend who worked hard and treated this as the norm.He is a credit to this Country.

Marc Law : A true northerner with balls of steel.

soh loh : half a day out with the undertaker

Carmen Power : "you can ride a bike around here" (300 foot up), only Fred would say that. An amazing man.

volvoheadgasket : men like fred dibnah made this country great .

Drone adventures : This is the sort of thing that keeps you sitting on the edge of the chair, Not tv soaps, that mans courage is 10 times taller than that tower,what a fella..r.i.p.dear,fred.

Dave Raybould : Let's be honest, how many of you were like me and actually felt nervous just watching this legend? I was okay at ladders and heights when younger but nothing like this and that overhang...are you kidding me? A truly remarkable man, one of a kind! RIP Fred.

British-mechanic : Hands are sweating from start to finish

Phillthy59 : Really made my bollocks twinge thinking about bein up there.

1951GL : Half a day out wi'th'undertaker - a phrase I haven't heard for a while. Couple that with "yuh could ride a bike round here" and you are laughing. He was well worth the honorary doctorate the university gave him. RIP.

Carmen Power : Get goose bumps just watching him, a truely talented man. Hard working and new what he was doing.

TheShepster80 : Getting back down the bastard must be one heck of a challenge too.

Nick Smith : I bet them ladders were made in England someplace to ! I bet Fred wouldn't trust some Chinese shit !!....... And knowing Fred them were probably ex fire department.

brian marsh : Loved Fred, he lived in the next town to me, he enjoyed a pint of tets (Tetley Best Bitter)  and I had the pleasure of having a pint and a chat with him in Bolton pub one afternoon..

ashley sefton : Youngsters today will climb that and take selfies thinking there dare devils. Fred in his fiftys doing it with a bit of weight on his back giving us a commentary

barumman : A true legend,

Piano man : bloody ell fred..I was a lot more nervous watching YOU than YOU were climbing it lol

Roger J Hampson : He was a proper bloke! I have a couple of friends who remind me of Fred in the way they work and how they view the world. Fred's biography is just called Fred and is written by David Hall who produced all his TV shows, it is well worth reading.

Rob k : can someone please enlighten how he might have got the overhang ladders up? surely he didn't use the method he shows whilst hanging from an unsecured ladder halfway up an overhang. I'm thinking a pulley underneath the overhang to hold the ladder while he braced it with rope but you'd have to have serious balls to first climb it with it not being secured from the top.

John Penny : My ring-piece goes in and out like the tide when I watch this, and when he says 'You could ride a bike round here...'  Phurrrrt!

louisrocca55 : "You can ride a bike round here". Is he taking the piss out of all us millions of sweaty handed, normal people or what?

Saint Michael : Look at how fast and hard the wind is moving that flag. It takes some serious balls to free hand climb a ladder that high under those conditions. This man was truly an amazing human being and an English treasure. Every school child in Western society should be made to watch this man work.

lec0roh : If Fred flew the Union Jack up there today he would get an injunction from the council telling him not to do it again, as the flag could be considered offensive to some!

myuselessopinion : Watching this makes me want to lay on floor 😳 what an incredible man, I could watch him all day, and sometimes I do 😊

chris grayston : Allways admired you doing what you did bud, allways a showman and a professional craftesman, the skill, and pride was awesome, Hope I don't see you to soon Chris

British-mechanic : I've no idea how he managed to ladder the overhang

pho2 : This part is the easy bit for him. He had to put the ladders up, and then remove them. Worrying !

jonathan hall : Now, why wasn’t that bugger knighted? Oh yeah, working class northerner. One of my heroes

k for kraken Kraken : what if his leg or hand got cramp...he gets to top ..casually does does a few exercises to keep warm...must have had exceptional hand strength....

MOLMENTUSS : Some proper bloke this fella

curleyteeth : Apart from having bollocks the size of a water buffalo the sheer strength to climb up that far is unreal.Nowadays he would be tested for steroids.They should have had steeplejacking as a sport in the olympics instead of that test of human strength and power,beach volleyball.

Mark Platt : 99% of men wouldn't had gone half way!!!

Lee Kirby : Strong in body, very strong in mind. Years of conditioning his muscles made that look way easier than it was.So much respect for Fred.

colinnice : amazing..he has no fear. they dont make them like fred anymore..old school bloke

ThePolicenaut : This is one of the craziest things ive ever seen,he must have had balls the size of coconuts. And what an incredible chimney,i really dont know how they built something like that.

Rubber-Johnny : I faint just looking at this.

GARETHLUVSTHETRUTH : fred would sort the uk out if he was in charge

Steve Garrod : Fred, sat atop a chimney. Finishes his tab. And then drops it down the chimney. Legend!

iloveguitars69 : Did ya like that !!

PETE LUNN : I was feeling dizzy just sitting here watching him. Fred was a legend. RIP

jonathan dempsey : Climbing it.. Thats one thing. But first, he had to put the ladders up. Thats something else entirely. Sorely missed. 

George Orwell : I miss men like Fred. Most modern UK men think Oprah and Obama are heroes and idols...what cucks.

Kate Cameron : The way the old-time steeplejacks used to operate, freehand and absolutely awesome with it, and no disrespect intended to the modern ones as it truly is a career for the select few.