Pumpkin vs Red Wigglers 62-day time-lapse - FAST PLAYBACK - vermicomposting

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The bin's worm population was split; half of them remaining in the bin & the other half of the worms were loaded into the hollowed-out pumpkin. A bunch of shredded paper was loaded in after them to keep the worms up near the top of the pumpkin. The idea being that the pumpkin would be consumed not just from below but also from throughout its inside surface. It worked just as planned.. the worms made their way through the pumpkin quickly. The top surface of the bid's contents were continuously being moved around - by the worms underneath the surface, and with the help of other helper critters in the bin such as the many pill bugs. A video showing the tear-down of the setup after the conclusion of the time-lapse and the bin's first feeding can be seen here: https://youtu.be/66Rt10D2Guo Please remember to click 'LIKE' if you enjoyed the video.. and please also subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching!


Joesphi Stalin : Can you please release the full 62 day unedited video? Thanks

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slowfaller : "The same worms that'll eat me will someday eat you too"

Erik Iacopelli : DAMN in only ten days it was that far down

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