CLIP: Eminem Locker Room Bit - Congratulations with Chris D'Elia

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Joshua Micah : I lostttt it when this part came up in the podcast dude. HAAA

Gemstar 382 : And you're using too many napkins...bapkins....

Travis Williams : Do NAHT mix me YAHP wit a GAH who covas his CAHK in his LAHKa room

sculpta : The guy he's describing who likes Eminem... He's describing me. And it hurts.

Unz360 : Forrest Gump and a Orange Trump.. that's so Eminem!

Ashh678 : Totally an Eminem lyric.

bruh _ : Papcock

Mvi B : Wow he scientifically broke down Eminem's flow just like that 😄😄😄

Tomye West : This made me laugh so hard I fucking cried and held my stomach. It was incredible how much I couldn't stop laughing. I think I was still laughing 15 minutes after the joke was done.

Windigo : when my dad was 45 he listened to Eminem with no prior history of listening to rap

jonnnyonion : 0:44 The moment Chris realises he has something here😂😂 funny dude

derek duffy : Eminem exposed

Jordan Hudson : Y’tinkyapenisntinkyaserenawilliams

David Zimmerman : #1 guest on Fighter and the Kid

Brandon Hinton : I cried at this. Hard. Hard cry.

Trevor Schmidt : 3 guys with biege hair thumbs downed it.

artofmotiongarage : I was laughing so hard hearing this on the way home from my lame 9-5, that I was gonna use it as an excuse to crash my car...YUM

Evan L : Definitely in the top 3 of greatest moments on Congratulations.

Ryan Vickery : Yo thank god y'all made this a clip !! Hahahaha best part of all the podcasts


Adam Walker : your using way too many napkins!!!

Sicarius Angelus : I saw his clip when Em dropped Kamikaze and it had me dying, so i literally just typed in "Chris D'elia Eminem" into youtube to see what i could find, i was pleased haha. TFATK need to have him on more regularly.

nes shredder : I knew this would end up being a clip lol. I watched it a hundred times off the podcast episode😂😂😂

Tyler Durden : My god em is so trash now. He literally would say this lmao

Michelle Mathews : Dude, watching this for the 27th time this week...Eminem was my idol growing up and this is DEAD ON! I fell apart at the seams the first time I saw this...#s'eminem

Meaghan Gallant : Nailed it 😂

sam wise : i am not 45,,, i am 24 ,, nd i am here to tell, i want refund

Jedi Bunny : Please do a clip of the Minimum Wage/Robots

Victor Olvera : who's only here because of the Eminem impression.

chalupahead321 : "How 45 is it to like Eminem" says 35 year old white Chris D'Elia. But you know Chris is "hilarious" because justin bieber said so on social media

Andreas Åhman : YES this needed to be a clip so bad.

young bryan callen : Eminem is wack

gorillaz 2d : "45 year old named derrick" I can't breathe dude 😂

Sarah Kiefer : 😂🤣😂🤣😂 literally, laughing that hard, so silly!

Howard M. Burgers : I was driving at work when this bit started playing. I had to pull over cause I was laughing hysterically.

Axil Games : If its easy to rhyme like eminem , then i challeng you do a song that blow like one of his ^^

Matt Dawson : I have watched this so many times. I haven't laughed this hard in so long. Please do more Eminem Chris, you're amazing.

Matthew Reynolds : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆


Brandon Olson : Dude wtf this had me at deaths door... what was Logan Paul thinking...

BabySniffer : Pap pap pap baby

mynellemail Nell : He could actually win a battle with Eminem

Havendale Blvd : How is D'Elia not on drugs?

g bouls : I'm not 45, in 21 with 24 years of experience.

SamusV4 : Thanks Vinny

Zerdiox : My dude said a "Lock in Yata dad." If you're a Yu-gi-oh fan you know what this means. 😂😂😂

Siiafu : I pee hard

chalupahead321 : A wannabe comedian who is a rap expert? Whats next LOL

David Smith : Dude you are literally the Lebron James of Comedy. #WeAreAllWitnesses

Ser Swag : Ha hahha ooooomg what an idiot the things he thinks lmfao