BTS Concert: How I got Ticket Scammed

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Protocons : WOW, what a story! So sorry to hear about that! But WHAT an ending :) I made a video about what you can do in reply to con artists but it's scheduled for December LOL , I loved your approach though, I think you should file that report, that girl knew exactly what was what, from your story it is the way they operate, I am speaking from (not experience but training I received)

jovesChild : Great story! Sorry to hear you got scammed.

ScotchTapeWorm77 : I would file the police report. You have photo evidence, and an email conversation, as well as a phone number. If anything, do it so that this person doesn't scam others.

Protocons : By training I mean- learning about scams and how to evoid and stop them

Bridge to Kpop : This video was perfect. I loved it anon. Keep it up.

Blaine Tanuki : Those iconic Anoki necklaces :D

Blaine Tanuki : Great story, fun and engaging. Loved the transitions. ^w^

SimplySpire : Sorry you got scammed but yaaayyy you got to see them!! I saw them too it was the most amazing day in my life!! I love them soooo much 💜💜💜

Blaine Tanuki : D; sad panda is sad. But at least you got to see them! ^_^

Unbearable : Wow, that sucks... And yea. You should probably file a police report!

fluffybangtan : Omg.. file a police report!! Don't let that scammer off the hook :( she might do it again unless she was scammed, but ur report will help in finding the real culprits. T_T

Farmer TortiseYT : If u find the tickets expensive , just look at the prices at sinapore its crazy it can cost up to a few thousands

sakura heartfilia : I also got scammed...😭 But I've never saw them...😭