Beast Wars: Transformers - I'm Hardly Impressed

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ThePc Gamer : +Hasbro Why Hasn't the Beast Wars even been released on Blu Ray ???

Jim T. : Airazor kinda reminds me of Arcee and Tigatron reminds me of Springer

David Samuel Blain : 0:37-44 -😱Oh, no. Poor Tigatron!

BloodRed Robot : Wassssspinator

Chicken Man : It's Frieza!

Robert Kenny : Waspinator would have been better off in the Power Rangers Universe.

Spellbinder : never knew Catelyn Stark voiced Airazor.

Saeed Khan : nice

Bluefridgee : lol wat

Gaminglover202 : Poor waspinator

Calcite Drap Goep : don't like it but it seems exciting I guess

Trash studio : Spider game is one of my favourite episodes

Harrison Lundy : WHAT IS THIS?!? Is this what happens when you let Hasbro animate shows instead of DHX? This is unfinished, choppy animation with no detail or texture. :/

mraiwa1000 : I'm hardly impressed at this low budget animation. What is this, no seriously? Were these short CGI clips for some sort of toy? This couldn't have possibly been a real television series.....

Blue Pterodactyl : That’s one derpy silly thumbnail Hasbro

Phillis Smith : I loved Beast Wars

Peter Nichols : Sometimes I feel really sorry for Waspinator. Really sorry.

Robert Kenny : Waspinator's buttmonkey status was the only thing preventing him from taking the lava dip with Terroasor and Scorponok.

sylvia thimba : I had forgotten about that "Waspinator terrorize"

Jack Sparrow : VvvV Nice

Irene Garcia : Mr.gorilla CREEPY is SO FRECKING SCARY

UpBeat HighTuned : love it when tigertron and waspinator fall (from the attack)

Brett McGowan : I love how Airrazor just stands there all IDGAF

rattrap's dank sewer : I think that this show had great animation for the time. Except for Tigatron, he looks pretty bad, especially at 0:39-0:44