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Big Lez is off to find his home planet along with Sassy, Donny and Warning Guy. Watch the previous episode of The Big Lez Show: Facebook - Patreon - Instagram -


Walrus Rider : this is kinda like an aussie avengers

Jye Mcminigal : Your more likely to be a pot smokn choobaka

Dinkleberry : 'You're more likely to be a pot smoking chewbacca' lol

PaJeezy : just checking, we all know the choomas look like homer simpson right?

Anton Phillipson : What's up with Donny's lisp in this video?

Miz300zx : It's called nunya... Nunya buisness.

Lachlan Stewart : Dude the scotsman is such a badass.

William Passfield : This show is definitely Not Good! It's FUCKING BRILLIANT! I haven't laughed so much in a decade! Love it!!!

AlexKateTV : I would totally watch this as a tv show. Like an Aussie South Park.

vZoqwa : they keep getting funnier and funnier voices sound clearer you get a better mic ???  pump the next episode out asap

multijuggalo1000 : 4:46 "Scotty he ate my coco pops!!!

ItsKripticz : Lezley is a a sick C*nt name!

Alex Despotovic : Bweep Bwop Beep!

L Murphy : "Wwwwwoooooaaaaaaoohh!!! wwaaaaoohh oooooooo ooooooooo" - Choomah

brad ramloll : you know i can be R2D2, "Blip Bloup Blip"

MrBikeRida : you guys should make a video of behind the scenes when doing the voice overs

Maloo : and now we wait for 2 months for the next one

The Kokivo Show : Australian humour at its best!

Pug : so, new episode now please?

Mr. Mars Experience : 4:21 book store or some shit XD


TouchTheRazor : lel, love the Star Wars refrences.

Joel Gibson : haha where was clarence?

Chaushie : Isn't as good as the previous episodes

Citrus : That. Was. Beautiful.

Dayton Jack : SCOTTY ATE MY PANCAKES!!!!! 4:45

Zsezdog25 : Your Lack of Clarence disturbs me

Cosmic : 1:40 Yeah nah im ok im upside-down ... classic sassy best part

fragG : wheres clarence xD

Cerfewz : holy shit im actually keen for the next ep

Steven Barton : them choomahs are loud

gone : aahh becos of nanya..nyaya business 

john boulton : Can't wait for next episode ... 3 months later

smoggie : anyone else see the clarence choomah? it was at 4:21 at the top.

Blokniper : He'll land on the yellow things surrounding Warning Guy

Reece Gibbie : someone please make a game mod for this 

danielsonn77 : ahh becuz of nunyah, nunyah business XD

CBL Gaming : You guys can do better... Still enjoyable but part 2 better be worth the wait.

SACRED riot : Not enough Whadiyatalkinabeet

pizzcone wearing : When is part two comin out?

Jeremy vNS : TBH that was pretty average, you've done MUCH better

Miké Cliqué : Haha! Best shit

Knijnen66 : i love this show :3

Mitcho : les deffianly lands on all the choomahs and survives

Downfall Adolf Hitler : I swear those choomahs are like Homer Simpson

Cameron Bawden : Like this status if you aren't in Australia, and comment what country you are in. :D

Admiral Blackett : Donny's played by a different voice actor

Dazz : Running low on the herbs and spices

Tivan Da Sik Kuntiest Kunt Out : Leslie is a SICKKUNT NAME