THE BIG LEZ SHOW Se2 Ep9 - Attack of The Choomahs (Part 1)

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Anton Phillipson : What's up with Donny's lisp in this video?

The Squealer Dealers : And people say White People don't have a culture

Walrus Rider : this is kinda like an aussie avengers

PaJeezy : just checking, we all know the choomas look like homer simpson right?

Jye Mcminigal : Your more likely to be a pot smokn choobaka

Dinkleberry : 'You're more likely to be a pot smoking chewbacca' lol

Cameron Bawden : Like this status if you aren't in Australia, and comment what country you are in. :D

Miz300zx : It's called nunya... Nunya buisness.

Cosmic Dream Dude : Dude the scotsman is such a badass.

vZoqwa : they keep getting funnier and funnier voices sound clearer you get a better mic ???  pump the next episode out asap

William Passfield : This show is definitely Not Good! It's FUCKING BRILLIANT! I haven't laughed so much in a decade! Love it!!!

MrBikeRida : you guys should make a video of behind the scenes when doing the voice overs

brad ramloll : you know i can be R2D2, "Blip Bloup Blip"

AJcombatwombat : A lot of anticipation for a very short episode, although the Star Wars play out was pretty funny and the rooftop scene was hilarious, i would have liked to have seen a longer episode. But we will just have to wait and see if what they said on Facebook about episodes coming out faster is true or not. Regardless, keep up the good work and we will see if part 2 will knock us all off our camp chairs. 

multijuggalo1000 : 4:46 "Scotty he ate my coco pops!!!


straya beatz : I wonder if anyone from other countries other than straya watch this

AlexKateTV : I would totally watch this as a tv show. Like an Aussie South Park.

elevated : 4:21 'The Book Store or some shit' hahahaha

Maloo : and now we wait for 2 months for the next one

Reece Gibbie : someone please make a game mod for this 

gone : aahh becos of nanya..nyaya business 

CBL Gaming : You guys can do better... Still enjoyable but part 2 better be worth the wait.

ItsKripticz : Lezley is a a sick C*nt name!

L Murphy : "Wwwwwoooooaaaaaaoohh!!! wwaaaaoohh oooooooo ooooooooo" - Choomah

john boulton : Can't wait for next episode ... 3 months later

smoggie : anyone else see the clarence choomah? it was at 4:21 at the top.

Blokniper : He'll land on the yellow things surrounding Warning Guy

Mr. Mars Experience : 4:21 book store or some shit XD

Chaushie : Isn't as good as the previous episodes

pizzcone wearing : When is part two comin out?

fragG : wheres clarence xD

Cerfewz : holy shit im actually keen for the next ep

The Kokivo Show : Australian humour at its best!

Alex Despotovic : Bweep Bwop Beep!

sam Goldsworthy : Make a movie..l

Dayton Jack : SCOTTY ATE MY PANCAKES!!!!! 4:45

danielsonn77 : ahh becuz of nunyah, nunyah business XD

Pug : so, new episode now please?

TouchTheRazor : lel, love the Star Wars refrences.

VNS : TBH that was pretty average, you've done MUCH better

Tivan Da Sik Kuntiest Kunt Out : Leslie is a SICKKUNT NAME

Citrus : That. Was. Beautiful.

Dazz : Running low on the herbs and spices

Cosmic : 1:40 Yeah nah im ok im upside-down ... classic sassy best part

Mitcho : les deffianly lands on all the choomahs and survives

NebauersGaming - Australian Gamer : I think they should finish this season and then start making a movie! Like if you agree!

Steven Barton : them choomahs are loud

Downfall Adolf Hitler : I swear those choomahs are like Homer Simpson

Zsezdog25 : Your Lack of Clarence disturbs me