Outlaw Star Intro (1080p HD)

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Lance Kyojin : When I was a kid, I always found Gene to be...hot. That's when I knew I was gay xD

Syryu : Still waiting for a three-way crossover episode with Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, and Trigun where Gene and Spike both compete to cash in on the bounty for the infamous, Vash the Stampede.

VileMaka : Am I one of the few people who actually likes Outlaw Star more than Cowboy Bebop?

Fitness-Dammy : Such an amazing anime. No idea why the general public forgot this awesome, tenacious, and badass show.

Shadow Gamer : The only anime where the protagonist gets laid in the first episode :)

grim reaper graved : Good old 90s anime. When the industry was not crap

The Trusty Sidekick : So lucky I was born in '87, my childhood was the 90's and the amount of quality anime back then was incredible. Cowboy Bebop, evangelion, yuyu hakushou, the earlier gundam animes, escaflowne, slayers, trigun...the list just goes on.

Xandersama : Gene Mother Fuggin Starwind!

Javier DeJesus : This series should get an HD remake like hunter x hunter got

Dan Kester : Want to watch the show that Firefly was based off of; here you go

outlaw0987654321 : This and yu yu hakusho should totally get remakes

firewolfkanji17 : Its back on Toonami boys!

Carne Guisada : I have never seen this, but i'll give it a try.

Emery Benson : Fun fact - the author of the Outlaw Star Manga (the source from which the Anime was birthed) never actually finished the series due to other projects that were more time-sensitive, so Outlaw Star MAY return with more arcs and storylines in the future!

Lurchipoo : Motherfucking Toonami!!!.....Aww damn I remember I couldn't wait to get home from school, kick off my shoes, relax and then wait for Outlaw star to start up at 5:30 PM....and then watch Outlaw Star on Adult Swim at night time.  Damn good times, good times.....

Chris Joseph : Modern Anime will never touch the awesomeness of the 90s.

otakuchrash : Oh childhood, where did you go?

RisenHellFire : IMO 90s had the best action animes to watch in the US. Anime needs more action show like Outlaw star and Cowboy Bebop

gcHK47 : After comparing Outlaw Star to Chowder, The Big O! to Adventure Time, Library Wars to Flapjack, and Cowboy Bebop to Sanjay and Craig... Don't you just weep for the future of Western cartoons?

Joshua Sherrod : This song still rocks

NintyFan56 : The perfect anime (for me) to marathon every August. The ending of summer. Especially when/while my local fair opens up selling funnel cake. Mmmmmm funnel cake.

artistreformed : Sunrise had some awesome anime's back in the late 80's through early 2000.

UltimateHalG : THE SHIPS ARE SHAPED LIKE DILDOS AND BUTT PLUGS!!! I've wanted to say that for years. I can now die in peace.

Faith, Hope and Love : 90's anime is the best anime

Ham Burgler : This Fuckin' Show Though!  >So good Firefly stole material from it

My_Name_Is_Darc : I need to watch this

Jenny wakeman XJ9 : Underated anime

Matthew Ulanski : I'm not surprised that Funimation rescued this series.

Isaiah Olson : Outlaw star>Cowboy bebop It's a personal opinion if you disagree then don't reply

ChrisTheViolaNerd : This, Tenchi Muyo, and Yu Yu Hakusho are at the top of my list of favorite anime series.

Butter of Sorrow : Not gonna lie, probably one of my favourite anime intros.

Scanty Daemon : well there's another anime that I would like to re-watch... I hardly remember anything from it... this and astro boy...

ECW5320 : Before One Piece, there was Outlaw Star

Aidan Golembiewski : Before there was Space Dandy, and Before there was Cowboy Bebop, There was....Outlaw Star!!!

Drawtoonz Studio : Greatest anime opening of all time? Possibly.

Garrett Frugé : One of the best Anime openings ever!

Jacob Schaller : Cowboy Bebop. Outlaw Star. Trigun. Those three names changed the Space Western genre here in the states. We need more from that genre.

Andy. : real fans will always remember aisha clan clan in the red fire cat outfit

Magilas : Guys i forgotten this anome existed. I used to watch the shit out of it when i was a kid ;-; Shame on me

Jamer 10 : This anime is helping me get through some troubling times. I love Jim. And Aisha. Especially when they're together. They're like aunt and nephew.

God Of Ege : I played a hentai game and the song of it was this opening Nice!

Dokun Adeyanju : for an entire decade this song would play in my head but having only watched the series through dvd sets from the library I had absolutely no clue how to find it. I am beyond grateful rn

C PT : This show needed more than just the standard 26 episodes (one of which never saw itself on prudish American airwaves). I often wondered why the intro was always so action-packed and awesome, while the ending was always so slow and fantasy-like. First time I saw an ending episode's credit's, I'm like, "Dafuq? Is this the right credit line for the anime I was watching!?" I mean, you see girls who look like fairy tail princesses and/or look like their in japanese high-school, unicorn-elf-wolf hybrids, fantastical pastures, exotic structures, mystical visual art, one the princesses knighting a robot...seriously!? What the fuck am I watching compared to what I *WAS* watching?

a im playingg maincrafd Mendoza : this is the anime that makes my first ORGASM AND FAPPED ON IT

Gigas0101 : oddly enough I saw the intro of Space Dandy and it literally left me NEEDING the Outlaw Star intro to pump me up. Not to directly insult Space Dandy but its intro is the polar opposite of Outlaw Star's, no energy whatsoever.

TheTKC : oldschool Toonami! \m/>.<\m/

Katie Maige : It’s bring me back in Memories Saturday night when I watching it

Rowell Ganancial : Just sad that toonami now, didn't bring this show back on their line up :/

Jonathan Bzovsky : I just watched the first epsiode for the first time and it is so awesome.

3DS_Fell God- My Hope Will Never Die : I'll admit, I haven't seen a lot of this anime, but what I've seen of it is fucking amazing! Also, Melfina is top tier waifu for sure! :3