BTS Concert: How I got Ticket Scammed

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Protocons : WOW, what a story! So sorry to hear about that! But WHAT an ending :) I made a video about what you can do in reply to con artists but it's scheduled for December LOL , I loved your approach though, I think you should file that report, that girl knew exactly what was what, from your story it is the way they operate, I am speaking from (not experience but training I received)

sakura heartfilia : I also got scammed...😭 But I've never saw them...😭

alimyk trash : Bts next concert is in my country and i didn't go

Yoshi And Meee : I feel so bad for you! I got tickets to see them preform in Singapore! I feel soooo bad... I wish I could give you a ticket too...

ScotchTapeWorm77 : I would file the police report. You have photo evidence, and an email conversation, as well as a phone number. If anything, do it so that this person doesn't scam others.

Blaine Tanuki : Those iconic Anoki necklaces :D

jovesChild : Great story! Sorry to hear you got scammed.

SimplySpire : Sorry you got scammed but yaaayyy you got to see them!! I saw them too it was the most amazing day in my life!! I love them soooo much 💜💜💜

Bridge to Kpop : This video was perfect. I loved it anon. Keep it up.

Farmer TortiseYT : If u find the tickets expensive , just look at the prices at sinapore its crazy it can cost up to a few thousands

Protocons : By training I mean- learning about scams and how to evoid and stop them

Blaine Tanuki : Great story, fun and engaging. Loved the transitions. ^w^

Blaine Tanuki : D; sad panda is sad. But at least you got to see them! ^_^

Unbearable : Wow, that sucks... And yea. You should probably file a police report!

Miche B Aquino : i thought i almost got scammed too when i got tickets from a third party site but i got to go at ga for $630 🙃 i was so relieved when the the tickets were real and i had no issues but boy that took a big chunk of money. i’m so sorry you had to experience that, everyone please be careful when buying concert tickets especially big ones, try your best to buy tickets from verified sellers/sites :)

Shannon Mc : OK no BTS ticket should be re-sold for anything underneath $500. Also if they are Army they probably won’t sell them on craigslist. There’s a lot of mistakes but I’m happy wound up getting such good tickets last minute.There’s a lot of videos on YouTube how to get a legitimate tickets. Kpop tickets don’t sell the same way other tickets to do. It becomes the hunger games

Sophie Lam : You need more subs!!!

Emily Ye : Okay so I just noticed on when you buy tickets they have a bar code get a scanning app that scans bar codes and scan that bar code and maybe that way you can see if its legit or not

Awkward ユニコーン : I once got 2 extra tickets and decided to sell them to others for the people who want them. And me being me I sold them on eBay and that was a crazy time, People asked are these the real and I said they were. This was back in 2018 btw

Okjiminsluv sarah : Me too dear same story bts now I love them especially jiminssi💜

The Ultimate Shy Potato : I too got scammed on October 3 2018 I cried so much😭and I was the an army for like more than a year

fluffybangtan : Omg.. file a police report!! Don't let that scammer off the hook :( she might do it again unless she was scammed, but ur report will help in finding the real culprits. T_T