Anti-Tank Warfare: "Crack That Tank" 1943 US Army Training Film; "Fighting Men" Series

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victor erge : Found him. Damn, man is legendary. His name is Dick Purcell.

Willow Slough DX : It's Joe the angry tank guy. He hangs out in bars. Don't let him have the second beer or he will start telling you about the time he ran over Heinrich Himmler.

nitetrane98 : Imagine some southern farm boy trying to understand this Brooklyn wise guy's accent.

Craig Foutz : Imagine the shock of facing a Panther tank after seeing little baby panzers in the training film. Not to mention a tiger.

Rubashow : Hello I'm Troy Mcclure, you may remember me from military education movies as: "Fritz doesn't live no more." and "Handgrednades: The silent killers."

Ryan : its interesting the that the underlying theme is not about destroying the tanks, but convincing the soldiers not to be scared, it tells you alot about the morale effect of tanks.

hng man : look at dat, it's enough to make a man noivous, see?

Peter Santos : He protec, He attac, But most importantly, He make that tank crac.

John-Del : Pauses to drink beer for dramatic effect....

Gene Pozniak : 1945. My dad was chasing a halftrack out of the woods, but when it got to the road it outpaced him. Just then a Mark II King Tiger (Porshe turret) came barreling out of the woods just after it. He said it was like a monster crashing out of there. Already huge, it looked even bigger as it was covered with tree branches for camo. They didn't see my dad, so he trotted after it while attaching his only antitank grenade. The grenades could only pierce about 2 " of armor, so he knew he had to hit it on the top of the tank somewhere. He aimed for the turret and put the damn thing right into the open hatch. He got a bronze star for it.

simonrcz : when he comes within throwing distance..Buy him a drink...

Christopher Schroeder : can you imagine smoking and drinking in a modern army training video?

Grant Birkle : "Where's that rifle grenadier? Oh yeah there he is."

Michael Voss : I got so excited when I saw that Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. A at the 0:46 mark. I didn't know there was actual footage of them in combat (I've only seen the testing photos).

Richard Stockton : Why did men stop talking like this? Are we a bunch of saps, or did we all turn into mugs?

Nik Saunders : 1:18 "Actually you guys got the edge on em if you know gow to play your cards. I guess I shouldn't be telling you this since I'm a tank man, but hey, we're all on the same team right?" *accusatory glare* OK, Nazi sympathizers will have surrendered by now, I'll go on.

anon anon : Military issued molitov cocktails

Dylan Reece : The german tank is a American M3 lee modified to look german. I recognized it by the chassis and the back part

GIboy1990 : I love these old training videos. real classy.

George Sarcasm God : one of the purpose of this was to make infantrymen less scared of tanks. Tanks gave the impression of the huge rolling metal monsters back then.

Genericdruid : Ja, Ich Amerikaner too, Tell me more fellow Panzer commander

Rafael Rabinovich : Half informing, half propaganda cheer leading.

cooliodude96529 : "You open up a hole for the enemy infantry. And those rats know what to do about holes" They're not the only ones ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rupert Baxter : Gonna get those dirty mugs in those there tanks, see? Gonna get 'em 'cause they got weaknesses, see?...

Huasco Wero : Brother they aint creampuffs XD

VC Guerrilla : When he comes within the throwing distance, buy him a drink. LMFAO

J HB : I dig his Bugs Bunny accent, youse guyz...

daffidavit : My Uncle Pete got a "Silver Star" for service in North Africa as a Tank Commander. There was a large group of Germans along with French Vichy down range. He was a tank commander, like Brad Pitt in the movie "Fury". He and a few other tanks were on a hill top. There were U.S. soldiers behind him who were out numbered by what was ahead of him. Because he was on a hill, he and his fellow tankers went on top of the hill and took shots at the enemy ahead. Then they backed off their tanks behind the hill and moved laterally and then climbed up on the hilltop again, so as to make it look like we had many more tanks than we had. He and his crew and his fellow crewmen were able to hold off the enemy until re-reinforcements came to back up my uncle. He was able to make the enemy believe we had many, many more tanks than we had, in order to save time to get reinforcements. I'm proud of my father's brother for winning the "Silver Star" during WWII. My uncle Pete was always a hero in my eyes. God bless you Uncle Pete.

Keiko Kuribayashi : See you guys at Berlin.... if you can keep up with the armored force.

Dean Webb : Nice how all the fighting will be on open planes or in woods with minimal undergrowth. Last thing I'd want is to have to go against a tank dug into an enfilade in the bocage country of Northern France and... what's that? I'm shippin' to Normandy? OOOOOOH I'M DYYYYYYIIIINN' !!!

NeedsMoreBoosters : I love these old WWII training vids.

Gideon : Learned something new today, didn't know they had AT rifle grenades.

Donald Parlett jr : How do you like the modified Grants. Goofy looking

Caio José Smaha Zubek : This is Beautiful! It kinda makes me want to be an American Infantry soldier in 1944. Really stupid idea, I know, but if the purpose of this film was to encourage people to fight, it sure did a helluva job!

J Dee : Looking at all these armchair comments makes me laugh. How many of these commentators were ever assigned any combat type MOS in the military and been around tanks in the field?

seeingeyegod : Killing and dying ain't no big deal see. These old movies make war look easy and fun. I guess that was part of the idea. I'd feel invincible if i was an 18 year old in the 1940s allied forces.

Eric Taylor : Did people really talk like this?

alex fogg : Dispite the snide remarks from viewers, this old training video, still has a lot of information, that is still valid on today's battlefields.

Just-in Case : great propaganda film, only problem was when the gi's got to the ETO it was pathers, tigers , king tigers and 70 ton tank destroyers they were up against!! hide in a fox hole and the german tank commander would position his tiger track on top of the hole you were in and do a few 360 turns to grind you up!

James Brown : Another title for the video should be, "We don't have any tanks so we're sending in the cannon fodder".

Biana Doubt : My old man saved his entire platoon one week out from D-Day. He was an Army Ranger and a 90-day Wonder. Long story short, when the tank commander threw open his hatch to finish off dad's platoon with the turret mounted gun, dad, the co-captain of the high school football team, threw a hand grenade straight into his back, which fell down into the tank. Nothing ever came out of there again but smoke and fire. ... Earned him a Bronze Star.

Frankie Ross : I could hear all the WoT and WarThunder players screaming while watching this

Richard Greenleaf : I wonder jus how many folks ended up choosing to ignore tis film once in the field and trying to find another way to take out a tank that might have been a bit safer. I'm kinda reminded of an old Civil War forum I used to post on years ago, it had a section dedicated to re-enactment in general and one of the other posters shared the story of a WWII re-enactment group meeting he'd attended. They'd been fortunate enough to have an actual vet from the unit they were depicting there as they were going over the proper way to wear your gear. The WWII vet started talking about how to wear the pack to them and they stopped him, explaining how they'd read all the manuals and knew exactly how to wear each piece of gear. The WWII vet listened patiently and then said, "Yeah, I know all about that. I was just going to tell you about how we really wore the pack in the field that we learned worked better than what the folks who wrote the manuals claimed was the best way to wear it."

Pascal Pasap : I have a feeling too many soldiers went in there with way too much confidence

Ken McD : These movies are priceless. The MG42 is the best.

Andrew Brown : See... those krauts knock out 9 of our tanks for each of theirs we 'crack' ... see. But don't worry we won't run out of tanks coz we outbuild them 100 to one.

Toshio Thunder : I get the feeling that rifle grenade wouldn't do much against even PzIII or IV armor. False confidence was important in training videos like this.

Mark Bowles : the wermacht has one i saw that someone posted that they used called "Men against tanks", it was black and white film in german but had english subtitles and definitely worth the time to watch, as was this, thank you so much for posting this bit of history during such a turbulent time, and of course respect and the highest admiration for all the servicemen who toiled in blood and death and sorrow, no matter whose flag that they toiled under for all our sake.

Carlisle Conway : "You grenadiers, wait till you see the whites of his eyes, like the guy said." Yeah, the guy!

wavygr : They forgot to mention the German tanks rarely attacked without infantry support.