Pete & Bas - Shut Ya Mouth [Music Video] Sindhuworld | Grime Report Tv

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Chicken Connoisseur : These man are actually tooo sick! Grandads got flows 😂🔥🔥🔥👌🏾

Ebanks Studios : i love how this was supposed to be a joke but its actually harder than trying to take a poop after eating nothing but processed food for 3 days

Alex Gærtner : "Too much uhmming and ahhing, quick one-two I'mma bring back sparrrin'" BOIIII

Harry Jenkins : The bald ones more intimidating than 98% of the grime scene

Kieran Westlake : JEEEEEEZ

dat vergil doe : These man are my nans ops 🤣🤣

Jamie MCGRAW : Wiley: godfather of grime Pete and Bas: grandfathers of grime

CRIPLA : Thank me later.... Talking the lingo, BMW, blacked out windows, Hands in the air, bingo, Make you see stars, Ringo, Gold, one on each finger, Handstand backflip ninja, Don't speak till I say so, Or the bing might sting ya, --- Bing in the back, Bringing them back, Jewels in the front, Sand in the pack, Too much umm-ing and ahh-ing, Quick one-two I'mma bring back sparring, Too much farting around, Horse and carting around, Slap, bang, Too much talk in the air, Not enough sport on the box, --- Watch, no time on my hands, Discount merch in the back of the van, Damn, walk firm on the slab, No need to pay when I'm taking a cab, Look in my eyes, Ain't here for the pork or the pies, Had enough of that dirt, Don't get wise, These hands don't care about another mans size, --- Alright, alright, Give us a sec cos I'm on that phone, Leave me alone, How much for the flight? How much for the holiday home? Okay, okay, Let me get back to the matter at hand, Sit yourself down, I need hands on the table, Stone island, check the label, --- (Chorus) Oh yeah, Don't wanna spill my drink I'll lose my rag, Who's got the lucifer I wanna light my fag, Oi, you, Shut ya mouth, shut ya mouth, shut ya mouth, --- Chicken and chips in a box, Quick (whistle) to the man in the shop, Shut it, do you think I'm a mug? You've been drinking you stink of the stuff, Just bought my grandaughter an iPhone, She asked for an iPhone, What's she gonna do with a iPhone? I ain't got a clue with a iPhone, --- Sold a sack to the boys on the scaff, Me and the wife just had a tiff in the back of the gaff, I ain't over the moon, Where my specs at? Nobody move, Hold on, what's this in the back of my belt? Oh yeah it's my shooter, Shut ya mouth, Or I'll do ya, --- (Chorus) Oh yeah, Don't wanna spill my drink I'll lose my rag, Who's got the lucifer I wanna light my fag, Oi, you, Shut ya mouth, shut ya mouth, shut ya mouth

Callum Beak : Guarantee they cheat at bingo

bushy skates : “These hands don’t care about another mans size” ... fire

Spartan H : Looking like some old mobsters

lil uwu : Why is this better than most mainstream grime?

9Levelz : “Too much ummin and Arrrin, quick 1-2 I’ma bring back sparrin”

Moneymaking Tinoo : Just bought my granddaughter an iPhone, she asked for an iPhone, what she gonna do with an iPhone, I ain't gotta clue with an iPhone😂😂💯

minderkid201 : pete n baz was the kray's yungers back in the day!!

Zac Alsop : Bald bloke sounding like Prez T jheezeeee!

BLORE : Tony pulis and Sean dyche?

Miisq : i thought this would be shit, but its actual fire

Frankie Bones : Proof that it ain't about the youth.

Massive Mulla : These man been scoring opps since ww2🤣🤣

Does It Bang? : OGs Dropping A BANGER 💥💥

The Bloodshot One : Lowkey these lot would run down any man with a walking stick

ProXemicsMusic : Why can't I stop listening to this looool

MrE5785 : Get narstie to react

LirquLTxnk : Get cassisdead on the remix

FaDe Default : The hospital might think where have pete and bas gone? 😂😂😂😂😂

Marcus nasty : There's no school like the old school.. these geezas r pukka lol well done boys

Harry Jenkins : The bald ones more intimidating than 98% of the grime scene

Benjamin DZ : Its actually better than i thought

Back to Back Champions 18/19 : Haha get these on fire in the booth

calvin : These man sell illegally sell meds in the bingo toilets

Double D : Handstand backflip ninja LOL

definty : waiting for the Micheal Caine reload

Gee MC : Lordie give these man a £5 munch

Loopcyclemusic : Ok, I need to buy these tracks for my gig wagon playlist. My passengers won't know what hit em! Where can I buy this and Do One? I haven't replayed any music vids this much for a looong time. Don't care if it's a piss take, or what it is! It's something with flavour.

George Makarri : kendrick lamar? huh, never heard of him

Tharim Ahmed : I watch this everyday

The ClappedChild : Breaking bad new season announcemount trailer #1

KiddKamii .000 : Look like old mafia mobsters

Ludem : heisenberg got them bars

Ratedredge 00675 : Imagine these blokes in the pub staring you


Z D : This guy used to be my geography teacher

kiru uchiha : Bodyguards for the krays 👊🏾💯

Brandon Locke : Big Up Sean Dyche and President T on the mic


Shmickledood : UKIP grime MCs

R : Ngl these man caught me off guard this is cold

Steffan Phillips : WILLNE anyone???

*-I I-* : Professor X got bars