Detroit swindle + Japanese guy

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Use the Force Harry : This video made me outrageously happy. But one thing I really like. Is that both the DJ and the Sax player were totally in Sync. And kinda feeding off each other. The DJ stopped his music and allowed the Player to use the Sax solo at the best moment for a Sax solo. All the while the Player did the same for the DJ and let the music play solo when he sensed it was better to do so. Brilliant and spontaneous collaboration between two pretty great musicians totally on the same page. Kudos.

Nguyen Ngoc Kien : Too short! We need extended cut version.

Ludovic Bondon : Why did I watch this like 70 times

Luthien Zirael : Japanese sax guy please make a cover out of this! The music is great but with the sax it becomes awesome

Alan Chin Weng Lon : Song : Motown Sounds - Bad Mouthin 1978 , add-on this sax will be absolutely perfect combination to party with.

Elite Otaku : the DJ is loving it xD


Mr_D_McNinja : This dude KILLED IT! I want to hear more lmao

Manú V : This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I actually get emotional watching it

BenBoo : the smoothest man

Nerve End : This video gets better with every view

Haydhar Muhammad Bachtiar : Its been 2 weeks now. Should the internet find the Japanese man already? WE NEED THE EXTENDED CUT ver!!

Roxy roller : This guy made everyone's night with that mad sax move

Yvonne Dekkers : i cant stop watching this video


Miguel Silva : Damn! What a perfect entry! I'll watch this 50 times.

Ορφέας : What was the original song Detroit swindle is playing

Bell's Theorem : I want to hear the rest of this jam.

NoTime4Gamez : That's not a random guy - That's Jackie Chan!

kaox44 : That's a "G" right thurr.

oberon79 : epic sax in the club is epic

SimenTheDeamon : I think I've played this over 200 times in total, it is the best thing that ever happened ever!

Taewithsomesugakookies withshipsplease : Guys i actually broke my replay button i have to manually drag it back 😂😂

Jesse J : They need to hire people like this in the club more

Mjack Myozpa : Man this is so good. Wish there is an extended version

aed dfe : Can someone please give the track id

Kim Chester : I love the music I'm sure I'm the Half of this views

Crimson-Rupee : what song does this come from

Keheck : This guy is a legend and way cooler than all other people on earth combined!

Shane Reustle : Source? What club is this?

CuNt BuCkEt : i strive to be like this when i'm older.

ronfino : this video makes me so happy, i replayed it like 13 times *EDIT:* now 14

The Shady Boi : what all men aspire to be

Supergaming101 : _Who else went here because of Markiplier?_

Alexi Wesker-Valentine : This is gonna be stuck in my head all YEAR 😅🎷🎶

Tutus Thomson : This is greaaaaat!!!

sky shift : No human can be even close to his coolness

PaveHog Hero : Holy shit. That was amazing

Jacob ***** : I think I found my new hero

abhishek singh : Is this tenor or alto?

Moo Kitty : I see alot of people recording with their phones, why do we get such a short version!?

adi gardea : sax Man steal the show :)

Daniel : These guys def know how to throw a party!!! And he was killin' the🎷🎷🎷🎷 tho. Watched it like 100 times now and still got the biggest smile on my face. Greatt vid

Sauli Ukkola : Wow im amazed

Krushtak : Song?

Matrena Vin : Very cool!!!

Yummy Bear : OMG please we need longer version of this awesomeness

BoOz808 : We need a track ID and a Sax remix :D

David Sprague [DragonMan64] : Markiplier brought me here!

julekxmetin123PL : And he's so happy after he finished the solo