Detroit swindle + Japanese guy

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Nguyen Ngoc Kien : Too short! We need extended cut version.

Luthien Zirael : Japanese sax guy please make a cover out of this! The music is great but with the sax it becomes awesome

Ludovic Bondon : Why did I watch this like 70 times

Manú V : This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I actually get emotional watching it

Alan Chin Weng Lon : Song : Motown Sounds - Bad Mouthin 1978 , add-on this sax will be absolutely perfect combination to party with.

Nerve End : This video gets better with every view

BenBoo : the smoothest man

Ορφέας : What was the original song Detroit swindle is playing

Haydhar Muhammad Bachtiar : Its been 2 weeks now. Should the internet find the Japanese man already? WE NEED THE EXTENDED CUT ver!!

Yvonne Dekkers : i cant stop watching this video

oberon79 : epic sax in the club is epic

kaox44 : That's a "G" right thurr.

Crimson-Rupee : what song does this come from

aed dfe : Can someone please give the track id

SimenTheDeamon : I think I've played this over 200 times in total, it is the best thing that ever happened ever!

CargoSpaceFlow : THE TUXEDO 🤣🤣🤣

Mjack Myozpa : Man this is so good. Wish there is an extended version

Shane Reustle : Source? What club is this?

NoTime4Gamez : That's not a random guy - That's Jackie Chan!

Sauli Ukkola : Wow im amazed

Moo Kitty : I see alot of people recording with their phones, why do we get such a short version!?

Miguel Silva : Damn! What a perfect entry! I'll watch this 50 times.

Kim Chester : I love the music I'm sure I'm the Half of this views

Matrena Vin : Very cool!!!

Krushtak : Song?

BoOz808 : We need a track ID and a Sax remix :D

Yummy Bear : OMG please we need longer version of this awesomeness

adi gardea : sax Man steal the show :)

Harry Goldman : So lit man 🔥

Thrust Marker : Is that Jackie Chan playing the sax?

Erick Loeza : Jacki Chan ??

RS7JR : There's a longer version to this. I've seen it in a compilation video. Can't find it though. It's only a little longer. It has more in the beginning.

Ayush Bhattarai : REDDIT!!!!!

CargoSpaceFlow : Jackie ?

Daniel : These guys def know how to throw a party!!! And he was killin' the🎷🎷🎷🎷 tho. Watched it like 100 times now and still got the biggest smile on my face. Greatt vid

1234bulish : I want him as my best friend rn

TOC_Kyuubi : This dude KILLED IT! I want to hear more lmao

JADE rabbit : Haha YEAAAA BOIIII !!!!

Elite Otaku : the DJ is loving it xD

Jame DickKy : No he is jackie chan

pin zo : Damn, this dude is rocking that partey

AdorN Zeuz : Yo it’s lit af in that club

Shaft : Just want more plsss

henric1991 : haha this is great! :D what a legend

sandninja024 : This is awesome, please do an extended version!

Angel Cabrera : Jazz for the soul

Lord Trollington : c o m f y


John Vercher : Ha! Addictive.

Chris R : That was awesome!