3 AM At The Krusty Krab

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This is the greatest krusty krab closing of All Time

Comments from Youtube


Dinah Bianchi : Charlie's screaming was the scariest thing here I nearly pissed

064razor : 2:05 He screamed at such a pitch and volume, it almost disturbed the space-time continuum

The 5th Estate : Charlie’s screaming sounds like he is ejaculating.

christian velasco : Cr1tikal does the best sarcastic scream ever. Krabs: "aaaaah" Cr1ty:" *@@@Aa@@AAAH* "

Indiana Jones : 3:33 When u nut inside her

toucan : how many noise complaints did you get after this video?

Toaster In A Tub : 2:05, 2:21, 3:34

garfoonga1 : 3am is a reference to the hashslinging slasher episode. Squidward exclaimed "It's three AM, who would possibly want a burger at 3am?" and it cuts to patrick in bed as an alarm clock goes off and he says "Oh boy 3am" and enthusiastically bites a krusty burger. If I die tomorrow, I hope this comment is my legacy, because its so helpful.

Uncle Gwen : This is the most emotion I've seen from this man

Joudai EternKL : "The next minute, you're giving your friend a rimjob, and you're not even gay."- Charlie 1337-2069

Noble Gamer : I wish that he’d sing a lullaby to my wiener

default name : That first death legit got me

Red Equine Vidya : I love that this game isn't trying to take itself too seriously, like it's still trying to be a horror game, but it's not trying to overdue the scare factor with jumpscares, bloody images or loud screaming noises. It's better than like 99.99% of all other shitty Slender/Fnaf clones out there, at least.

BENDROWNED33 : Welcome to the Salty Spittoon. How tough are ya? How tough am I? How tough am I?! I played "3am at the Krusty Krab! Yeah, so? At 3am. Uh, right this way, sorry to keep you waiting.

James Miller : This was the most meta Spongebob video of all time

DammitSinged : _Nosferatu_ 😏

AJ Hutchinson : 3:34 is my new ringtone

SneakyFish : *_M I C R O V I R G I N_*

Christian Lott : 3:34 God, that made me moist.

Super Kosmonaut : 2:05 when he screamed it scared the shit out of me.


Morgan Thompson : The most delayed reaction at 2:04

Colorful Doggos : 3:33 what in God's name

Dollar Menu Hoe : where's crying markiployer

Jason Krantz : "come back at normal store hours!" Gotem

Michael Sorbello: Horror Stories : Watching Charlie.... *AT NIGHT*

DARKASM : I expected that workaholic SpongeBob to be there, still flipping burgers at 3AM

cheese sandvich : When he screamed it legit scared the life out of me

Big Souljacoon : Is this a new Drake song?

JaycubXP1 : When you Bust a Nut, But your Girl is still sucking 2:20

Beeko : Your screams were the scariest thing about the video

frostieisme : My ears are bleeding now thanks to Charlie

Shnarfbird : Oh boy, 3 AM!

Zachary Savio : “OH BOY 3 AM!”

LemonOVA : Sorry 3 AM is past my bedtime my dad will beat me

Ellis Brundrett : Finally we found the game that scares Charlie!

ButeraOrgasm : 2:05 *So this is what heaven sounds like?* 😍

xpart 79 : At 2:05 I was laughing so flipping hard

Johnny Bolt : 3am at the Krusty Krab sounds like a Drake song

Andru451 : I love how he screams 2 seconds later.

UnknownAnon : His screams are even better played at 0.25 speed.


Justin Mills : Yeah service denied, come back at service store hours 😂

Wyatt : Really glad they're now incorporating King Bach vine sounds in popular video games

Gavin’s Friend Nigel : Speed run this

Rob Murdock : Somthing "scary" happens and 2 hours later Charlie screams.

NSPcrazY112 : Meanwhile, at Patricks house: "Oh, boy. 3 AM!".

Lynx PSN : Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?